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Saturday, 26 May 2012

NSPCC Pop Art Ball

Snowy sat patiently, while Pandemonia, reefed through the wardrobe, to find the coolest, loose fitting dress to wear, for tonight's event. The NSPCC 's Rebuilding Childhoods Appeal, "Pop Art Ball" at Banqueting House, Whitehall. Hosted by fashion designer Stella McCartney, Russian Super model Natalia Vodianova and British Art dealer extraordinaire Harry Blain and sponsored by UBS.
As soon as Pandemonia and Snowy stepped over the threshold, they knew it was going to be grand affair, their first friendly encounter, was with the adorable K J Willett. KJ, confessed, " as a mum, I didn't have time, to buy a new outfit, so I had to do a spot of DIY, with my YSL dress. I yanked up and tucked under my black leather bustier. The result won P&S approval. Snowy spied KJ clutch bag and was told by KJ, "this is sample from my label "Molund " and is a new foray back into fashion, made out of the finest printed fake crocodile".
Pandemonia &Snowy, inched their way to bar and rubbed shoulders with, Australia's upbeat husband and wife duo, John Storey and Kate Nobelius. There, John divulged " I thought I might be a bit OTT, if I'd worn the trousers, to match this sequinned jacket". Snowny shook his head and P said "more is better".
Quitting the bar and while on route to photo booth, Pandemonia, was thrown off guard. At the vision of Georgia Byng, the friend of Jeremy Morris, owners of David Morris, the fine jewellers store on Bond Street, silver dog purse and Snowy. The pair went snout to snout and all the guest eyes fell upon both pooches, only to discover, these canines were being playful, and there was no real dog fight.
From one exiting moment to another, this time Pandemonia and Snowy, found themselves in the delightful company of gorgeous blond bomb shell and co-host Natalia Vodianova. Natalia took an immediate shine to S, and gave him a gentle motherly squeeze, one that he can dine out on for months to come.
From one incredible female, to equal powerhouse lass, Stella McCartney. Stella came striding towards P+S, and after running her creative eye, from top to toe. Gave them a quick how do you do, a peck on the cheek and Stella was off, like prize filly released in a meadow, to greet the rest of her guests. Pandemonia and Snowy, continued weaving their way passed fashion designer Roland Mouret, shoe designer Christian Louboutin and Carmen Busquets the owner of P&S favourite luxury lifestyle London store, Couture Lab, to their table 3.
Only to be halted by the charming Livia Firth, wife of Colin and UK champion lady for all things ethical with, During their posing and getting snapped by cameras, a memory was sparked off in P mind, that of, Livia wowing the crowds, wearing Calleija pink diamonds, at the oscars, with her hubby. And to this day, P still can't decide, if it was Livia on red carpet, that P envied the most, or her wearing the staggeringly rare expensive diamonds. This idea evaporated, when P was seated at their table, and was replaced by awe of their fellow dining companions. These were, the dashingly handsome Henry Holland, fashion designer and super model/actress Agyness Deyn, and Mary Katrantzou,the winner of Best Emerging Womenswear Fashion Designer at British Fashion Awards.
Throughout the evening Agyness & Henry kept popping up and down, introducing Art auction and Oliver Barker the auctioneer from Sotheby's & the silent auction, between nibbles of delicious 4 course meal, from Caviar, Pea soup, Roast Halibut, to Passion fruit. That was washed down, with Zuani Viqne Bianco, Barda Pinot or vodka by most of the guests. Unlike our Agyness, she's a pure water girl.
When our meal came an end, A&H were up again telling us, we were going to be entertained by performances, 2 songs from the amazing teenage singer/songwriter Birdy, and this was beautifully executed. Then they introduced a rip roaring set by The Ting Tings.
One that had the crowd on it's feet, Ms Katrantzou cut up the dance floor with Pandemonia almost immediately
Followed by actress Margo Stilley in super silver leather dress and Harry Blain in Timothy Everest jacket.
Taking a breather Pandemonia and topping up Snowy's tea cup, with some fresh water, P found Jake Chapman conceptual artist, had strolled up for a chat, about art and the world he lives in. After very deep and meaningful banter with Jake, it was time to have a chinwag, with the evenings PR, Emma Beckett.
Emma forever a delightful conversationist, had her professional hat on and informed P&S what was in the goodie bags, a bracelet from Nadja Swaroski and a plug in phone piece from Native Union, then her voice got lost in the music. Pandmonia proceed, back to dance area, to shake a leg, along with supermodel Jade Parfitt. By 12.30, Pademonia collected Snowy, knowing it was way passed his bedtime.
Only to be stopped from leaving by Ashley Hayes and his exuberant pals, who ganged up on Pandemonia and Snowy, to say how fabulous looking P&S were.
Everyone was in high spirits, Sarah George and her party posse table, were the next group to block Pandemonia and Snowy's exit, only this time, just enough to wish P&S a found farewell. Walking to door, Mr J Chapman re-appeared at Pandemonia and Snowy side and introduce them, to the mother of his children Rosemary Furguson. Then again downstairs at the exit, Jake was there, playing cheeky devilish pranks, offering his goodie bag to a unsuspecting guest, who took it all in good faith. In the cab, on the way home Pademonia and Snowy, were in agreement, it was good to be involved in raising over £1.1 million for NSPCC, and to know that they played a small contributing factor to it's success.

Photo Copy Stephen Mahoney

Thursday, 17 May 2012

55 Pages Magazine Signing at Rokit

Pandemonia and Snowy were feeling world weary, after returning to London afer their whistle stop trip to Baku, Azerbaijan. They both perked up at the prospect of joining the 55 Factory team at Rokit vintage store Covent Garden, to celebrate 55 Pages Issue 2 magazine launch, for magazine signing and press interviews. After a quick whiz around the store, Pandemonia and Snowy, seated themselves, for the onslaught.
Then the fun began, firstly with Lupe Castro. Lupe took time off her motorbike excursions around the world, to grab a tete a tete with P on what single most import item would Pandemonia take on back of motorbike. Snowy-was P reply in a side car.
Next up to join P&S was Aimee Kitsan. Aimee, who Snowy took a shine to, with her top knot hair do and her softly spoken voice. After quick word with P and personal signed copy of 55 Pages, A made way for another eager beaver.
This was Jordan Porteous. Jordan went for it big time when interviewing Pandemonia for theRokit vintage Blog, armed with mobile phone, with stored questions keyed in and good old pen and paper to take down the replies. This made P smile.
Then Carlo Riccardi, a booker from First Models Management, jumped the queue, to get his signed copy and picture. A tactic his boss Gareth Roberts, would have approved of, seeing his team member getting in fast.
Taking it all in, unfazed, was the sophisticated Sophie Eggleton interviewer. Sophie moved in quickly, with her mike and cute camera women. After grilling Pandemonia in the nicest possible way, they grabbed their copies of the magazine and were off.
Only to be replaced by Michela Tindera, journalist from Verge Magazine. And poor Snowy was on the verge, not able to join in the activities and just sit quietly & observe.
Taking a her turn next, was the glamorous Lisa Porter Dixon make up artist to the stars and her pal Clare Deen of Makemeupkia. This dynamic duo squeezed themselves passed" PR and grabbed a 2 min chat with Pandemonia, giving tips on make up and commenting on what fabulous complication P has. "I drink lots of water every day" said P.
People had to make way for Peu Cheung, with her huge Vivienne Westwood bag. Seated Peu was utterly charming, so much so Pademonia and Snowy, wanted to chin wag with her endlessly about her role at Essential Music.
It was then party gang invasion, by the 55 Pages posse Cristopher George, Nick Thompson and Lois Waller PR Director of the event. All were looking pleased as punch, as they should be, at throwing a wicked party and also another perk, where their readers got discount shopping tonight, thrown in for good measure. 55 Pandemonia and Snowy did final walk trough and were off home to get some well deceived shut eye. And dream about next gathering.

Photo Copy Stephen Mahoney