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Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Fake is Chic

Arnaud Yves Dardis chats with Pandemonia about the work he has been inspired to make by Pandemonia, and a joint obsession with what is fake in a celebrity-orientated culture.

Arnaud Yves Dardis is a French costume designer and graphic designer living in Paris. He creates costumes for French performer Céline Perrier.

Drawing - @Arnaud Yves Dardis

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable blonde.
Clothes – AYD dress.
Shoes – Louboutin.
Accessories – Inflatable botox breast bag.

Pandemonia: How did you become aware of me in Paris?
Arnaud Yves Dardis:
I keep seeing your image in the fashion magazines. Your name is in the latest Be Mode mag, in an article about
PPQ at London Fashion Week. I love your image.

P: That's so exciting, to hear about my image getting around. What kind of magazine is Be Mode mag?

ATD: It's a very nice French glossy fashion and people mag.

P: Tell me about your work, how do you chose your subject matter?

ATD: I am a costume designer and freelance graphic designer. I make costumes for artists like Miss Botero, Queen Mimosa 3 (aka QM3), Pierre Pascual and my best friend Céline Perrier; she's a gay icon in Paris. As well as costume I am the fashion designer for the French band, DIAB'LESS. Check them all out on YouTube. I also draw (

P: Who's your inspiration?

ATD: My inspirations are David Lachapelle, Amanda Lepore, Pierre et Gille, Dita Von Tees and Lady GaGa.

P: When you approached me on Facebook you said that I inspire you, why is that?

ATD: I love plastic fabric, vinyl and latex. I love the sex universe. I love Pop Art. Your image captures all of that which I love.

P: You mention you like plastic and latex textures, are these materials that you use in your costume designs?
ATD: I use this fabric because it's of its associations with fetishism and S&M. You can see this influence in Tierry Mugler and
Alaia collections from the 80s and 90s.

P: I'm so flattered that you drew a picture of me. Can you tell me about the ideas and symbolism you use in the image?

ATD: You're a Plastic Girl so I drew you in a Plastic, Botox and in a silicon world. I find many inspirations in erotic symbols and S&M, which your look echoes. I drew you, in an AYD, (Arnaud Yves Dardis), dress and bag. It’s a tubular and very skinny dress. I'm now going to make it in a real fabric.

P: What does beauty mean to you?

ATD: For me beauty means Me, Myself and I, sexuality, fake beauty, lipstick, fashion, Louboutin, Swarovski, Céline Perrier, Fur, Botox, Fetishism, I love the surgical look. Beauty is a Polytheistic Religion and the God is creativity. It applies to guys and girls.

P: You link beauty and eroticism to surgery, what are your thoughts on
Freud’s death principle, the view that humans are drawn to repeat painful or traumatic events - even though such repetition appears to contradict our instinct suffer seek pleasure?

ATD: Freud described the orgasm as "little death", we can say that life is just to hurt all human life. We find pleasure in hurting ourselves, we have surgery to mutilate our faces. Everything we do for pleasure hurts us in some way. Don’t we say we have to suffer for beauty? I think that we were born to experience joy and pain of the flesh.

P: I noticed you put me in a pair of Louboutins. I hope they aren't fake. How is fake beauty beautiful?

(laughs) Even before I was born it was already. Fake is Chic. Take Barbie, she is beautiful, Amanda Lepore, she 's really beautiful, and all Disney Princess are beautiful. It is a fact!!!

Throughout time, we have always modified the body. The Ancient Greeks were doing it with their sculptures. Polycitus was conforming the body to the golden section, Cult of the 'body beautiful. It’s no surprise the Greeks also invented the Olympics. Today we exaggerate our images and even our body's through surgery.

A: I completely agree with you and I will even add that humans will even fantasize about anatomy today....with the creation of Barbie and Ken for example, or with imagery of the stars...

P: What’s next for you?

Maybe I'm too young to be famous now but I know something: although I am humble, I am fabulous.

What is it about Fame that fascinates you?

Fame is final culmination of supreme recognition and credibility.

like Imortality?

ATD: It's what we artists exist for.

P: Your love of “fakeness” and of fame are quite closely associated, in what ways does fakeness result in fame or vice versa?

ATD: I think anything that becomes famous gained fake imagery and an inaccessible aspect. They become divine in people’s eyes. Take Lady Gaga for example. She is just a woman, a human, she's like everybody else but when she started creating her art everybody started talking about her until she became a demi god. She named herself THE MONSTER – a human being that has become superior just via TV, Magazines and talk. I love this crazy, FAKE, reality.

To see more of Arnaud Yves Dardis go to

Edited by Laura Havlin

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Great British Hair Dresser

Episode 4: Monday 21st March E4
Great British Hair Dresser
Great British Hair Dresser

Caught on television

“high fashion and art often blur
and shocking images are regularly used
to make a statement”

17.39 Fleeting glimpse of Pandemonia.

Spotted next to Anna Trevelyan and Charlie Le Mindu, Pandemonia attends the Iris Van Herpen Fashion show.

Style break down

Hair - Inflatable blonde
Clothes – Green cartoon dress
Shoes – Glass mules.
Bag – Yellow Pandemonia shopping bag.
Accessories - White black gloves
Other Bag - Dotty

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

1626 Magazine

1626 magazine in China.1626 magazine is the top fashion and youth life style magazine in south China,our Circulation is about 340,000 per two-week.

My Dream is...



事實上她是一個七尺高有著盛會上顯著特徵的人體藝術品。 更神奇的是這個“活雕塑”的背後,其實是一個男人身!

Pandemonia (Translation)

Some people say that she is a mockery of modern life. Pandemonia is a mystery, the living sculpture, that has frequently appeared in public.  Often she appears in major film festivals, fashion occasions, award ceremonies.  Group photo with the stars, she covered the exit photo magazine covers, newspaper headlines! She is now the most audacious British "performance artist"!  

Full 1626 Q&A (Interview Aautumn 2010)

What is your dream? When you are in the process to made it come true, who has given you helps, and was there anything happened frustrate you or make you feel hopeless?

My dream is to have a functioning Art Studio with lots of assistants where we create art works and merchandise for the world.
Going though the English education system helped my work. I did a BA (hon) Fine Art Degree and an MA Fine Art Degree at Chelsea College of Art (London). Art college helped my develop my work conceptually.

What do you like about London?

London's long history gives me a rich cultural cultural backdrop to stand against.

What is your ideal dream life?

To live in the south of France in a large art studio with lots of light overlooking the sea.

What was the hardest hard when you were trying to make your dreams come true? And do you think there is anything you can never achieve or you won’t be able to beat them? IF there is, what is it?

Things are as hard as you want them to be. If you want to achieve something - go for it. Obstacles are there for a reason, they make you more inventive. Look at my hair for example. That is one of the most sophisticated patterns I've seen around.

What you think Dream is important? How does it affect a person? Like affecting you?

If you follow your dreams they might come true. They are very important and a driving force to creation. What scientists dreamed of 50 years ago is happening now. We are all being connected by the internet, as Marshall Mcluhan coined one big “global village”.

Do you have anything Hero or idol? Who is he?

“Paris Hilton?” Just a flick of her hair creates a tornado on the other side of the world. (Joke aside) The scientist Edward Lorenz described this phenomena as the Butterfly effect.

What have you done you think was the edgiest in your life?

Stepping out of a taxi for the first time and meeting the press and public at London Fashion week. There was no going back and I had no idea how I would be received. It felt like jumping into the unknown.
I think the most important thing I have done is getting my image (my Art work), articles and interviews into the gossip pages of international mainstream magazines.Sunday Times, Grazia, Independent, Vogue, Vanity Fair and more. I want to reach as many people as possible from all levels of society.

What do you fear most in life?

Punctures, they are a real let down! “For those deflated moments” - I always have my Pandemonia rescue kit at hand.

When you show up in fashion show or exhibition,how the people around you react?What's the most funny experience you ever had?

Shock and awe. They just cant stop photographing me. If they would pay me every time they take a photograph I would soon get rich.

Are there anything has changed your life for what you are doing now, or anything happened that determined your career now?

I have always been an artist. It is my duty as an artist to project my ideas out to the public. So far I have had my work featured in many mainstream magazines like iD.
The contemporary Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who has currently a major Art installation in the Turbine hall at theTate Modern, London UK, called Sunflower Seeds said “From a very young age I started to sense that an individual has to set an example to society” the quote continues, “Your own acts and behaviour tell the world who you are and at the same time what kind of society you think it should be”
The quote resonates to me as an Artist because I think Artists should talk about the world they are living in and take inspiration from it. With the use of parody I encourage my audience to question our role models. It is of primary importance to engage with a wide audience.

If you are not an artist now,who will you be?

I could go in a number of directions either in front of or behind the camera.

I have had a couple of film cameos offered to me. When the right one comes along I'll take it. So one day you might see me on the Silver Screen.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Model Agency

Episode 3: Wednesday 09 Mar 2011 10pm on Channel 4 The Model Agency

The Model agency
Pandemonia's first Television Début.

Caught on C4's 'The Model Agency' outside Kensington Palace going to the Acne fashion show SS 2010.

See Pandemonia on 4oD Grey latex number, inflatable blonde hair skip to 31:53

The Model AgencyStyle Brake Down

Hair - Inflatable blonde
Clothes – Gray silver dress with red hem.
Shoes – Matching red and grey mules.
Bag – Red and grey inflatable chevron
Accessories - Matching red gloves
Other bag - Dotty

The Model Agency

This new series goes inside the offices of Premier Model Management to reveal the realities of life in the world's most glamorous industry

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London Fashion week 2011 Pandemonia at PPQ

London Fashion week 2010 A week in pictures

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Total Pandemonia!!

Pandemonia interviewed by Jason Lee of Salon Spotter.

A few weeks ago, we ran a story about 80′s pop stars and a celebrity cartoon inspired guest at the Pam Hogg show for London Fashion Week. This above photo was attached to the story featuring the 7 foot tall post modern plastic and latex pop artist known as simply “Pandemonia”. We instantly became fascinated by her. She’s a statement between pop culture/fine art/celebrity/fashion and of course a great sense of humour. Her genius is that unlike the archetypal socialite blonde she emulates, Pandemonia will never age. Additionally, she is the humanized version of the plasticized world of advertising we live in. We thought it would be a great idea to contact Pandemonia and ask her a few questions about life, love and art! Here’s how our conversation went!!

Paloma faithPandemonia with Paloma Faith: PR Photos

SalonSpotter: Most recently your hair color is a stunning shade of platinum blonde with low lights. It’s so beautiful. We’ve seen you sporting a more golden tone in the past as well as fiery red. What made you decide to go all the way platinum?

Pandemonia: Pam Hogg, the fashion designer (Editors Note: Pam Hogg sports bright yellow hair), always said I was a rivalling her hair. When she invited me to her fashion show I thought, I’d give her a break. I changed my hair colour. I went one better I went platinum blonde. You know I think its working for me.

SalonSpotter: Going Platinum blonde can be harsh on the hair…do you have any beauty tricks for those who are thinking of going super light without damaging their hair?

Pandemonia: Yes it is hard on your roots. I’ve got my own secret recipe for giving my hair that lustrous bounce. In a word its…. Helium. It really gives it that lift and bounce you need.

SalonSpotter: Let’s talk about the style of your hair. You seem to love wearing it with a side swept fringe and flipped at the bottom which is super sexy. Would you ever wear a short bob?

Pandemonia: I’m glad you noticed that. The bob is sexy but I think the fringe is more feminine. I always liked that wind swept look. Its so dynamic, its like the wind of opportunity is blowing through it. Body and movement are things I always build into my hair. It’s all about aspiration. Its important to have things for people to look at.

SalonSpotter: In your opinion, what does a woman’s hair say about her?

Pandemonia: Power! Its an extension of yourself. It’s the first thing people see, its all performance. You know Samson had all his strength in his hair. And It can take years off you.

SalonSpotter: What do you think of celebrity today?

Pandemonia: Celebrity is a machine. Its all about selling product – lifestyle etc.

SalonSpotter: What do you think of plastic surgery?

Pandemonia: Everything’s plastic these days. I simply went the full way. Going totally glossy is the next logical step in perfection. It’s the ultimate packaging! I’ve got that shiny, new you, look.

SalonSpotter: Snowy seems like such a happy dog. Does he love fashion?

Pandemonia: Is Snowy Happy? Of course he is… he’s on Gas! He loves everything especially fashion.

SalonSpotter: Who is the ultimate male counterpart for Pandemonia? Does Pandemonia fall in love?

Pandemonia: I’m always asked this. Who is Pandemonia’s other? Pandemonia is like an open sentence. Free and single I say, but Pandemonia falls in love all too easily so you never know.

SalonSpotter: In 2033, what will Pandemonia be doing?

Pandemonia: No doubt retiring in some Tax haven. Let me see, hot or cold? I could be taking in the Mountain Airs living in a Swiss chalet. Or maybe lounging on a Yacht in Monaco, South of France, sipping the Martinis. What do you think?

SalonSpotter: Sounds amazing!!! Let’s talk the Queen of Pop. Do you have an opinion about Madonna? Is she an iconic female archetype or is she just an ageing pop star? Or both?

Pandemonia: Without doubt Madonna is a cultural icon. Throughout her career Madonna has constantly challenged the public’s perception of herself and the representation of other woman. Her public identity defies male control. She asserts herself as a subject, rather than an object. Madonna is the one that calls the shots.

Few woman have had such a wide ranging influence. She has played a significant role in developing the identity of the modern independent woman.

SalonSpotter: Do you have a dark side?

Pandemonia: I did experiment with going brunette. My hair looked lifeless more chocolate than brunette. I felt deflated so I treated myself by going blonde again. Which goes to show blondes do have more fun.

For full article go to SalonSpotter.

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IDOL magazine

For full article get Idol magazine issue 1.


Standing tall, slender, blonde and shiny – she grabs wolf whistles from admiring builders as she struts down the street. Spotted on the front row and featured in everything from iD to Vogue Italia. Pandemonia is not a new IT girl or rock star offspring – turn – model. Covered head to toe in latex she is a living, breathing walking, talking piece of post – modern art. Perplexed and fascinated, IDOL asks who is Pandemonia.
Photography by Elliot Morgan.


For those who may not know, who is Pandemonia?

Pandemonia is A Post Pop Artist. She is that “7th tall slim, shiny, Blonde” that has been at all the best events over the last year. She always has the most striking looks and gets constantly photographed.

What do you wish to achieve through Pandemonia?

To reach as many people as possible. I see myself as a story, a work in progress. News items need a story. It's not enough to have a strong image you need the narrative to go with it. The best way to reach people is to be the story. I am a story with legs.

What was the inspiration behind this?

Watching perfect lives on the screen. Chasing “The Big Other”, the unobtainable.

Why did you choose to display your artwork in this way?

I present myself as a celebrity, after all is not celebrity the currency all the world over? To me it makes sense to cut out the middle man and show my work directly to the public. It's the interaction between myself and the public that becomes interesting.

My photographs look good because I am all image. I am a product. My product is an idea, you can get it in an instant. I think I look best when I'm photographed in the media. What better way is there to comment on celebrity than to be in the very same publications they are in.

Last weeks Alex Reid fiasco in the tabloids is a good example. I hope Katie Price didn't suddenly go blonde on my account. They blew the story totally out of proportion.

Your name appears to be derived from the word pandemonium, what was the meaning behind the choice?

Pandemonium means chaos. Out of chaos comes creativity. Besides you should see the pandemonium I create amongst the photographers when I turn up.
You make all your clothes yourself – how many outfits do you have?

Yes I make everything myself, I call them “Art creations”. They are more than “clothes” they are “political expressions”. They are symbols of lifestyle and aspiration. My appearance points to the manufactured ideal.

How many do I have? Not nearly enough!
How do you feel you have you been received by the general public, industry and the media?

Amazement, bemusement I'ts all the same to me. I do get photographed a lot by the public. They are fascinated by what I am doing.

The Fashion industry has been giving me front row tickets to London Fashion week and various private parties. Acne gave me tickets to their London Fashion Week show at Kensington Palace. I guess someone there likes me.

Over the last year I have been gaining more and media attention. One magazine said "Pandemonia A Messiah sent to earth by Andy Warhol" That's a good media endorsement.

What is your perception on women and how they are portrayed in the media and

That's a complicated subject. It depends where and who they are being portrayed by. Generally women are shown from a man's point of view. A lot of adverts encourage insecurities simply to shift more products.

If you ruled the world what would it be like?

It would be “Plastic Fantastic!” Of course.
If you were to hold a dinner party would be your 12 guests?

Salvador Dali Just because...
Paris Hilton I havan't met her yet
Tracey Emin For some Art

Vivienne Westwood For fashion Tips
Andy Warhol It will be the only way I'll get to speak to him

Mae West For entertainment

J Joplin Sales
Robert Crumb He likes cartoons.
Banksy So curious to know who he is.
Muhammad Ali I already have is autograph
Cruella D-evil Don't you all just love villains

What’s the one thing you would never leave home without?

A decent pair of shoes!
IDOL sees you as modern art- how do you define yourself?

I'm just an artist doing my thing. My works is actually quite traditional.
I am exploring the meanings of things that drive our lives.
What is the future of Pandemonia?

Next year I am doing a sculpture show. It is going to be a continuation of my ideas, a blend of commercialism, fashion and art. I am actively looking for a sponsorship. I am taking it to the next level.
What message would Pandemonia ultimately like to leave the world?

Someone who explored the meaning things. Questions who are we?

“Who are you?” To be able to get people to think about who they are and what motivates them would be a good legacy.

Who is your IDOL?

Oh Paris Hilton! of course! Just a flick of her hair creates a tornado on the other side of the world. Now that's what I call the Butterfly effect. If only Edward Lorenz could have witnessed that.


Saturday, 5 March 2011


Be Mode French Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Lifestyle Magazine.

Les 7 filles de la semaine

The Seven girls of the week.

Pandemonia "Front Row sensation" at PPQ fashion show.

London Fashion Week 2011 PPQ Fashion show, Summerset house.

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses - Black plastic.
Dress - Green knee length pencil dress
Bag – Dotty.
Shoes - Plastic mules
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

Look: Miss Pandemonium

Look Magazine


London Fashion Week 7th March 2011


Miss Pandemonium (should be spelt Miss Pandemonia)

Miss Pandemonium

Miss Pandemonia and Paloma Faith are photographed at the Pam Hogg Fashion show

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Cartoon black dress
Shoes – Black peephole stilettos
Acessories - Red scarf and matching gloves
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

heat: FASH WEEK freak

heat This week's hottest celebrity news

Heat Magazine 5 - 11 March 2011

Fash Week Freak

Pandemonia Papped front row at PPQ Fashion show . London Fashion Week AW 2011 Summerset house.

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses - Black plastic.
Dress - Green knee length pencil dress
Bag – Dotty.
Shoes - Plastic mules
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

Friday, 4 March 2011

Mahiki London Fashion Week Party.

Where BFC London Fashion Week Party - Mahiki. London Night Club known for its celebrity Clientel. Favourite haunt of Prince William and Prince Harry

28th Febuary

Pandemonia spotted hanging out with Jo Wood and Janice Dickenson.

Pandemonia was all smiles as she cosied up to Janice Dickenson.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


London Fashion Week AW 2011

23th Febuary 2011

Location 24 Endell Street, The Hospital Club, London. Snow PR.



horace Photo Studio jojo

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Gray silver dress with red hem.
Shoes – Matching red and gray mules.
Acessories - Matching red goves
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

Photo Studio jojo

The Fashion.

With both a design studio in Bali as well as in London, Horace embodies the better of two amazing cultures. It has become a creative mix of primitive Balinese hand craft and British unassuming cool.

Photo Studio jojo

Shown in the moody cool light of a television studio, the models circled the perimeter under the glare of video projections.

The mixed sex collection, comprised of slogan t-shirts, soft denims mixed with printed cottons and statement knits.

Photo Studio jojo

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Coco,le freak, c'est chic

Catherine Fuller of Coco,le freak, c'est chic interviews Pandemonia
Original article Coco,le freak, c'est chic

Interview: Pandemonium over Pandemonia...

On initial sightings of Pandemonia last season, I originally popped her into my 'weird and wonderful fashion week file' and thought nothing of it. After further research I realised that this is not just style for the sake of style, this is art.

Pandemonia is a seven ft tall walking, talking work of art. Often seen on the front row and at the biggest parties and events, Pandemonia was inspired by the superficial world of fame and the ideals that surround society's views of 'the perfect woman'. Upon finding that she was in fact an artist and reading about her inspiration I knew I simply had to talk to the lady herself to find out a little more about the artist, the art work and those outfits...


Pandemonia stands in front of her artist prints.
Showing a progression of ideas from 2D abstract to 3D character work.

Coco: Please can you tell us a little about the Pandemonia piece/project?

Pandemonia: I am a conceptual Post Pop Artist. I show my work and ideas in the Public Social Space.

As well as being seen at many events I am also doing a sculpture show later in the year.

C: What influenced you to start Pandemonia’s life and when did it begin?

P: Advertising was a big influence on me. I constructed myself on all those ideals. I have been developing my ideas for a few years.

People need to see things more than any time before. I took my art work out of the gallery and put it into the Public Social Space. My work both interacts with people and describes our world. The virtual world is getting more important. My work has relevance on line as well as off line.

C: Do you dress like this all of the time? Even on Sunday hangover days, or to pop for a pint of milk?

P: Oh, Pandemonia's always dressed. Up keeping my appearance is a big responsibility. I never need to shop for mundane stuff, someone else does all that stuff.


C: David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust days or Lady Gaga?

P: David Bowie is great. Lady Gaga is more current.

Paloma Faith

C: What’s on your iPod right now?

P: Paloma Faith! I met her last week and I'm checking out her music. She's so talented.

C: Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met?

P: I'm more inspired by what's going on. The worlds remoulding itself so quickly at the moment. Just look at twitter. Global Village is here right now. Mcluhan got it right again.

C: What’s your guilty pleasure?

P: Mr Sheen. You won't repeat that will you. (My favourite answer)

C: How many pet dogs (of the inflatable kind) do you have or is there only one Snowball?

P: Snowball!.... that's a cute nickname. I've only one dog and he's called Snowy. I might actually start calling him Snowball now. You know dogs are great, they really break the ice with people. I say.... more facilities for dogs!


C: What do you really think of celebrities? Is the project to mock celebrities or to mock our view of perfection- or both?

P: I let someone else do the thinking. I'm just offering a cartoon parody of the world.
C: Do you ever get punctures? If so how does one recover from this?

P: I was doing a Haitian charity event last year and my speech bubble “?!?” burst. I made a swift exit back to Pandemonia Central. (Secret Central London Location)

C: Where do you shop for your looks?

P: I don't! I design and make everything myself.

I simply love Pandemonia. Anyone who is out there and getting recognised for their work and originality is an inspiration. Keep up to date with her adventures and work on her blog.

Check out her website here.

Check out her exhibition later in the year here.

Many thanks to P for your time, see you next season!


Catherine Fuller
Catherine Fuller