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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Launch Cellar 164

Pandemonia and Snowy took a glide down red carpet yet again- This time, for the launch party of Baku Cellar Bar, London's Premier Azerbaijan Restaurant, 164 Sloane Street.

Mid-descent, Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by the bar’s handsome waiters who were topping up Patsey, from Abfab’s, Boligner champagne! A personal fave, we’re told.

With not even a sip of bubbly down P’s lips- and none yet for Snowy either- they were approached by the face of Max factor and Marks and Spencer's Autograph range, turned blogger, Natasha Gilbert. She promptly marched the pair to the ladies bathroom to conduct a must-do impromptu interview, that came to a hault mid way when they realized a girl had managed to lock her self in, ever the reporter Natasha was able to capture this on video and even save the damsel in distress!

Returning to the party, where at the bar was Fashion designer Kristian Aadnevik, Pandemonia recalled the earlier conversation Kristian was spotted to be having with fellow fashion designers Julian MacDonald and Melissa Odabas, all about 2013, and who was or wasn't going to do cruise lines.

After catching the eye of yet another striking barman, Pandemonia and Snowy caught a glimpse of Leyla Aliyeva, the evening’s host and art lover, making an entrance and rocking up in, what Snowy recognised, a Jean Claude Jitrois burgundy, leather dress. P&S took this as their oppertune moment to thank the host, who is also the editor in Chief of Baku Magazine, for the superb front cover shot and were in turn congratulated for their previous issue.

The evening was going swimmingly... that was up until; Pandemonia and Snowy tried to engage Adam Waymouth, of Adam Waymouth Art, in a spec of conversation! However a little less conversation, a little more action seemed to be on Adam’s black, furry dog Jago’s mind when he took a leap at Snowy with his mouth wide open, a vision that had Snowy speculating poor Jago hadn't had his dinner before coming out.

Shifting on to a safe distance, Pandemonia and Snowy met former UK Vogue features editor, Harriette Quick. Harriette, told Pandemonia and Snowy, 'I'm now the Editorial Director of Luxup'. For those few, less in the know- Luxup is an online, invitation-only club for luxury travellers that like shopping. So, if you can't afford to fly to the Bahamas, you can buy your summer ensemble from them, smother yourself in fake tan and pretend you’re rich.

From one person that's selling the dream, to the man that's living it, Farhoud Moaddel. Farhoud, was sporting a real tan,that accompanied his store-bought designer clobber He was extremely curious to find out just what and who Pandemonia is. After chatting with P&S he found himself more the wiser but made sure to take note of last issues Baku Magazine to get up to speed on the art scene.

Art expert, Frederique Beccari and her pal Isabelle Moreau wife of Phillipe, the General Manager of Baku bar restaurant, were next on Pandemonia’s list of gobsmacked celebrities! Beccari has spent the last 18 years working and selling fine art in New York City.

Pandemonia and Snowy gathered up their belongs to leave, but before they were able to do so they were invited for yet another pap-pertunity when another Leyla in a turquoise dress, bustled over pleading to be quickly photographed with P&S! Of course, they obliged. Then thanked the host Ms Aliyeva once again and then raced out the door into the night.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney Sub Editor Gayatri Sahay

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bruce French - 'Still Life'

Pandemonia could sense that Snowy was getting restless and wanting to get out, so P being ever the lovely owner, whisked him up and off they went to the Scream Gallery 27-28 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8DH, for artist Bruce French’s private viewing of his collection entitled,"Still Life".

Still Life, Scream Gallery 26th Oct to 24th Nov 2012
Bruces new body of work depicts figurative forms reminiscent of Gary Hume’s minimalist works from the 1990s. Collaborating with the Royal Ballet and Ballet Basel, Bruce has reduced the human form through drawing and computer software to craft his currant compositions.


On arrival- nothing was still, Bruce French was like a cat on a hot tin roof, trying to greet the hordes of guests.

Bruce paused to say howdy do to Pandemonia and Snowy, before they got separated by swarm of people who were enamored by the work and equally enchanted by the free bar!

Pandemonia and Snowy got swept along in the crowds and found themselves in the company of Percy Parker, one of the design duo behind PPQ clothing brand. Percy was the perfect gentleman and thanked Pandemonia and Snowy for attending their show. Then Percy turned his attentions to comely Swedish model larisa klitsinari.

Taking in a drink at the bar, Pandemonia and Snowy clocked the painting "Failure of Simultaneity" opposite, and on close inspection, P discovered Bruce had chosen similar colour ways to P's Spring Summer 2013 wardrobe.

Taking in the same painting was Storm Models’ Silje Vallevik. Though the beautiful Silje, eventually divulged to Pandemonia and Snowy, "I'm an artist myself'. And proceeded to flash images on her phone, some were self portraits of her when she's not modelling Dior in photo shoots for magazines.

Turning around, Pandemonia and Snowy met two gorgeous wenches- Marcelea Hudakova and Jennifer Hall. Marcelea, P&S found out, is yet another arty gal. She confessed, “I'm an illustrator, I did my BA at London College of Fashion”. She then proceeded to slip them her card.

Blondes, P&S noted, were in abundance tonight, what with Anne Cowie and her camera shy chum Rachel James standing next to them. Anna, who is the creative director for The Pixel Pusher, said 'I'm always on the look out for new imaginative visuals” to Pandemonia and Snowy, 'and you two are incredible' she added.

Conversation over, Pandemonia and Snowy's next chat was with Antonio Vinciguerra, ex model agency manager turned rock star advisor. Antonio was taken aback by P&S and admitted, 'I really think your incredible'.

As did 90's music industry heart throb Migi Drummond, the drummer from 'Curiosity Killed The Cat'. Migi, was using his prepossessing charms on Snowy to find out whether P&S were going to the after party at London’s hotspot Chinawhite. Pandemonia declared it was way past Snowy's bedtime so they'd give it a miss.

Back at the bar, Pandemonia and Snowy struck up a conversation with the adorable Delila Black. Delila let be known, 'I'm singer, releasing new music in time for Christmas, with a mini tour to back up, and I'd love you both to come to one of my gigs”. Snowy, nodded with delight.

Scanning the room Pandemonia and Snowy knew there had to be photographers. And, there they were- Laurence Edney (Laroache Brothers) and Daniel O'meara, to name but few. Both these ex male models turned photographers, took a shine to P and S.

They weren't alone Mark Hiley, TV Chairman and producer, gave Pandemonia and Snowy an eloquent jester of approval. Then Mark disclosed, 'I'm getting to grips with being thrown in the deep end of London’s social world again, having returned from overseeing filming in remote obscure regions of third world countries in past few months'. Obviously, in those parts, vivacious models were in short supply concluded Pandemonia and Snowy.

Pandemonia and Snowy curled up in back of cab on their way home and wondered where meeting all these creative people will lead to?

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney, Sub Editor Gaytri Sahay

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Steve Lazarides - Bedlam

The rain didn't dampen Pandemonia and Snowy’s endearing sense of ardour, rather they made sure they looked every bit the part for Steve Lazarides and Snow queen’s VIP view and dinner being held at the "Bedlam" exhibition, a showcase of 17 artists, in The Old Vic Tunnels, Station Approach Road, Waterloo.

Snowy stuck his nose through the black out curtains and felt apprehensive about entering. This fear died, when the lovely receptionist called her colleague to light the way with a torch. The location, P&S felt was; a perfect setting for artists to express their vision of Bedlam,as well as one that would be equally befitting as a Marquis de Sade playground.

After a wander, Pandemonia and Snowy found themselves in the VIP bar with Sophie Pasetti and Dee Vasali from Eleven11PR.

Dee got to work and thrusted a ‘Snowqueen Vodka cocktail’ in P's hand, while Sophia helped to maneuver Pandemonia and Snowy through the crowd so that they could sit next to, stylist to the stars, Sacha Lilic.

Sacha said, 'they are charming girls really, they've tipped me off about where we are dinning later - and it’s going to be fabulous darling'.

Pandemonia & Snowy went for a walkabout to the bar and, while doing so, they met Steve Lazarides, owner of Lazarides Gallery. When asked about his choice of venue, Steve explained, 'I'd joined forces with The Old Vic Tunnels this 3d and final time, because here our artists can show their larger pieces to full effect”.

Steve then proceeded to introduce exhibiting artist Antony Micallef, who led P&S towards one of his pieces, entitled “Blood on Head”. Pandemonia and Snowy looked on at the oil on linen painting whilst being enamoured by the artist’s remarks about their own look, “You look amazing!” Micallef, exclaimed!

Then, Pandemonia and Snowy joined the VIP conducted tour of the show with Steve in which he gave detailed explanations of the works and called up artist Tina Tsang, to talk people through her work. Tina took a brief second to say she was so glad to have met P&S, having seen the pair at London Fashion Week.

Another exhibiting artist Tobias Klien, told Pandemonia and Snowy his 'Ecstacy of St. Teresa' - which is made out of heavy duty fabric, laser cut aluminium sulphate and metal frame took him 6 days to grow!The result Snowy concluded was a pleasing medusa light form.

Moving on, Pandemonia and Snow met Atma, this Bordeaux lad showed P&S his two peices on display and explained why the “Bedlam Beat” made out of mobile phones and a mechanical pumping mechanism, that wouldn't look out of place in a Doctor Who sketch! Atma, remember it was Snowy gave you the idea first. Think about it?

Tour over, and P&S were ushered into a sectioned off area that could’ve resembled a Snow Queen’s palace dining room. Furnished, with its floor covered in white fabric to match the white table, chairs, table cloth and candles. On hand to greet Pandemonia and Snowy, was Gulnida Toichieva, President and owner of Snow Queen Vodka.

Seated, Pandemonia and Snowy feasted on a delicious array of Japanese cuisine with Tony Lewis, editor of Spashion and photographer/artist Jonathan Glynn-Smith, photographer on "Hi Suchi Events" - who, between mouthfuls proposed to do a shoot with P&S, saying 'they’re cool'.

Pandemonia and Snowy shifted to take a closer look at artist Conor Harrington’s 2 exhibits of oil spray paint and gold leaf on canvas, Fight Club and Who's World is This. And who better to sidled up & chat about them, than Ralph Taylor a director from Lazarides Gallery's. After explaining all, Ralph gave P&S his card and invited them to the gallery. Snowy thought that could be interesting.

Finally Pandmonia and Snowy grabbed their goodie bag and were about to leave when Tim Hulse, editor of British Airways Business Life, and his pal Kimberley Dewhirst intervened. Kimberley blurted out, “I'm a big fan and I'd love to have my picture with you.” Pandemonia and Snowy obliged and blew them all a kiss, before vanishing off into the night.

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney, Sub Editor Gaytri Sahay

Friday, 12 October 2012

Jimmy Choo's dinner for Rob Pruitt

Pandemonia and Snowy felt obliged to put their best foot forward when showing up at the Jimmy Choo & W Magazine private dinner, held in honour of American artist Rob Pruitt.

The party was being held at P's and Snowy's favourite stomping ground, Belgrave Square. At number 35, the interior resembled a 60's pop art installation, with its black-and-white sunray stripes and strip neon lights.

Pandemonia and Snowy exchanged a few well-chosen pleasantries with Pierre Denis, the former John Galliano SA general manager, who's taken on the mantel of CEO of Jimmy Choo. Pierre played the guarded man and a sober professional.

Over Pierre's shoulder was the forever-youthful Nick Rhodes, who showed the lads how he keeps his dashing looks—by simply finding himself a delicious piece of arm candy in the shape of Nefer Suvio. And hey presto, Dorian Gray, eat your heart out!

 Michael Stipe, American singer, lyricist, and visual artist, was proving to be a model citizen. When chatting with Pandemonia and Snowy, all three of us watched Billy Childish, the Chatham artist rebel. Billy, too, was on best behaviour, which is pretty strange for a guy who carved out a name for himself as an anarchist in art and music world.

Next in line were singer and songwriter Gavin Brown , New York model Mickalene Thomas, and Racquel Chevremont. Snowy gave them a nod and got a returned smile.

 And at the dinner, Pandemonia sat next to Caroline Issa, executive fashion director of quarterly Tank magazine. Caroline was another one minding her p's and q's with her magazine founder within ear shot.

Then, English actress Natalie Dormer took her seat, causing a bit of a stir amongst the guests. Snowy, who'd been driven wild with lust by her portrayal of Anne Boleyn in the Tudors, managed to raise some eyebrows as well. However, tonight Pandemonia noticed that Natalie acted more like the Virgin Queen.

Pandemonia led a parental example by scooping Snowy for early night, thus paving the way for other guests to show respect and not allow the night to drag on. And give the gallery founder David Maupin and his other half, W's editor in chief Stefano Tonchi—who's also cohosting the night—a respectable time so that they could both get back to their hotels like good parents should.
Copy Stephen Mahoney

Pandemonia at Nico Didonna's Italian Cultural Institute show

Knowing Pandemonia had made him collars to match her new outfits, Snowy awoke very excited about London Fashion Week.

For her first big event at the Italian Cultural Institute, for Modaitalianalondon, the gorgeous fashionista chose to wear a brand new turquoise wrap dress with contrasting sleeves, all carefully contrived and weaved together with a very aesthetically pleasing belt and fabulous blonde hair do with yellow highlights.

I ask you, could she look any more fabulous?  I actually believe Mr. Whippy may approach her for some advertising work in the very near future... 

On their very stylish arrival, greeted by a volley of photographers and fans, Pandemonia and Snowy met with Carlo Presenti, the Director of the Institute. Carlo says he:

"created and organised Modaitalianalondon, to bring together innovative Italian fashion and food."

After a brief chat with Pandemonia and a little pet of Snowy, Carlo invited the two fashionistas to attend the fashion show on the first floor of the institute, launched by none other than Nico Didonna.

Virtually salivating with anticpation, Pandemonia and Snowy scaled the stairs to find themselves seated in a very impressive vantage point, enabling them to see Nico's collection sail by.  All of it was paraded on a multitude of gorgeous female models; complimented significanlty by a couple of strapping Nico's menswear models.

It's worth a brief note here to comment on the remarkable performances from M&P models and First model management, without whom the show wouldn't have been such a success.  The same can be said for Christoper Ciccone, who accessorised the show with a stunning rubber footwear range and Bronzallure rose gold plated jewellery & watches.  Pandemonia and Snowy managed to have a chat with Christopher Ciccone at the end of the show, who confessed that

"Nico's show is the Ciccone brand's first global runway show"

Pandemonia and Snowy were of course treated to a chat with the man behind it all, Mr. Nicco Didonna.  He had this to say:
"I loved my show in this exquisite setting, and later I'm hosting a party with Christopher at my flagship store, with LA band "Early Morning Rebel" playing a live set, and then on Sunday I'm flying off to New York, for the Coterie trade fare"
Such a busy high flying fashion guru!
How can we keep up!
More to come on Pandemonia's visit to the Italian Cultural Institute next week
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nick Ede. Style for Stroke

Pandemonia and Snowy opted for a brighter look for the launch party of Style for Stroke by Nick Ede and Little Mistress.The gig was held at number 5 Cavendish Square night club, W1.

Once over the doorstep, Nick Ede greeted Pandemonia and Snowy with a glass of bubbly, and then took off to do likewise the rest of his guests.

Leaving Pandemonia & Snowy, in centre stage, where they spotted, the gorgeous, Amal Fashanu weaving her way through the crowd. Amal caught up with P&S and said she too was here to support the charity.

As were Scott Young and his adorable squeeze- Noelle Reno. Pandemonia and Snowy discovered Noelle’s charms are equal to her good looks.

Zoe Griffin, with singer/songwriter Leo Ihenacho aka Leo the Lion, former Streets member announced that his days were numbered in the Uk, “I’m off to live in LA.” Snowy will be sure to miss Leo’s convivial company.

Joining Pandemonia and Snowy next, was David Walker Smith , Buying Director of Selfridges. David was so taken away by Snowy that he clasped him, tight, so tightly in fact that Snowy thought he was about to pop!

From one successful male to another, the debonair Benjamin Duncan. Ben was his effervescent self and invited Pandemonia & Snowy to party the following week. This was for his chum, Juan Jose Acevedo’s menswear fashion designer brand Eastclub launch. At Juan’s penthouse suite in east London.

From one fashion lovey, to the bag lady- Tabitha Somerset Webb. Tabitha's feet have not touched the ground, since teaming up with Dannii Minogue. Together they have created 'Project D' clothing line for gals and that sells. Though unlike her partner Dannii, Tabitha watched her step when leaving.

Fashion was in the air, as far as Mark Ashton founder and director of Little Mistress. He told Pandemonia and Snowy, "my design team are fervent P&S fans and can they be pictured next'. P&S obliged and Marks staff beamed with delight, when the saw Mark step up for his pix.

Finally after the speeches, Pandemonia and Snowy got to chat with all round performer Sinitta who won Snowy’s heart when Siniita revealed she'd come with her mum Miquel Brown. This statement triggered off Pandemonia's parental instincts, and P scooped up Snowy, to take him home and tuck him up in bed, before the witching hour.

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney, Sub Editor Gaytri Sahay