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Monday, 27 September 2010

Mark Belan Illustration

Aspiring Canadian artist Mark Belan says..Pandemonia
“I drew this for Londons post-modernist artist Pandemonia. I think she's fantastic, and a nice breath of fresh air on the fashion/art scene. Check out her blog for all her fun outings! “

Mark, Canada is a long way away how did you come across me?....

“to be honest, I don't remember. most likely reading an art blog and I was enchanted. I absolutely adore what you do, I think it's fantastic.”

Thank you Mark for your work and good luck with the freelancing.

For more of marks work you can got to Mark Belan

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Loud Flash: The Art of Punk on Paper

Pandemonia Loud Flash
Dressed all in black with inflatable yellow hair, Pandemonia attended the Haunch of Venison's Loud Flash private view.

Curated buy artist Toby Mott the show exhibits British Punk posters, fanzines and flyers from the 1970's. The Punk graphics capture and still retain the energy and excitement of the moment.

The show includes graphics by radical feminist Linder Sterling, well known for the Buzzcocks singles cover Orgasm Addict. Her photo montages combine naked women from pornographic magazines being fused with domestic appliances. Televisions replace heads and remote controls, genitalia. Her work talks about identity stereotypes and the treatment of the female Body as commodity.

Guests included Adam Ant, designer Wayne Hemingway and artist Duggie Fields's.

Haunch of Venison

Photos by Dafydd Jones

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Fashion Week September 2010

A week in Pictures, Pandemonia gadding around town.

London Fashion week Arriving at London Fashion Week 2010 for Charlie Le Mindu .

Kensington Palace Pandemonia greets the press out side Kensington Palace .

Pam Hogg Pandemonia Hanging out with Pam Hogg on the Yacht

anna delo russo

Catching up with Anna Delo Russo in Hyde Park after the ACNE show.

ACNE studio Showing off her new hair at the ACNE fashion show she poses with Duncan Cambell.

International Fashion Calendar Networking with European editor of International Fashion Calendar , Shelley Pick

Pandemonia Pandemonia hails a cab and exits London Fashion Week for this year.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Romeo Pires

Romeo Pires

Dressed in Red with faithful companion Scottie dog Pandemonia discusses the Romeo Pires collection.

Romeo Pires

Pandemonia with Shelley Pick, European editor of International Fashion Calendar.


Pandemonia hails a cab and exits London Fashion Week for this year.


Sunday, 19 September 2010

After Party

Pam Hogg
Later Pandemonia hangs out with Pam on the Yacht.

pix by Stephen Mahoney

Pam hog To Kingdom Come

Arriving with yellow inflatable hair accompanied by Mark More.

Jamie Winston

Posing with Jamie Winston.

Jamie Winston

Ive seen that jacket before

pam hogg

Model wares one of Pams wood print catsuits.

ACNE London Fashion week

Kensington Palace Pandemonia Pandemonia greets the press out side Kensington Palace.

Duncan Cambell Showing off her new hair at the ACNE fashion show she poses with Duncan Cambell.

Hillary Alexander Pandemonia meets Hillary Alexander.

Drinks with best selling author of “Classy” Derek Blasberg.

Set in the rooms of Princess Margaret. We were ushered into a series of ethereal rooms. Gold Cubes to sit on, white carpets and charcoal gray runway had been freshly fitted. The ambient lighting was soft and shadowless.

Separated form shadow the models floated along the runway on platform japanese styled wedged shoes. The clothes were about layering and contrasting fabrics. Light weight natural fibres gave way to reveal the occasional flash of a synthetic skirt. The mute colour plate of beige, silver, black and navy was contrasted with vermilion. The uncompromisingly modern designs cut were all with beguiling simplicity.

Anna delo Russo Pandemonia

Afterwards Anna Delo Russo and Pandemonia chatted in Hyde Park.
Acne show images

Charlie Le Mindu

Pandemonia attended the Charlie Le Mindu show. Still in last years yellow hair style she was in a metallic green dress accompanied by inflatable dog.

Amber Rose

Pandemonia with Amber Rose.

Inspired by Hollywood glamour noire, naked models confidently walked down the catwalk, bearing car head lamps, bottles, hats,pink flamingoes and the most sumptuous hair.

Big thumbs up from Pandemonia.

Supersweet revue and photos



Who is that girl?

Halfway between a doll and a cartoon: who's that journalist in the front row at all the London Fashion shows?

Seated in the front row of all the main shows at London Fashion week, dressed in latex and wearing a doll mask over her face, a showy mane of blond hair and sometimes in the company of a white stuffed dog: everyone's wondering who this journalist really is.

She calls herself Pandemonia and defines herself as a post-modern artist and fashion blogger, with lots of followers on the internet, as well as journalist for the Daily Mail and The Independent. She attends all of the coolest fashion events - openings, runway shows - and recounts her impressions in short posts. Her tribute to fashion?

Re-interpreting designers' suggestions with her eccentric outfits, put together as if she were dressing a modern-day doll: wrapped in an electric blue dress covered with the British flag, or else a long, champagne-colored dress when the occasion calls for a more chic look. She communicates with her fans through Twitter as well -- for the moment she has "only" 150 followers, but we bet that her numbers are about to increase.

Marta Casadei

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Vaga magazie

Issue One of Vaga magazie “In Love with a Teenager”

"Pandemonia A Messiah sent to earth by Andy Warhol" by Fernando Lahoz.

pandemonia vaga

Extracts from the three page article....

F: Why do you think people are so interested in you?

P: Pandemonia is tall, glamorous, slim and shiny. I am an
advert for the aspirations of modern life.

F: Who is Pandemonia?

P: Pandemonia is a construction made up out of predetermined aspirations. I’m a collection of symbols and signs, hair, bag, legs, lips pointing to ideas of beauty and success etc. I am an idea.

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VAGA Magazine is a biannual, New York based printed fashion magazine