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Friday, 30 September 2011

Dance Umbrella 2011 Launch Party

Snowy had trouble containing himself, when he saw Pandemonia putting on her dancing shoes, knowing that P was taking him to the charming Andrew Hochhauser and Barbara Freites launch party, of Dance Umbrella 2011, at Jerwood Space, SE1 OLN

Ms Freites

Stepping into the party, Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by the adorable Ms Freites, who thrust into P's hand, a delicious glass of Fattoria la Vialla organic sparkling white wine. P smile and mused, a good start to the soiree.

P glided passed, 26 year old Mbulelo Ndabeni, the South African dancer and ex DU, who's now with Rambert Dance company. Mdulelo was telling his pal, his favourite dance piece is the "Rainforest" because it is, it so pure.

In the set up bar door way, P encountered ex Wimbledon and Chelsea Collage of Art and then Slade School of Art star, Artist Nick Hornby. Nick confessed, he'd spotted P on Tuesday night at the Macmillan De'Longhi Art Auction and thought P looked amazing then. Then the conversation, got into an artistic cat and mouse game, one that left poor Snowy out on a limb.

Andrew Hochhauser

Mr Hornby and P chat ended, to listen, to Pandemonia, new best friend and Chairman of DU, Andrew, who gave his speech on the countless people who pledged their support and attended the lucrative fundraising events, and his gratitude to them, as a consequence, the Dance Umbrella will continue to survive in this present climate.

Betsy Gregory

Speech's over, Mr Hochhauser came over and introduced P, to Betsy Gregory, Artist Director of Dance Umbrella. Betsey, P learnt, has, for the past 33 years, brought some of the most talented dances to London. Some of whom, were randomly performing amongst the lucky guests, during the cocktail.

Eva Nijhof

While getting a refill at the bar, P and Eva Nijhof Head of Patrons of Covent Garden Development of Royal Opera House, got into heart to heart. Over a drink, Eva gave P a tip, on how a gal can rejig her wardrobe, tonight's example was Eve's hot yellow dress. E's swift method of giving this frock an update, was simple, she just lobbed off few inches and hey presto, a killer get up. This canny idea, sent P mind in whorl.

Only to come back to earth, when over hearing dancers Guila Montalbano and Richard Fredbory excitement, over getting to dance at Rosemary Lee, in public space, in Square Dances, Sat/Sun 8/9 October. Their enthusiasm was in the air and the place was awash with "young sparks" the in house vernacular, for fresh talented dancers.


Two dynamic young sparks Mareno Solainas and Igor Urzelai, from Bloom Dance Coleectives cornered P, and then proceed to tell P in stereophonic, that their friend Kate Forbes, Costume Designer-stylist, was a huge fan of P incredible wardrobe and Kate check's his website regularly.

P concealed her blushes, and switched their conversation back to them, to discovered that they'll be performing 'Alison Take Cover" A cover version of Richard Alstons piece "Wildlife" at 7pm on 19-21 Oct at The Place Studios 1+ 2.

P concluded, wild it'll be, when these 2 unorthodox studs do their rendition, lets hope Snowy doesn't get scared and hide under the seat.

Skips naked Health

The night was drawing to a close, when lumbering hunk, Skip from Skips Naked Health rolled up. Skip flexed his muscles and grabbed Snowy & gave him a firm cuddle. P, retrieved Snowy from Skip's steel grip and whispered in Snow's ear that Skip was really a gentle spiritual guy. Sensing it was all to much for Snowy, Pandemonia, blew a kiss to everyone and whisked her darling pet into a cab for home, in time for their scrumptious late super.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Macmillan De'Longhi Art Auction


As the last key turned in the lock of a luxury Bond Street store and the security hum faded away until the follow day, an erie ghost town air enveloped the street.

Only to be swept away later, by a breath of fresh air, when Pandemonia and her pal Snowy, stepped out of a cab, for the Macmillan De'Longhi Art Auction, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, at Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street.

Their spectacular arrival was met by barrage of flashes from the paparazzi, flanked both sides of the entrance.

Georgina Vaughan and Ellie Pitt
Inside, relative calm was restored, when P sipped a glass of bubbly and had a convivial chat about the event, with Georgina Vaughan and Ellie Pitt, at the bar.

There to, P got the seal of approval on her ensemble, by Jacques Aszagury, fashion designer, to princesses and some of the richest women in the world, who flock to his Knightsbridge store.

Surrounded by amazing diverse artist's donations, while taking in all this art, Pandemonia bumped into, art collector Tor Faberland, who was there to snap up an item or 2.
Helen Cody
During a top up of champagne, the forever effervescent art & doggie lover Helen Cody, joined P. After Helen telling P she looked wonderful, Ms Gody chewed the fat on her 2 canine's and could P advise her on how to train one of them, from not peeing on her bed. P was aghast, thinking how lucky she is, that her Snowy is house trained.

Jerry Hall
Then, it was time to join international female icon Jerry Hall in the auction room, Jerry was real lady and left it to another, to flag up her new book "My Life in a Pictures" instead she gave Snowy a gentle squeeze and resumed her seat before giving her welcoming speech.

Sara Le Roy
This gave P a chance to checkout more of the works on show, one that tickled Snowy fancy was "Snowy" by Sara Le Roy.

Andrew Hochhauser
P met, Andrew Hochhauser, another art lover, who let it slip, he was after 2 works, 1 by Jonathan Yeo, a screen print of Cassiopeia, that later was sold for £2000, to another bidder. Post show, Andrew said "he was happy, all this money goes to a good cause and that his mum died of cancer, so he's more than happy to part with his lolly".

Sundeep Kunte

Out in force was Sundeep Kunte, Anu Madan and Ambika Tandon, who P discover were there to part with their hard erned cash, if Sundeep relentless bidding was anything to go by, during the auction.

Gavin Turk
Just before Jerry kicked off the auction, De'longhi committee member and artist Gavin Turk, told P, he'd dropped in a last min donation, a black ink on card work entailed Mademoiselle that expected price was £500-£800.

And it was finale offer of the night and brought a smile to everyones faces, when it exceeded the reserve price and was bought for £2200 to delight and rapturous applause for the crowd.

After the gig, P and Snowy sailed off into the night.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney
More photos Tatler Tatler

A New Breed of Celebrity Culture: Pandemonia

Text: Tammy Newell
Original source: SOS

In a world obsessed with celebrity culture and consumerism, its hardly surprising that artists would begin to exploit this, and turn it around for their own benefit and reputation - a very clever tactic to employ.

Meet Pandemonia, a 7ft inflatable latex outfit/creation by an anonymous artist/designer, who's purpose is still not fully known, but from what I can establish, the idea is to highlight the ridiculous nature of celebrity culture, and portray how the pursuit of perfection is a constant and never ending battle.


At the moment, you may be completely unaware of Pandemonia - I only stumbled across her in an article for Stylist Magazine which I was reading on my way to work - Thankfully she hasn't hit the world of 'celebrity' magazines, and is remaining more of a art piece at high-end events, such as London Fashion Week and exhibition openings. However, was this all part of the plan? Did the inventor of Pandemonia want her creation to be a high-end, untouchable celebrity figure, so that she would receive recognition from world renowned designers? Or is this just the start?

In my opinion, any piece of art that creates controversy is good, as it gets people talking - or in this case, gets the work 'famous'. The ambiguity surrounding Pandemonia is also very intriguing, as there are aspects of the design that are totally unique, for example, the concept of creating an outfit, that actually becomes a character and brand identity all in its own right, is very clever indeed, yet the physical design of a tall, plastic, size zero, blond bombshell is a stereotypical 'celebrity look' - but then again, is that the whole point? - To mock the system?

In an interview with Vice Style, Pandemonia spoke of her fear of 'deflation' and wanting to stay unique; otherwise she would 'lose her irony and possibly become fashion'. But does this mean she succumbed to the cut throat world of celebrity, and wanting more than 5 minutes of fame? There are so many things about this creation that seem to be a contradiction!

In terms of longevity, I think this is just the beginning, but whether this is a breakthrough art movement in the making remains to be seen. However, with exposure on the increase, the word on everyone's lips is sure to be, 'Pandemonia'. If only we knew what it all meant...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

KTZ, Child of Jago

KTZSeptember 22 2012

KTZ SS 2012 collection

On the last day of London Fashon week Pandemonia flew the flag. Arriving by taxi she threaded her way through the clouds of onlookers at Somerset House. With her well behaved pup, who has far better manners than Sundays Mulberry hound.

At Summerset House, P took her front row seat, next Chris Davies, Chris is one of Michiko Koshino right hand men.

The lights went down then up again and what P eyeballed, was what designer duo Koji Maruyama and Marjan Pejoski vision of their KTZ label.

This was a mixture of homage African bead work and a nod to bondage leather wear.

One story, was the photo image print of multi coloured African beads on dresses, skirts, trousers and tops, on either a black stretch fabric, cotton or chiffon, though P favoured the print on the pink dress, with matching physical necklace thrown on top.


The 2d story, was leather harnesses, on bare chested buffed guys and gals, to leather straps with large d-rings, running across the chest, down 2 sides of trousers or shorts, or belted around the chest or waist, to a black mini leather bikini with smaller d-rings, that every pole dancer in town will be queuing up to buy.

Post show, P got cornered by a tasty chic, one that scared off P fan base, with her fence stance, luckily, the friendly, fearless, MA security team stepped in, to remind P about next show, this was Vivienne Westwood son, Joe Corrie label, "A Child of Jago" and P race off to the street.

Out on the street, Michael Hamble, colour co-ordinated cab driver, spotted P and ferried her, to Joe's show.

Child of Jago

This years Child of Jago is branching out into Womensware. The collection was a rebelious Rock and roll with a twist of Dick Whittington. The Willton Hall was the perfect setting.

Child Of Jago
At the after show party she ran into 80's pop icon Adam Ant. They talked about music, their pets and the virtues of maintaining a good wardrobe, before Giving Viv a wave goodbye.

Adam Ant

Zigzagging across town by cab she changed into yet another party dress, metallic green with matching ankle bracelets.

Rolla Coaster
Attending the exclusive VIP Rolla Coaster party she waltzed out of London Fashion Week 2012 and disappeared into the city night.

Photos: @jessklingelfuss, @SimonaVenus, Stephen Mahoney

Demotix - Blonde Curls

Pandemonia Blonde Curls at London Fashion Week 2011

Full article with images Demotix

Pop artist Pandemonia showed off her Platinum blonde curls with a side sweep at London Fashion Week as she visited Fred Butler Spring/Summer 2012 collection presentation at Somerset House. United Kingdom. 18th September 2011

Fred ButtlerPandemonia at the Fred Butler show

The 7 foot tall plastic and latex pop artist, known as "Pandemonia", showed off her dynamic hairdo of a super sized beehive, that looks like a perfect ice cream cone from behind, and her stunning Platinum blonde curls at London Fashion Week 2011.

The secret recipe of its lustrous celebrity style bounce is supposed to be Helium.

Pandemonia chatting with Susie Bubble

The guest, who is hard to miss and provokes quite a reaction form the audience, has gone from London Fashion Week crasher to a celebrity guest in three seasons. Pop artist behind the concept made first public apperance as Pandemonia at Tracey Emin show at the White Cube in 2009. Identity behind the mask remains a secret as it is part of the concept. "We all hide behind masks of identity at some time; both in the real and the virtual world," - said Pandemonia in her interview by Stylist magazine.

Pandemonia changes her outfits and hair style from one show to another, but she always stays her very own celebrity - slim, tall, glossy, forever young and, of course, famous.

News and photos by Eugenie Absalom.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Times 21st sept 2011

What we saw and heard... Times Fashion

From outrageous clothes to cheeky geeks, our fashion team list some favourite moments from London Fashion Week.

Shock watch

There were plenty of outlandish clothes on display at LFW but two fashionistas stood out from the crowd.

Pandemonia is a 7ft latex-clad conceptual artist who comes complete with an inflatable toy terrier called Snowy, a much better behaved canine than the front-row dog that was barking throughout the Mulberry show on Sunday.

Jimmy Goldstein, or “Croc Man” as we have been calling him (owing to his love of suits made from reptiles), is something of a mystery to the British fashion press despite appearing at Paris and Milan shows. We saw him and Bip Ling at the Unique show, where he gave her a T-shirt ... with a picture of himself on it! At least that’s what it looked like from where we were sitting. Weird.

Design Collective Scotland SS 2012

Pandemonia got a last minute call from her pet dog minder, to say she was not able to babysit her canine.

So regardless, P donned her red party dress and with hound tucked under her arm, they headed to the Sanctum, London's Rock and Roll hotel.

At the hotel, P was ushered into the lift, it took her to the roofgarden, for Design Collective Scotland showcase of 4 designers at 8pm.

7.30 armed with a knock out cocktail, Pandemonia weaved her way through the crowd and met fashion designer Iona Crawford. Iona proceed to chat to P about her two favourite subjects, latex and dresses  

At 8.15, P saw for herself, Iona intricate designed tailored gowns, with bespoke self-designed prints, that are not for the fate hearted, a combination that has become Ms I Crawford al a mode trademark.

As P eye's scanned Iona dress, she spied the footwear of 2d designer Emily Lamb, and thought neat shoes, and Emily's were worn by all 3 of her contemporaries designers models, showcasing the DCS group.

Di Gilpin

Next up, was Di Gilpin knits, these items she strives to create in sustainable clothing and in order to do this, she has commissioned her own organic yarns and fibres, all sourced in the United Kingdom. These yarns are used, to create, cropped, low sexy necklined, wrap around tops and wide legged, low slung pants.

Last designer to show, was Mark Ross, Mark ran out few of his dresses, two in jet black, one black 1 was floor length, silk satin, with a Grecian draped neck, the other black one was short leather frock with black studded 3" wide shoulder straps, and silver zip running down the back, this number brought gasps of lust from the women and some of the men too.

Design Collective Scotland

Towards the end of the night, there was a moment when P got tiny bit nervous,
when Di Gilpin told her pal she'd fallen for the plastic pooch, luckily P's pal Cristina Polizzi said "it was well past the little ones bed time" and Di handed over P prize procession and high tailed home, for their beauty sleep.


Photos: Stephen Mahoney

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ziad Ghanem SS 2012

After Shenzhen fashion fashion show, Pandemonia nipped into VFS media lounge to put her feet up and drink, Vita Coco coconut water of course.

There P met New York photographer Dennison Bertram , who had a quick snuggled up to Ms P pooch, before jetting off to Monti Carlo for glamours shoot on the Gucci yacht.

Rested, P scooped up her bag and hightailed it to Ziad Ghanem show, inspired by Polish film maker Matka Joanna.

Ziad Ghanem

The show was cinematic delight, from the opener, with young couple holding hands, that resembled extras from "Rocky Horror "cult movie.

The show then switched, to darker vamp side, with chic in black sheer chiffon dress with white veil, more in keeping with hammer horror.

Followed by equally macabre white face guy in high heels and red gloves, think Lindsey Kemp in black.

To a modern Pasolini Christ like figure, in black thorns crown, white lace top, half corset and jodhpur pants

In the middle of all this ballyhoo appeared a dainty young nymph, who came striding out straight from "Alice in Wonderland", who P discovered was Janet Younan, the designers favourite cousin.

Ziad Ghanem

Next Marnie Scarlet a saucy, Fellini gal in white latex balacalva, full white dress and red "splat" umbrella.

Jackson Pollock

David Lynch type in a micro mini dress with cross ruffle. An Issac Julian hunk, wrapped in what resembled a Jackson Pollock painting.

To a statuesque John Walters kinda women/performer in ankle length opium red silk satin dress

At the end of the show, Pandemonia jumped a cab for home, to wash her hair, ready for another day of fashion.

Photos/ copy: Stephen Mahoney

Monday, 19 September 2011

Shenzhen fashion

Monday and Pandemonia plumbed for Margaret Thatcher blue and headed to see Shenzhen fashion show of 2 designers at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

星期一和Pandemonia plumbed撒切尔夫人蓝为首的深圳2设计师的时装秀在Vauxhall的时尚侦察员。

Pandemonia breezed into the show with product and Interior designer Rock Galpin.


Liu Xiaoming

Exchanged cards with Liu Xiaoming the Chinese Ambassador in the UK, Shen Yong Fang and Connie Wang delegates of the Shenzhen Garment Industry.


Seated, the show was a feast for the eyes, with designer Deng Hao debut in London of superb vibrant colour palette knitwear, inspired by regal Islamic Mosques and Chinese Temples.


Next up was designer Haiping Xie equally colourful kaleidoscope offer taking us through his vision of ancient times through to modern day life.


Post show, P was surrounded by cluster of female Shenzen fashion fans, who said Pandemonia should visit China, stating they'd love her there.
Now that's something to think about. I wonder who to approach.


Continued: After a brief rest Pandemonia goes to Ziad Ghanem SS 2012 fashion show

photos: Stephen Mahoney

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fred Butler

London Fashion Week 18th September. Summerset House.

Fred Butler
Pandemonia checks out Fred Butler presentation hosted by Susie Bubble,

Susie Bubble
caught up with Martine Hadida and her daughter, owners of L'eclaireur one of the finest independent group of fashion and life style stores in Paris.

 Martine Hadida
P, had chin wag with Pablo Nicholls from Toronto Friendly Stranger Stranger store and Shelley Pick New York Fashion Calendar on the latest volume Foam hair products doled out in media goodey bags at London Fashion Week.

Shelley Pick

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable Platinum blonde beehive.
Dress – Bronze cartoon dress.
Shoes – Plastic mules
Accessories - . Black gloves gloves & plastic sun glasses
Bag - 'Plastic' bag

photos: Stephen Mahoney

Friday, 16 September 2011

PPQ S/S 2012

16th September Summerset house.

London Fashion Week SS 2012: Peaches, Paloma, Pandemonia and Other People on front row.

Pandemonia Photo Jade Ewan Peaches Geldof, Pandemonia, Paloma Faith, Diana Vickers

The actual soundtrack to the show was much more upbeat, thumping 90s tunes were the perfect accompaniment to a collection which took them back to their roots. The first few looks were fairly pared back and grown up - sensible, pretty dresses with shiny gold buttons, big lapels and pocket details. The pretty pastel colours met with a tougher, Western look, courtesy of their collaboration with Lee Jeans. The duo also collaborated with Bebaroque for some truly stand out tights, leggings and bodysuits featuring the brand new PPQ crest which also adored most of the pieces sent down the catwalk. The fun, crazy prints also made an appearance as did heavy embroidery, for me some of the pieces were a little too young and trashy but on the whole I really liked the collection and the collaborations.










Pandemonia attends PPQ fashion show.

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable Platinum blonde beehive.
Dress – Orange cartoon dress.
Shoes – Plastic mules
Accessories - . White gloves gloves & plastic sunglasses
Bag - Orange P bag.
Pet - Inflatable puppy

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Photo Copy Fashion daydreams!