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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Zoe Griffin Christmas bash. Montcalm boutique Hotel, W1 

Party Princess Zoe Griffin hosted her Christmas party at the luxury Montcalm boutique Hotel Marble Arch.

Live Music from Lula, Heaven Sent Thugs, Amy Studt and X Factors Miss Frank! Notable guests included artists Eleni Gagoushi and Keira Rathbone. The walls were adorned with Keiras typewriter drawings.


Pandemonia photographed with Shaun Stafford celebrity personal trainer,Dynamo the magician and Zoe Griffin.

Dynamo (aka Steven Frayne) is the UK star magician. As well as being on TV His routinres have amazed noneother than Gwyneth Paltrow, Cold Play and Robbie Williams.


Pandemonia with Zoe Griffin

Pandemonia, in one of her own designs metallic green dress and matching ankle bracelets.

Zoe, in a Carlotta Gherzi dress, Necklace and bracelet from Labante agency and black ankle boots with roses from Fratelli Rossetti.


Pandemonia and Bargi talk about jewellery. Bargi Vanita is MD of Labante agency the new distributer of high end fashion designer jewellers from India. She tells Pandemonia that the necklace and bracelets Zoe is wearing are two her designes. Pandemonia shows her one of her own designer bags.


Alfie Jackson lead singer/songwriter from Indie band the "Holloways", who was guest DJ for the night, and took time off from the decks, to step out with Pandenomia and do a few new dance steps, this sparked off gossip among the media. Could this be a sneak preview of the new dance partners for "Strictly Come Dancing"?


Pandemonia chats with friends.

Dean ex model now successful actor, Prince Cassius-the winner of Esquire best dressed young man, Emma Woolrych, Chimere Cisse from "Nat Mags", Pandemonia and Pands new best friend Vanita Bagri. 

On the Table "Bloom gin" and "Freixenet" carva. "SilverSpring 1870" tonic water.


Zoe Griffin and Pandemonia putting feet up and talking high heels & what a great party we had tonight at the Montcalm Hotel.

Zoe party has given pandemonia some super ideas for her after exhibition show party next year.

Photos Stephen Mahoney

Friday, 10 December 2010

Alex Reid, Katie Price and Pandemonia?

Getting snapped at the Terence Trout party, Pandemonia gets caught up in the tabloids. Could this be the beginning of a 'menage a trois' scandal?

Alex Reid
THE SUN - Alex's Air Head Page 4

Whilst Katie Price is away in LA getting her hair done. Pandemonia gets caught on camera with hubby, Alex Reid. Even by Pandemonias standards flying to LA to get your hair done is a bit extreme. “Katie you should try my hairdresser, Children of Vision, its so much closer. I went there the other week” Pandamonia commented.

Alex Reid

Who's your new blonde dolly, Alex?

PLAYBOY Alex Reid fuels marriage-split speculation by cosying up to a blonde airhead behind Kate Price’s back. DAILY STAR Page 7

Find out what really happened at the
Terence Trout Party

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Terence Trout .

About Town on a Wednesday night.

Pandemonia goes to the Terence Trout Party in Mayfair.

Held at the Jack Barclay / Bentley Show room, Pandemonia arrives in her classic blue dress and blonde inflatable hair.

A fashion show of the 2011 collection of Terence Trout bespoke suits was put on to the sounds of James Bond. Models showed off both classic and modern suits sharp cuts.

Terence Trout

On arrival Pandemonia is greeted by the host, Stephen Williams.
(Photo msn celebrity news See what they had to say.)

Pandemonia Zoe Griffin

And then bumps into non other than “Party princess” Zoe Griffin

Jo Emma Larvin

The girls, share a glass of the lovely Piper Heidsieck Champagne . Pandemonia poses with actress Jo Emma Larvin and one of the models.

Alex Reid Pandemoia

Spying Alex Reid alone, Pandemonia whispers in his ear. What did they talk about? “Oh nothing..." She said, "that's just between me and him.” Its lucky Katie Price wasn't about.

Photo by Ferrarini

Supper Club put on the after show entertainment with acrobats and the amazing Empress Stah

Stephen Williams

Later Stephen Changed in to another of his Terence Trout suits so they had to pose again for the camera.

Pandemonia Photo by Joe Alvarez

On leaving it was heard that Pandemonia was going to yet another party in Notting hill gate. What a night....

Read what the tabloids had to say about the night.