Saturday, 15 March 2014

La rubia de plástico

La Vanguardia

Sábado, 15 marzo 2014

La rubia de plásticoa by Margurita Puig

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pandemonia flys to Madrid for Alaska Y Coronas

Pandemonia and Snowy grabbed their suitcases & made haste to Heathrow Airport to catch their flight to Madrid, Yes, Madrid, where the P&S were invited to appear as a star guests on the Alaska Y Coronas Television show show..

The sun was shining brightly that day, so after unpacking at their hotel, Pandemonia plumbed for day time ensemble, a bronze and pink dress, with red accessories and Melissa shoes..

Dressed, Pandemonia and Snowy proceed on a whistle-stop, sight seeing tour of the Spanish capital..

Their first stop, was the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza. Where, Pandemonia and Snowy's  had a rendezvous with their new best friend, Gema, the museum's press officer.

While waiting for Gema to appear, Pandemonia and Snowy were mobbed at the information desk by Spanish ladies. These charming women wanted to pose and have their picture taken with P&S. While they snapped each other, they all kept saying "muy hermosa" the English translation is (very beautiful).

As soon as the mujeres stopped a bunch of Spanish teenagers jumped in on the act. And they chorused "que guapa" the pretty one..

Gema arrived and whisked Pandemonia & Snowy away, to the upstairs gallery space to see the El Greco masterpieces masterpieces. It's there that P&S were got so absorbed by El Greco, technical showpieces currently on loan, that P&S failed to notice time was slipping by..

So they snapped out of it, and headed off to the Prado Museum. Firstly to take in the Velazquez monument.

While marvelling at Velazquez landmark, Pandemonia and Snowy were set upon by fellow artist Neil Clarke. Neil said to Pandemonia "I love your whole look, you are fabulous"  and then gently clutched Snowy & threw himself at Pandemonia feet.

Pandemonia retrieved Snowy and made their way to the Pardo exhibition entrance, only to discover, P was having a blond moment, and had forgotten to take a the ticket at the entrance.

P&S eyes were then drawn by the magnificent San Jeronimo El Real Church.  The church is nestled, a few meters away  from the PM entrance & so they decided to view that edifice instead. 

That done, Pandemonia and Snowy nipped across town, to visit Real Madrid football grounds. Sadly for Snowy, his favourite soccer player Christiano Ronaldo was nowhere to be seen. As if to compensate for CR absence, the Real Madrid fans flocked around to say hola.

Pandemonia and Snowy bundled back into the taxi, for their next port of call, Plaza de Toros de las Ventas. This is one of the most famous Bullrings in Spain, not that Pandemonia & Snowy wanted to see a bull fight. They'd heard so much about the buildings grandeur, they just wanted to see the structure for themselves. And they weren't disappointed.

Turning to leave, Pandemonia and Snowy bumped into another Madrid ally, Marta Nebot Oliete. Marta is a key production gal at T2, who confessed "all the team are looking forward to meeting you both tonight"  Then she zoomed off back to the studio, in her car.

No self respecting person could go to Madrid without visiting the Palacio Real de Madrid. So Pandemonia and Snowy did their duty, only to find the Royal family not at home.

So, they headed back to the hotel for  well deserved rest and to change into something more appropriate for tonights show. 

Pandemonia and Snowy settled on a lime green and teal dress & accessories with pair of  Melissia shoes. Satisfied with their reflection in the mirror, they jumped in a cab to the TV studios.

In Pandemonia and Snowy's dressing room at the studios, Alaska the TV presenter and Interviewer dropped by for pre show chat and to get her picture with  P&S.

A few minutes later, P& S get another visit. Only this time, from Spain's top DJ's and all round party animals Pepino Marino Y Crawford.

And as soon as they left, the Spanish interpreter Ruth Vercuil Stonehouse arrived for de briefing. Upon seeing Snowy, Ruth pledged undying love for him and asked could she have a picture. Ruth's passion, struck a cord in Pandemonia's heart, knowing Snowy was in good hands. Then the production team came to collect Ruth.

Then it was Pandemonia & Snowy turn, to be led by the production team, to the studio set.

Only on route P&S were stopped in their tracks by co-host Javier Cornonas. Javier blurted out "Thank you both for coming"  

At last P&S walk on set, and were greeted, to tumultuous applause  by the live studio audience.   Over the 14 minutes interview with Alaska, Pandemonia talked about who and what P represents as an art form. As the minutes closed the end of the interview, Pandemonia introduced Snowy to Alaska & the audience responded with spontaneous applause.

Interview over, Alaska presented Pandemonia with a painting by Argentinan artist Darío Adanti.

It was now way past 11.30, and P thought it was time to put Snowy to bed, after a enthralling day & night out in Madrid. 

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ponystep 6 launch

Pandemonia and Snowy donned their party gear and headed to the Ponystep 6 issue celebratory bash.

The gig was held at the downstairs bar of Mr. Buckley, 277 Hackney Road.

Richard Mortimer and Pandemonia

Pandemonia & Snowy eased their way down the stairs and were met by the exuberant Editor-in-Chief of Ponystep Richard Mortimer.
Richard gave them a hearty welcome and then dashed off to the bar to fetch P a tipple.

Pandemonia and Eudardo de Mengalhaes

In the interim, Snowy & Pandemonia surveyed the premises, and were set upon by their Brazilian ally Eduardo Jordao de Magalhaes, Head of International Marketing and Communication for Melissa shoes. Eduardo asked them how was Sao Paulo fashion week for them. "We loved it" P replied.

Pandemonia and Felicity Hayward

The next encounter for Pandemonia and Snowy came in the form of plus size curvy model Felicity Hayward. Felicity took an immediate shine to Snowy. Not that S minded Felicity’s gentle touch.

Olivia Hicks and Pandemonia

Pandemonia detected Snowy’s testosterone making him hot under the collar, so P retrieved Snowy from Ms Hayward clutches and headed towards the exit door to cool S down only to be ambushed by two other comely gals, Olivia Hicks and her pal.
Olivia duly gave P her email address and whispered "I work on the door of Ovalspace the Arts/Music club and you both will be on the guest list forever".

Margi Clarke and Pandemonia

Pandemonia, Snowy were flattered and returned to their table, where they rubbed shoulders with actress/TV presenter Margi Clarke. Margi confessed to Pandemonia & Snowy, "the magazine has done me proud love"

As Snowy cuddled up to Margi, in breezed fashion designer Pam Hogg. Pam couldn't resist telling all and sundry "I made a decision to do a fashion show and I've got 4 weeks to pull everything together”.

Pandemonia exhausted by the thought of the mountain of work that awaited Pam, gathered up Snowy, waved goodbye to Daniel Lismore and David Motte grabbed a copy of the magazine and jumped a taxi.

Ponystep Magazine

In the cab Pandemonia leafed through the magazine pages that had articles mostly on blonds; with blond Holly Woodlawn the Andy Warhol superstar, actresses Gillian Anderson in blond wig, bottle blond beauties Margi Clarke and Amanda Lepore, and a black & white picture story of currently blond Kate Moss, Kate didn't need her St Tropez spray tan. All these images caused Pandemonia to recall her own exciting blond moments in life just as the cab pulled up to home.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney

Monday, 6 January 2014

Sao Paulo Fashion week

The following day Pandemonia and Snowy had arranged to meet
photographer Marina Melchers at the hotel.

Snowy and Pandemonia, immediately gravitated to Marina with her
orange/yellow punk hair and big smile.

Marina relayed toPandemonia & Snowy she had been assigned to
accompany them today, and do a fly on the wall picture diary of P&S on
location in Sao Paulo and at Melissa's first ever runway show.

Intercontinental hotel Sao Paulo

Pandemonia and Snowy liked the idea of Marina on their tail.
So they gave Marina her first shot, that of Pandemonia and Snowy
returning to the Intercontinental hotel after their morning constitutional.

Next they all took their seats in the car, and it’s here Pandemonia and Snowy informed Marina of their itinerary this pleased Marina no end.

As art lovers the first place P&S felt morally obliged to revisit was Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand.

That done Pandemonia and Snowy sped off to Rua 25 de Marco, the cities wholesale shopping street.

Here P&S were curious to see all the miscellaneous products, toys; packaging; jewellery; clothes; bags etc sold there.

Pandemonia & Snowy took to the street and when asked paused to chat and pose for store owners & passers by.
Most of whom snapped P&S with their mobile phones.

Pandemonia noticed Snowy was in a hyper excited mood and when P turned spotted the reason.

A window display of plastic dolls in the Mil Presentes 1000 shop. Obviously P&S couldn't resist investigating this wondrous emporium of all things plastic.

Feeling all empowered and leaving Mil Presentes 1000, Pandemonia & Snowy took to their heels as did a local guy, who endeavored to keep in step with Pandemonia's long strides.

Pandemonia & Snowy, came to a stand still alongside another Melissa shoe fan.

This gal played public footsie with P much to the delight of the onlookers.
Many of whom captured the scene on their mobile phones.

Then as quick as a flash Pandemonia & Snowy quit the place and raced off to another of the capitals visual delights, the Mercado Municipal

and at the Barraca Do Juca stall, the sales team swamped Pandemonia and Snowy with affection.

Not wanting to be left out another bunch of burly looking stallholder lads surrounded them. This time from the Banco du Juca stand.
Pandemonia and Snowy were overwhelmed by their gentleness and tactile manner.

Out on the street Pandemonia remembered to call the Melissa team to say they would be early and really looking forward to seeing their show.


Pandemonia and Snowy fancied a quiet moment, so trouped off to the,Museu Padre Anchieta thinking there would be ideal place,
only to be mobbed by a horde of Spanish cultural tourists.

No visit to Sao Paulo would be complete for Pandemonia & Snowy without touching The First Stone of Sao Paulo.

That done, Pandemonia  &  Snowy scaled the steps of Catedral da Sé de São Paulo.

Exhausted, after gallivanting around the city Pandemonia and Snowy returned to hotel to freshen up, and prepare for the afternoon escapades.

With sun beating down Pandemonia selected a white dress with red accessories, an appropriate outfit for the afternoon sojourn.

First up, they ventured forth to the Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho,,

where at the farmers market stall Pandemonia and Snowy purchased a yummy pastel and sugar cane drink with lemon.

Now, fully fuelled Pandemonia & Snowy raced off to Sao Paulo Fashion Week, for Melissa first ever runway show.

Pandemonia and Snowy arrived at the SPFW entrance and immediately were whisked backstage at Melissa's.  There Pandemonia was interviewed pre Melissa fashion show by a stream of journalists one from FFW TV and another from FFW online.

Pandemonia & Snowy were literally lined up and photographed backstage by an army of press then ushered to the front row

and seated where a cute youngster slid up alongside P&S and mimed she'd like her pix taken with them.
P gave the girl Snowy and made her day.

  From one cute female to another more grown up one, who seized the moment and embraced Pandemonia & Snowy, and as if on queue the light went down and the Orquestra Voadora of Rio de Janeiro struck up the ban and played various numbers throughout the Melissa multi cultural wardrobe show.

Post show, backstage, Pandemonia was arm in arm with Brazilian Singer Gaby Amarantos.

Gaby is a real live wire and in the excitement of meeting P&S started swinging poor Snowy about in the air, luckily for Gab that Snowy is a fully house trained pouch.

Pandemonia rescued Snowy just in time to thank the Melissa TV crew before jumping in the car back to their hotel to collect their thoughts.

Back at the hotel to Pandemonia and Snowy's two New Best Friends Luciano Machado de Jesus and Marina Melchers bade them a final fond farewell.

P&S wished there was room in their suitcases for them, but both their NBF knew that wasn’t the case.

So it was hugs all round and off to their suite, to prepare for their return journey. Time now to leave Sao Paulo's glorious sunshine and people behind.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney

Monday, 11 November 2013

An afternoon in Sao Paulo

Earlier that day... Shoe Shopping in São Paulo

En route to the hotel, after a very satisfactory retail therapy session at Melissa Gallery, Pandemonia and Snowy felt a sugar craving.
So they made a pitstop at Soroko, the Artisan vegan ice cream parlour, Rua Augusta 305, Consolacao.

Graziela & Rafagla, the knowledgeable staff, recommended

Pandemonia sample the local delicious Pitanga, Cream do Ceu with a glazed cherry on top.

Rejuvenated and with vigour renewed, Pandemonia & Snowy skipped off to visit the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo, seeing the queue to enter the Museu, Pandemonia & Snowy, decided to skip it too, and instead browsed the extensive Art magazine and book kiosk adjacent.

With a spring in their step Pandemonia & Snowy, decided to try their luck getting across Avenue Paulista and take a sneaky peak at the park. P&S followed the Brazilian highway code, used the zebra crossing as it was rush hour & made it to the island in middle of the road.

Eventually having crossed road, Pandemonia & Snowy found a perfect vantage point to take in the full exterior vista of Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo.

Pandemonia & Snowy strolled towards Trianon park gate only to be stopped in their tracks by a group of Brazilian fans.
The fans insisted Pandemonia and Snowy see the nearby city landmark, a statue of Bartolomeu Bueno da Silva.

Snowy recognised this icon as the Anhanguera, the pioneer of colonial Brazil.

  After Snowy and Pandemonia had their peak at the Park, they were still in explorer mood and wondered where to go next?

They settled on visiting the Estacao da Luz railway station. Pandemonia & Snowy paused at the parking lot, they had the distinct feeling they were being watched.

   As if to confirm their suspicion, a passer by stepped out and asked "can I have my picture taken with you"
Pandemonia & Snowy agreed.

At the railway station Pandemonia and Snowy gave a wave to the otherwise languid railway commuters who woke up on seeing them,
and waved back.

Turning away from the commuters, Pandemonia and Snowy were pleasantly surprised by three adorable, polite street urchins who just wanted to stand next to them.
P&S gladly obliged them too.

When Pandemonia & Snowy crossed the railway bridge, they were astounded by the genial crowd who made way for P&S to cross.

Later, back at the hotel the bellboys were on hand to help with Pandemonia’s shopping.

Before retiring Snowy stood guard at the cocktail bar as Pandemonia downed a caipirinha, and gazed in astonishment at the bars spooky contribution to halloween.

At last, Pandemonia and Snowy returned to their suite where bellboy Vinicius Rodrigues unloaded the trolley.
Alone at last, P&S put their feet up to rest in preparation for the action packed schedule that awaited them the following day.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney