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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Zoe Griffin Christmas bash. Montcalm boutique Hotel, W1 

Party Princess Zoe Griffin hosted her Christmas party at the luxury Montcalm boutique Hotel Marble Arch.

Live Music from Lula, Heaven Sent Thugs, Amy Studt and X Factors Miss Frank! Notable guests included artists Eleni Gagoushi and Keira Rathbone. The walls were adorned with Keiras typewriter drawings.


Pandemonia photographed with Shaun Stafford celebrity personal trainer,Dynamo the magician and Zoe Griffin.

Dynamo (aka Steven Frayne) is the UK star magician. As well as being on TV His routinres have amazed noneother than Gwyneth Paltrow, Cold Play and Robbie Williams.


Pandemonia with Zoe Griffin

Pandemonia, in one of her own designs metallic green dress and matching ankle bracelets.

Zoe, in a Carlotta Gherzi dress, Necklace and bracelet from Labante agency and black ankle boots with roses from Fratelli Rossetti.


Pandemonia and Bargi talk about jewellery. Bargi Vanita is MD of Labante agency the new distributer of high end fashion designer jewellers from India. She tells Pandemonia that the necklace and bracelets Zoe is wearing are two her designes. Pandemonia shows her one of her own designer bags.


Alfie Jackson lead singer/songwriter from Indie band the "Holloways", who was guest DJ for the night, and took time off from the decks, to step out with Pandenomia and do a few new dance steps, this sparked off gossip among the media. Could this be a sneak preview of the new dance partners for "Strictly Come Dancing"?


Pandemonia chats with friends.

Dean ex model now successful actor, Prince Cassius-the winner of Esquire best dressed young man, Emma Woolrych, Chimere Cisse from "Nat Mags", Pandemonia and Pands new best friend Vanita Bagri. 

On the Table "Bloom gin" and "Freixenet" carva. "SilverSpring 1870" tonic water.


Zoe Griffin and Pandemonia putting feet up and talking high heels & what a great party we had tonight at the Montcalm Hotel.

Zoe party has given pandemonia some super ideas for her after exhibition show party next year.

Photos Stephen Mahoney

Friday, 10 December 2010

Alex Reid, Katie Price and Pandemonia?

Getting snapped at the Terence Trout party, Pandemonia gets caught up in the tabloids. Could this be the beginning of a 'menage a trois' scandal?

Alex Reid
THE SUN - Alex's Air Head Page 4

Whilst Katie Price is away in LA getting her hair done. Pandemonia gets caught on camera with hubby, Alex Reid. Even by Pandemonias standards flying to LA to get your hair done is a bit extreme. “Katie you should try my hairdresser, Children of Vision, its so much closer. I went there the other week” Pandamonia commented.

Alex Reid

Who's your new blonde dolly, Alex?

PLAYBOY Alex Reid fuels marriage-split speculation by cosying up to a blonde airhead behind Kate Price’s back. DAILY STAR Page 7

Find out what really happened at the
Terence Trout Party

What do you think? Comments please.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Terence Trout .

About Town on a Wednesday night.

Pandemonia goes to the Terence Trout Party in Mayfair.

Held at the Jack Barclay / Bentley Show room, Pandemonia arrives in her classic blue dress and blonde inflatable hair.

A fashion show of the 2011 collection of Terence Trout bespoke suits was put on to the sounds of James Bond. Models showed off both classic and modern suits sharp cuts.

Terence Trout

On arrival Pandemonia is greeted by the host, Stephen Williams.
(Photo msn celebrity news See what they had to say.)

Pandemonia Zoe Griffin

And then bumps into non other than “Party princess” Zoe Griffin

Jo Emma Larvin

The girls, share a glass of the lovely Piper Heidsieck Champagne . Pandemonia poses with actress Jo Emma Larvin and one of the models.

Alex Reid Pandemoia

Spying Alex Reid alone, Pandemonia whispers in his ear. What did they talk about? “Oh nothing..." She said, "that's just between me and him.” Its lucky Katie Price wasn't about.

Photo by Ferrarini

Supper Club put on the after show entertainment with acrobats and the amazing Empress Stah

Stephen Williams

Later Stephen Changed in to another of his Terence Trout suits so they had to pose again for the camera.

Pandemonia Photo by Joe Alvarez

On leaving it was heard that Pandemonia was going to yet another party in Notting hill gate. What a night....

Read what the tabloids had to say about the night.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pandemonia attends a soiree

Pandemonia arrives at a secrete location in her trade mark yellow inflatable hair green dress & matching clutch bag.

Ushered through the magnificent marble lobby she enters, what must be one of the most grandiose of Londons apartments.

Picasso's and Takashi Murakami sculptures literally littered the walls. In the centre of the room on a marble table, the latest Karen K shoe collection. The girls were all literally dripping with
de Grisogono fine jewellery.

karen K

Pandemonia sips Angel Champagne with Shoe designer, Karen K. “Its simply divine! This must be the best Champagne in the world.” Pandemonia was reported to say.

karen K
“You know it took a year to design the base alone.” Karen explains, as she shows Pandemonia her new limited edition shoe collection.


Spying a red sofa, the girls sit down and rest their feet. Pandemonia chats about her fourthcoming sculpture show and drinks Champagne with Nora Voon and Daria Piasecka. “Could those be Noda Design cushions?” Pandemonia askes?


Pandemonia gets all Hyper Real with a Takashi Murakami sculpture.


A model manages to hang on to her dazzling array of de Grisogono fine jewellery. Later on Pandemonia was heard to have said. “If only my gloves were more nimble. After all, aren't Diamonds a girls best friend?”

Andy O Pandemonia

Snapped at the fountainhead with Andy O. Could this be the one? Pandemonia slips from his clutches and disappears off into the night. Rubber can be oh so slippery.

Photos Stephen Mahoney

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

iD online

iD Pandemonia
"Who is Pandemonia ?!?"

Internationally renowned Art, Fashion and Culture magazine, iD writes up Pandemonia.

To see what Sarah Raphael from iD online wrote about Pandemonia. Click iD online

November 23, 2010
Who is Pandemonia?!?
Postmodern; Post-Pop; Pandemonia is a living and breathing artist’s impression of the female form.

Pandemonia is a very tall, very plastic, very ironic piece of art. Covered head-to-toe in Latex, the shiny beauty queen is the epitome of a public obsession with surfaces. Pandemonia boasts several show-stopping creations, including the “Dizzy Blonde”, a royal blue long sleeved dress, polka dotted face and bouncy inflatable blonde locks. Each art work is a simulacrum, accessorised with red lips, blue eye shadow, a plastic complexion and a lightweight inflatable clutch bag. Not to mention her killer body, which is as impossibly perfect as Barbie herself.

Pandemonia was interviewed by Holly Shackleton in The Flesh and Blood Issue of i-D last year, explaining, “I have to express myself. Questioning contemporary culture and advertising, reworking modern myths, visually challenging my audience (or whoever I come into contact with) and creating a state of awareness”. Far from just a novelty act, the artist has hopes of winning the Turner Prize, and last year was invited to London Fashion Week, exhibited herself at the Vyner Street Gallery opening and the Tracey Emin exhibition at The White Cube. Next September, Pandemonia will be exhibiting a Pop-sculpture exhibition at the Aubin Gallery to coincide with Frieze 2011.

There are many comparisons to be made in terms of philosophy between artist Pandemonia, philosopher Jean Baudrillard and Pop-King Andy Warhol. Warhol too was fascinated by the shiny surface, insisting his art had no deeper meaning. Pandemonia describes herself as “packaging artificiality and lack of content”, in the same way perhaps as Warhol’s Campbell Soup cans. Both are indicative of a consumerist society, both are icons of modern art and advocates of the Pop genre. Baudrillard’s theory of the ‘Procession of Simulacra’ argues that everything in modern society is a representation (or simulacrum) of something else, so that because things are so endlessly representated and re-represented, the final outcome is devoid of authenticity and meaning and enters into a state of hyper-reality, where Pandemonia places herself. Pandeomia is a larger-than-life reminder of ourselves, and is an exaggerated mirror of 21st century society and 21st century ideals.

Watch Pandemonia at the hairdressers reading i-D’s feature, filmed for Channel 4′s Seven Days reality TV show. The film is a good example of Pandemonia’s philosophy, as 3D Pandemonia looks at 2D Pandemonia in the magazine, whilst being filmed, and filmed again by C4 in an everything watches everything scenario.

Text: Sarah Raphael

Monday, 15 November 2010

Philip Sallons Birthday

Pandemonia Home House

Arriving by black cab, Pandemonia drops into Home House. Dressed in her Marlboro dress and matching bag. Her Blond hair stood out from the crowed.


Talking to guests in the sumptuous eighteenth century Robert Adam interiors

Philip Sallon

Philip Sallon it takes allsorts.


Pandemonia gets dazzled by flash

Home House

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Retox Magazine

Pandemonia rocks Portobello!

04 November 2010

Story by Marijhaa Andre, photos by Lin Vitali

Pandemonia at the Children of Vision hairdressers

Retox Magazine and many onlookers in Portobello had a spoonful of entertainment as Pandemonia, along with her dog Snowy, rocked up to the Children of Vision hair salon to get her vanity fix.

Pandemonia got made up and polished up by John who runs the quirky Children of Vision hairdressers on Portobello Road, and Channel 4 dug into Pandemonia’s personality fun bags as they filmed for the well-known Channel 4 TV series ‘Seven Days’ – the TV programme that follows people living and working in Notting Hill.

For full article go to Retox Magazine

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pandemonia goes to the hair dressers

Pandemonia goes to the Hairdressers (rough edit)

Dropping in on Channel 4's reality show "Seven Days"., Pandemonia pops into the funky hair salon, "Children of Vision".

Stepping out of a cab in fashionable Portobello road, London, she is greeted outside "Children of Vision" by owner and hair stylist John Lee. John invites her into the hair salon and coiffures her hair.

Shot on the Seven Days set, the video is a film within a film. Pandemonia reads articles about herself published in "iD magazine" whilst being filmed by Joey Skye. Joey Skye is in turn being filmed by the C4 Seven Days crew. Channel 4 is being photographed by Retox magazine who themselves are unknowingly been photographed by the public.

To be continued

Friday, 29 October 2010

A day in the life of Pandemonia

Film in progress By Joey Skye.

Post-modern Artist regurgitates herself through the media.

Arriving in a London Black Cab Pandemonia is driven through Notting Hill Gate to her appointment.pandemonia
The Hair Dressers.

Today, Pandemonia dropped into Children of Vision, Portobello Road, to have her hair done. John, Hair Dresser, and character in Channel 4's Seven Days does her hair.
John attends to Pandemonia spraying her hair with the finest imported silicone. Pandemonia reads articles about herself from Grazia and ID magazines whilst being filmed by Joey Skye. Joey Skye is in turn being filmed by the C4SevenDays crew. Channel 4 is being photographed by Retox magazine who themselves are unknowingly been photographed by the public.

Onion, the dog, shows off his ‘bat wings’ to Snowy.


Sitting outside Mike’s Café, Pandemonia has a coffee and talks to John about Art, life and a trip to New York. She tells John about her forth coming Pop Art sculpture show, at the Aubin Gallery, and explains to him how she herself is a construction, made from idealised representations of the female form in the media. “My hair, legs and even dog are symbols of beauty and lifestyle.”
John thinks she will be a hit in the Big Apple.

For more go to

Filmed By Joey Skye – Skye Media Productions

Filmed by Channel 4's Seven Days

Photographed and interviewed by Retox Magazine.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Telegraph Picture of the Day

Pictures of the day: 26 October 2010
Pam Hogg

Pandemonia and fashion designer Pam Hogg are pictured at the premiere of "The Commuter" in London. This short film was shot entirely on the new Nokia N8 mobile phone

The Telegraph

Monday, 25 October 2010

The Commuter Party premier, McHenry Brothers

In a Red Latex dress Blond Bomb shell Pandemonia attends the, McHenry Brothers, film premier of The Commuter Party with her trusty friend Snowy, the white inflatable dog. Her yellow hair captured the Hollywood glamour of Veronica Lake.

Receiving full red carpet treatment at London's Aqua, Pandemonia was captured by Zimbo's co-founder and CEO Tony Mamone.


Photo Zimbo

She met many celebs including Pam Hogg, Hofit Golan, Brian Friedman, and shook hands and exchanged words with Pamela Anderson. Asked afterwards what she said, Pandemonia was reported to reply. “That's just between me and Pamela........ well.... she said, I want one of those”, pointing at Snowy, “and I want to be you!” Snowy looked bemused.

The Film was about the epic journey of Dev Petal trying to get to work; running from machine gun welding traffic warden Charles Dance, he has many adventures encountering Pamela Anderson and Bell Boy Ed Westwick. Shot in High Def on the new Nokia N8 mobile phone, the film had amazing clarity. Could the future of film making now be held in ones palm?

Nokia N8 Presents - "The Commuter" from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

Please send in the photos.
More pohotos....
Richard Goldschmidt and Rex Features

Lilaesthete's Blog. "Pandemonia"

Bucharest-based blog lilaesthete writes about Pandemonia.

"Who is she? The love child of Leigh Bowery and Jessica Rabbit?...

Pandemonia is a construct. She is a symbol, a simulacrum of culture. She is a persona playing with the Warholesque sense of celebrity. The form here takes center stage to the complete disregard of the content. .....

The world is no longer a dull place now that she mingles with the cosmopolitan crowd of fashionistas and art dealers. She’s a tall, slim and shiny mirror for the shallow aspirations of the masses. An experiment gone right."

For more go to lilaesthete's Blog Pandemonia

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Illustrations by secondary school student

Fashion Illustrations by Turkish secondary school student Yiğit Ozcakmak.

Thank you for sending in your wonderful drawings. I'll practice the question mark pose for my next shoot.

Keep up the good work!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Italian Vanity Fair

Le fashion addicted fanno a gara per rubare la scena a designer e modelle. Questa signorina londinesse ha addirittura pensato a un total look pvc, cane incluso.


:"....but this time the winner of the fashion is who make fashion in the street,who for love and passion and not just during the fashion week make the style an art of living.This pretty "lady" decide to weare all pvc dog includeed.

Photos of Pandemonia leaving Romeo Piers London Fashion Week show

Pandemonia hails cab and exits.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday Times

Sunday Times Style Magazine: Update

Jessica Brinton

People Like Them

A whirlwind week

Fashion week and we're off. First up, the Acne show at Kensington Palace in Princess Margaret's old rooms, and a new friend (“Hello, my name's Pandemonia”), Next, to St Paul's Cathedral for McQueen's memorial. Bjork sings Billie Holiday's Gloomy Sunday (not a dry eye in the house), and Daphne Guinness trips over her shoes (plus gospel choir and Anna Wintour a lament outside). Later at Giles, Kerry Katona is front row and Abbey Clancy is on the cat walk. Tea at Harvey Nichols with the designer Emilio de la Morena and Julia Restoin0Rotfeld (“A simple trench wiz'igh shoes, zat eez sexy”). More parties in shops. Naomi Campbell at Dolce & Gabbana, then Kate Moss at Longchamp: it's sweaty, rather packed. Janice Dickinson (craggy, wild and dangerous) tries to leave with a handbag. Gets apprehended by a male shop assistant (“ You're in big trouble young man”). Much Later, in a Soho dive among the living probably-should-be-dead, the 30th anniversary of Gaz's Rocking Blues. Yawning, we bump into Clash's Mick Jones. “you look tired, love.” Yes! Stay too long anyway. Go home. Happy.

The Sunday Times

Monday, 27 September 2010

Mark Belan Illustration

Aspiring Canadian artist Mark Belan says..Pandemonia
“I drew this for Londons post-modernist artist Pandemonia. I think she's fantastic, and a nice breath of fresh air on the fashion/art scene. Check out her blog for all her fun outings! “

Mark, Canada is a long way away how did you come across me?....

“to be honest, I don't remember. most likely reading an art blog and I was enchanted. I absolutely adore what you do, I think it's fantastic.”

Thank you Mark for your work and good luck with the freelancing.

For more of marks work you can got to Mark Belan

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Loud Flash: The Art of Punk on Paper

Pandemonia Loud Flash
Dressed all in black with inflatable yellow hair, Pandemonia attended the Haunch of Venison's Loud Flash private view.

Curated buy artist Toby Mott the show exhibits British Punk posters, fanzines and flyers from the 1970's. The Punk graphics capture and still retain the energy and excitement of the moment.

The show includes graphics by radical feminist Linder Sterling, well known for the Buzzcocks singles cover Orgasm Addict. Her photo montages combine naked women from pornographic magazines being fused with domestic appliances. Televisions replace heads and remote controls, genitalia. Her work talks about identity stereotypes and the treatment of the female Body as commodity.

Guests included Adam Ant, designer Wayne Hemingway and artist Duggie Fields's.

Haunch of Venison

Photos by Dafydd Jones

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Week September 2010

A week in Pictures, Pandemonia gadding around town.

London Fashion week Arriving at London Fashion Week 2010 for Charlie Le Mindu .

Kensington Palace Pandemonia greets the press out side Kensington Palace .

Pam Hogg Pandemonia Hanging out with Pam Hogg on the Yacht

anna delo russo

Catching up with Anna Delo Russo in Hyde Park after the ACNE show.

ACNE studio Showing off her new hair at the ACNE fashion show she poses with Duncan Cambell.

International Fashion Calendar Networking with European editor of International Fashion Calendar , Shelley Pick

Pandemonia Pandemonia hails a cab and exits London Fashion Week for this year.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Romeo Pires

Romeo Pires

Dressed in Red with faithful companion Scottie dog Pandemonia discusses the Romeo Pires collection.

Romeo Pires

Pandemonia with Shelley Pick, European editor of International Fashion Calendar.


Pandemonia hails a cab and exits London Fashion Week for this year.