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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1626 Magazine

1626 magazine in China.1626 magazine is the top fashion and youth life style magazine in south China,our Circulation is about 340,000 per two-week.

My Dream is...



事實上她是一個七尺高有著盛會上顯著特徵的人體藝術品。 更神奇的是這個“活雕塑”的背後,其實是一個男人身!

Pandemonia (Translation)

Some people say that she is a mockery of modern life. Pandemonia is a mystery, the living sculpture, that has frequently appeared in public.  Often she appears in major film festivals, fashion occasions, award ceremonies.  Group photo with the stars, she covered the exit photo magazine covers, newspaper headlines! She is now the most audacious British "performance artist"!  

Full 1626 Q&A (Interview Aautumn 2010)

What is your dream? When you are in the process to made it come true, who has given you helps, and was there anything happened frustrate you or make you feel hopeless?

My dream is to have a functioning Art Studio with lots of assistants where we create art works and merchandise for the world.
Going though the English education system helped my work. I did a BA (hon) Fine Art Degree and an MA Fine Art Degree at Chelsea College of Art (London). Art college helped my develop my work conceptually.

What do you like about London?

London's long history gives me a rich cultural cultural backdrop to stand against.

What is your ideal dream life?

To live in the south of France in a large art studio with lots of light overlooking the sea.

What was the hardest hard when you were trying to make your dreams come true? And do you think there is anything you can never achieve or you won’t be able to beat them? IF there is, what is it?

Things are as hard as you want them to be. If you want to achieve something - go for it. Obstacles are there for a reason, they make you more inventive. Look at my hair for example. That is one of the most sophisticated patterns I've seen around.

What you think Dream is important? How does it affect a person? Like affecting you?

If you follow your dreams they might come true. They are very important and a driving force to creation. What scientists dreamed of 50 years ago is happening now. We are all being connected by the internet, as Marshall Mcluhan coined one big “global village”.

Do you have anything Hero or idol? Who is he?

“Paris Hilton?” Just a flick of her hair creates a tornado on the other side of the world. (Joke aside) The scientist Edward Lorenz described this phenomena as the Butterfly effect.

What have you done you think was the edgiest in your life?

Stepping out of a taxi for the first time and meeting the press and public at London Fashion week. There was no going back and I had no idea how I would be received. It felt like jumping into the unknown.
I think the most important thing I have done is getting my image (my Art work), articles and interviews into the gossip pages of international mainstream magazines.Sunday Times, Grazia, Independent, Vogue, Vanity Fair and more. I want to reach as many people as possible from all levels of society.

What do you fear most in life?

Punctures, they are a real let down! “For those deflated moments” - I always have my Pandemonia rescue kit at hand.

When you show up in fashion show or exhibition,how the people around you react?What's the most funny experience you ever had?

Shock and awe. They just cant stop photographing me. If they would pay me every time they take a photograph I would soon get rich.

Are there anything has changed your life for what you are doing now, or anything happened that determined your career now?

I have always been an artist. It is my duty as an artist to project my ideas out to the public. So far I have had my work featured in many mainstream magazines like iD.
The contemporary Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who has currently a major Art installation in the Turbine hall at theTate Modern, London UK, called Sunflower Seeds said “From a very young age I started to sense that an individual has to set an example to society” the quote continues, “Your own acts and behaviour tell the world who you are and at the same time what kind of society you think it should be”
The quote resonates to me as an Artist because I think Artists should talk about the world they are living in and take inspiration from it. With the use of parody I encourage my audience to question our role models. It is of primary importance to engage with a wide audience.

If you are not an artist now,who will you be?

I could go in a number of directions either in front of or behind the camera.

I have had a couple of film cameos offered to me. When the right one comes along I'll take it. So one day you might see me on the Silver Screen.