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Saturday, 15 March 2014

La rubia de plástico

La Vanguardia

Sábado, 15 marzo 2014

La rubia de plásticoa by Margurita Puig

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pandemonia flys to Madrid for Alaska Y Coronas

Pandemonia and Snowy grabbed their suitcases & made haste to Heathrow Airport to catch their flight to Madrid, Yes, Madrid, where the P&S were invited to appear as a star guests on the Alaska Y Coronas Television show show..

The sun was shining brightly that day, so after unpacking at their hotel, Pandemonia plumbed for day time ensemble, a bronze and pink dress, with red accessories and Melissa shoes..

Dressed, Pandemonia and Snowy proceed on a whistle-stop, sight seeing tour of the Spanish capital..

Their first stop, was the Museum Thyssen Bornemisza. Where, Pandemonia and Snowy's  had a rendezvous with their new best friend, Gema, the museum's press officer.

While waiting for Gema to appear, Pandemonia and Snowy were mobbed at the information desk by Spanish ladies. These charming women wanted to pose and have their picture taken with P&S. While they snapped each other, they all kept saying "muy hermosa" the English translation is (very beautiful).

As soon as the mujeres stopped a bunch of Spanish teenagers jumped in on the act. And they chorused "que guapa" the pretty one..

Gema arrived and whisked Pandemonia & Snowy away, to the upstairs gallery space to see the El Greco masterpieces masterpieces. It's there that P&S were got so absorbed by El Greco, technical showpieces currently on loan, that P&S failed to notice time was slipping by..

So they snapped out of it, and headed off to the Prado Museum. Firstly to take in the Velazquez monument.

While marvelling at Velazquez landmark, Pandemonia and Snowy were set upon by fellow artist Neil Clarke. Neil said to Pandemonia "I love your whole look, you are fabulous"  and then gently clutched Snowy & threw himself at Pandemonia feet.

Pandemonia retrieved Snowy and made their way to the Pardo exhibition entrance, only to discover, P was having a blond moment, and had forgotten to take a the ticket at the entrance.

P&S eyes were then drawn by the magnificent San Jeronimo El Real Church.  The church is nestled, a few meters away  from the PM entrance & so they decided to view that edifice instead. 

That done, Pandemonia and Snowy nipped across town, to visit Real Madrid football grounds. Sadly for Snowy, his favourite soccer player Christiano Ronaldo was nowhere to be seen. As if to compensate for CR absence, the Real Madrid fans flocked around to say hola.

Pandemonia and Snowy bundled back into the taxi, for their next port of call, Plaza de Toros de las Ventas. This is one of the most famous Bullrings in Spain, not that Pandemonia & Snowy wanted to see a bull fight. They'd heard so much about the buildings grandeur, they just wanted to see the structure for themselves. And they weren't disappointed.

Turning to leave, Pandemonia and Snowy bumped into another Madrid ally, Marta Nebot Oliete. Marta is a key production gal at T2, who confessed "all the team are looking forward to meeting you both tonight"  Then she zoomed off back to the studio, in her car.

No self respecting person could go to Madrid without visiting the Palacio Real de Madrid. So Pandemonia and Snowy did their duty, only to find the Royal family not at home.

So, they headed back to the hotel for  well deserved rest and to change into something more appropriate for tonights show. 

Pandemonia and Snowy settled on a lime green and teal dress & accessories with pair of  Melissia shoes. Satisfied with their reflection in the mirror, they jumped in a cab to the TV studios.

In Pandemonia and Snowy's dressing room at the studios, Alaska the TV presenter and Interviewer dropped by for pre show chat and to get her picture with  P&S.

A few minutes later, P& S get another visit. Only this time, from Spain's top DJ's and all round party animals Pepino Marino Y Crawford.

And as soon as they left, the Spanish interpreter Ruth Vercuil Stonehouse arrived for de briefing. Upon seeing Snowy, Ruth pledged undying love for him and asked could she have a picture. Ruth's passion, struck a cord in Pandemonia's heart, knowing Snowy was in good hands. Then the production team came to collect Ruth.

Then it was Pandemonia & Snowy turn, to be led by the production team, to the studio set.

Only on route P&S were stopped in their tracks by co-host Javier Cornonas. Javier blurted out "Thank you both for coming"  

At last P&S walk on set, and were greeted, to tumultuous applause  by the live studio audience.   Over the 14 minutes interview with Alaska, Pandemonia talked about who and what P represents as an art form. As the minutes closed the end of the interview, Pandemonia introduced Snowy to Alaska & the audience responded with spontaneous applause.

Interview over, Alaska presented Pandemonia with a painting by Argentinan artist Darío Adanti.

It was now way past 11.30, and P thought it was time to put Snowy to bed, after a enthralling day & night out in Madrid. 

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney