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Monday, 28 February 2011

Ziad Ghanem

London Fashion Week AW 2011

Ziad Ghanem AW2011/2012 collection "Never End, Never End, Never End"‏

When 21th Febuary 2011

Location 60 Great Queen St, Freemason Hall, Vauxhall Fashion Scout.


Pandemonia - front row.

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Charcoal gray and metallic green dress.
Shoes – Glass mules
Acessories - Black gloves. Matching metallic green ankle and foot bracelets
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet


Boy George, Pandemonia

The Fashion

Ziad Ghanem's collection drew inspiration from the horror video game “Silent Hill”and the works of John-Henry Fuseli. Each look was a haute couture creation, shown on the most eclectic ensemble of models to walk for fashion week. Size's, ages, races and genders were all represented.

PandemoniaPhotos Christopher Dadey

The audience erupted as the first mesmerizing model, Marnie Scarlet, lifted to become a ten foot tall vision of the most beautiful nightmare. From there, they were amazed by the intricacy of each design; from the complex beading to the complicated drapery, from the femininity softness to the bold strength of each model.

Ziad Ghanem Pandemonia admires the couture.
Photo Amy Lockwood

Ziad Ghanem
Photo Christopher Dadey

As the show closed, the applause erupted and everyone left the show in awe of the spectical they had just witnessed.

See what Amelias magazine had to report.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Charlie Le Mindu

When 20th Febuary 2011

16 Mercer s, London ON/OFF


Pandemonia front row

Charlie Le Mindu

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Red Cartoon semi inflatable dress
Shoes – Black peephole stilettos
Acessories - black gloves
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

Charlie Le Mindu

The Fashion

The show opened to a scene not out of place from Brian De Palma's film Carie. A naked blood-stained model, with the gritty slogan ‘Violence’ fastened to her head walked down the runway.


Charlie Le Mindu’s AW ’11 catwalk show was macabre, furiously rebellious and a touch frightening as he explored the glamour and grit of a Berlin brothel and the repressed era of the Second World War. A colour palette of ghoulish white, complete with further blood stains, gas masks, lace veils, see-through PVC and military caps ensued.


Concluding with the dove of peace head ensemble.

charlie le mindu
The audience applauded as models trotted out to the piercing sound of pigs squealing.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Pam Hogg

Far from the madding crowd

When 20th Febuary 2011

Location 16 Mercer s, London ON/OFF


Boy George, Duggie Fields, Jaime Winstone, Elaine Winstone, Matt Smith, Paloma Faith, Pandemonia, Roisin Murphy, Siouxsie Sioux & Dr Who

pam hogg Pandemonia spotted at Pams show Photo Diane Pernet

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Cartoon black dress
Shoes – Black peephole stilettos
Acessories - Red scarf and matching gloves
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

The Gossip

Paloma FaithPhoto mrpaparazzi

Paloma's heard of Pandemonia “like all the way from Japan!... The word is out!”

The Fashion

Pam Hogg shows some 20 designs. Ranging from tailored coats, cat suits, dresses and ball gowns.

Dramatic crow hats and leather harness

Pandemoia admires the wood cut print cat suits.

Gorgeous ball gowns. This must be the best show of London Fashion week!

Go to Pam Hogg for more!

Pandemonias A day off

Taking a day out from the hectic world of London Fashion Week Pandemonia gets some fresh air in the park.

Feeds the squirrels

Including the giant topiary

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bryce Aime

When 19th Febuary 2011

Location 16 Mercer s, London ON/OFF

Bryce Aime

Pandemonia spotted front row at Bryce Aime. Other Vip guests included Philip Sallon

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Blue plastic glasses,(Gatons)
Clothes – Cartoon blue dress
Bag – Dotty.
Shoes – Blue plastic mules
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

The Fashion

Bryce Aime

Bryce Aime
Bryce Aime

Stealth Bomber inspired clothing. Blown up map prints. Angular designs, tight leggings. Polygon structures hats and gowns and block dresses.


More images

Friday, 18 February 2011

PPQ Fashion Show

London Fashion Week 2011 PPQ Fashion show, Summerset house.

PPQ Pandemonia

Pandemonia arrives at PPQ. Photo stylebrity

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses - Black plastic.
Dress - Green knee length pencil dress
Bag – Dotty.
Shoes - Plastic mules
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

The Celebs

Celebrities included Jamie Winstone, Lois Winstone, Roberts Paloma Faith, Pandemopnia, Keisha Buchanan Nicola, Jo Wood, Jodie Harsh, Melanie Blatt,Laura Whitmore, Leah Weller and Natt Weller.

Meting actress Jamie Winston, dressed in PPQ, Pandemonia shows off her pet dog Snowy and posed for the cameras again.

Ja,ie winstonealoma faith


The Show

The PPQ show comprised of short dresses with 'scissor' cuts. Big heart shaped hangers on the necklaces, ruffles on top of the over the knee boots and blocked high heeled shoes, browns and greys. Tall Pope like hats that wouldn't look pout of place in the Vatican . Kitty cat hats.

More photos. Rex Features

London Fashion Week TV

London Fashion Week AW11 Day 1 Highlights

Rare video clip of Pandemonia at PPQ show. (1:40 in)

To watch more, visit

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Follow Magazine

Pandemonia: a summary of a public obsession with the superficial.

Three page article in Brazilian publication Follow Magazine.

Follow Magazine is a Brazilian bimonthly publication, with 20,000 readers throughout the country, focusing on fashion, behaviour and music, who had on the covers top models such as Cintia Dicker, Aline Weber and now, on the third edition, a angel from Victoria's Secret, the Brazilian top Fabiana Semprebom.

Text: Caio Carvalho
Photos: Paul Persky
Original Portuguese text

Follow Magazine
Who is she? Where and who came? Where will it go?

These are questions that you will ask yourself if you encounter this tall thin plastic artefact. One of the most influential fashion icons of Europe, inspired by the contemporary world. What might look scary from the beginning, reveals an incomparable originality to make an appearance on the streets of London, where she works frequently. This post-modern de-constructionist work is called PANDEMONA.

Following changes through out the years, PANDEMONA today is in the form of a tall, blonde. Inspired by the superficiality and fame she is both humours ironic. Often appearing at the most glamorous parties. “After all, what better way to talk of celebrity than to appear in the same publications and events as they are in?”

Many comparisons were made between PANDEMONA, the philosopher Jean Baudrillard and the artist Andy Warhol. All are indicative of a consumerist society, as well as icons of modern art and pop genre. This apparently frivolous image ,PANDEMONA, is infact a multifaceted and performative piece. Her life style is often documented by the paparazzi in fashion magazines and blogs, and usually placed on the same page that large and influential fashion personalities are.



Caio Carvalho chats to Pandemonia

Pandemonia: a man or a woman?

A woman of cause Duh!

Why the plasticized form on your style and way?

Our modern culture aspires to gloss. The streets are covered in glossy cars and plastic wrap envelops almost all packaging. My rubberised glossy form says I am, shiny, fresh & new, completely sanitized. It turns me into a perfect object.

What a woman represents on that way?

We are all sold the idea of perfection. Enough is never enough. If advertising and media are to be believed the ideal woman is a size zero, six foot, leggy blond.

Not unlike motorcar advertising women are being represented as a glossy hyper real beings with streamlined curves. In a quest for perfection we must have glossy Lips, hair, eyes, shoes, bodes etc. Going totally glossy is simply the next logical step in perfection.

What are the main elements that compose you?

Pandemonia is made from a collection of signs. She is the deconstucted representation of the advertised female form.

My inflatable yellow hair for instance points to an idea of the archetypal blond. My legs, bags, dresses are political expressions. They are symbols of lifestyle and aspiration. My appearance denotes to a manufactured ideal.

How soon do you dress? (Where do you go dressed)

As a Fine Artist I present my self as a celebrity. In today's world or at least in the UK Celebrity is the currency. I see my self as a story a work in progress. News items need a narrative. In today's mass media its not enough to have a strong image you need the narrative to go with it. I go to the “invite only” events. The best way to reach people is to be the story.

Is it hard to live like a latex cartoon creation?

Yes! Its like trying to live up to the impossible. With all messages been thrown at us constantly through the media, telling us what to buy and selling us lifestyles, I think we are all trying to live up to the impossible. Keeping up my image is a big responsibility.

What did you visit when you came to Brazil?

I exhibited some of my art in Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre. Spent almost every thing I had exploring your massive country. The People, music, Nature, Architecture and Cities - this was what she liked. I'd love to return one day

Are you afraid of aging? Will retire someday?

Pandemonia never gets old. She will never have lines or wrinkles. Image means everything. An artist never retires, my work will continue to evolve.

What can not miss in your purse?

Gas. (It has to keep inflated)

What is the biggest difficulty in your life?

Going through small doors.

What do you think people talk about you?

I have had several compliments on my facebook page.

What do you wearing right now, in this moment?

Im wearing one of my wonderful balloon dresses with Snowie, my dog, sitting beside me.

What are your favorite brands?

Rubber bands.

A book.

Im currently reading “America” by Jean Baudrillard.

A movie.

I just saw Banksys film “Exit through the gift shop”

A personality.

“Paris Hilton?” Just a flick of her hair creates a tornado on the other side of the world. (Joke aside) The scientist Edward Lorenz described this phenomena as the Butterfly effect.

A feeling.

Taking my shoes of after a long night out.

A mania.

Red carpets and Paparazzi.

A desire.

To sleep

I feel fat

I just don't get fat.

If I have a superpower...

Teleportation. It would make my travelling arrangements so much easier.


Much prefer gummibears


Yes please.

Lady GaGa.

Her crew asked me If I would design something for her. I said I'd get back and didn't. Oops

Be Yourself.

Always. Although its fun being someone else.


Love them. Especially the inflatable variety.

Follow Who?" (three people).

The white rabbit. “Alice in wonderland”
The yellow brick road
Penelope Pitstop

You can see more of Follow visiting:

Twitter: @revista_follow