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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rinaldo Bigi "The Sunlight of My Heritage"

After the London 6 o'clock news, Pandemonia listen to the capital's weather forecast, the announcement was, a dry, cool, crisp evening ahead. So P delved into her extensive wardrobe for a appropriate red dress, checked her seams in the mirror, roused Snowy from the comfy sofa, and then they head out, to artist Rinaldo Bigi "The Sunlight of My Heritage" exhibition, at Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square SW1X

Rinaldo Bigi

At the entrance P collided with 40 years in the bis and International artist, Mr R Bigi, who confessed to sneaking outside for quick ciggie break. Bigi gave Pandemonia the low down on tonight's show, this is his latest colourful surreal works, spread over 2 floors, and are a mixture of his paintings & sculptures.  P strode into the first level, only to discover the space was impregnable with heaving fans. So, P was delighted, when one of the most well connected women in Italian Art, Ms Rossana Pittelli, guided her to the upstairs level, where she took refuge at the set up bar.

Simone Muzi

Fortified with her glass of prosecco, P clinked glasses with Simone Muzi the fine jewellery designer of brand "Philosophy of Love" and his chic wife Karen Johnson, the Manager of Fratelli Rossetti, Sloane Street, UK flagship store.  All three, swiftly lapsed into yattering on about 2 of P fav subjects, fine gems and shoes. Karen got P in a spin, when she started talking shop, about the merits of quality towering high heels.  A subject dear to P heart.

Fortunato Celi Zullo

While P, pondered her next high heel purchase, her trail of introspection was shattered by Fortunato Celi Zullo, Director of Italian Trade Commission who revealed he was enchanted to meet P, and as was P, him, knowing as Pandemonia did ITC organisation has been instrumental in sponsoring creative talent ventures.  So could this be a chance for P, to get bank rolled for P future exhibition.

Before P could get another word in edgeways with Mr Zullo, artist Carola Syz eased her way in and said, "I wished I'd met Pandemonia before this evening, I would have invited you to all of my previous 4 shows I've had". 

Cristina Polizzi

P smiled, and then was distracted from Carola, by the irresistible Cristina Polizzi & the adorable Petra Verschuere. This team, stepped up to congratulate P on her composure, having seen P in the firing line of guests for the past hour, and they had earwigged people asking P to attend everything, from a comic magazine show? to art Gallery owner Jane England of England and Co, finale night show, on 1 November.  Jane was like a dog with a bone and went on to promise the evening will be quite a bash, before she lets her new tenant, LA fashion designer Jimmy Perse, son of fashion icon Tommy, take the space over and transform it into his UK flagship retail store.    

Maria Giovanna Brauzzi

Pandemonia, reassured the girls it was all in days work, before being side tracked by 2 hot Italian babes, Maria Giovanna Brauzzi and Sveva Milano. Both these hotties were sporting turquoise necklaces and cheeky grins, working their mock twin look, one that was equally misleading for all hot blooded male guests. Some of the lads, lost their ador, when they spied the gals slopping off, after giving P a friendly goodnight hug.  

Carlo Presenti
While continuing to amble around, P was joined Carlo Presenti, Director of the London Italian Cultural Institute, and his chums Marzia Carissimo Gibbs and her female contingent, for closer view, at the amazing canvas "ll Mistero Della Luna Con Un Tuffo Pieno D'amore". That done, they all surveyed the lay of the land and went their separate ways
Olfat Esfandiari

Pandemonia, to connect with two art lovers and philanthropic angels, Olfat Esfandiari and her husband Richard. Olfat confessed, she's going to take a year sabbatical. Though P couldn't believe the twinkled eyed Olfat, could sit still for a minute, never mind 12 months.  Then, the none verbal communication stepped in, with Ms O running her hands over P outfit and P clocking OE luxurious fur jacket, the one that O refused to check in, and who could blame her, it was a female lottery winners dream come true. 

P attention was drawn to Snowy, who was behaving impeccably, and S had, had, the time of his life with genteel crowd, all of whom treat him like their long lost puppy. 

Then P observed Snowy do a double take, upon spotting Mr R Bigi blond bomb shell marble sculpture "La Lulu si Fatta Bionda" after close inspection of this magnificent objet d'art.  P reflected, she must get her hairdresser to give her the Scarlett Johansson side blond curl look, this spring/summer 2012, as opposed to the previous one side sleek orange one, P sported last summer.

Lady Henrietta Rous  

On the way out, Pandemonia exchanged a few pleasantries with Lady Henrietta Rous, while Henrietta gave Snowy a departing fondle, before P waved goodbye to the dashing Riccardo Bigi, director of  Imago Art Gallery, 4 Clifford St in Mayfair and agreed to attend his artist next show, while commandeering a cab to ferry the dynamic duo to their casa, in time to catch a late night American TV soap fix, before bedtime.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney   

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Social whirl

Independent Magazine 8th October 2011

Social Whirl Dafydd Jones

Deja vu

Isn't she perfect? There isn't a hint of age on Jerry Hall's face. That Blonde swoosh of hair swept around her smooth features is just impeccably glossy, aren't her flame-red lips amazingly drawn? And doesn't look a day over – hang on. Is that a plastic dog on her knee? On closer inspection.....

Security! Imposter! And sitting so Brazenly beside the real deal, too, calmly sipping champagne (while wearing rubber). That takes nerve. Jerry needs to get a copyright on her look, pronto. Oh, and get herself a fake Scottie.

Pandemonia and Jerry Hall at the Macmillan De'Longhi Art Auction, Bonhams, in London.

Words by Jocasta Jones

Saturday, 8 October 2011

ES Magazine

FLASHBULB 07.10.2011 ES Magazine

Plastic fantastic Artists Pandemonia and Gavin Turk.

Ollie Locke, Cheska Hull, Jerry Hall, Amber Atherton


Lots of Fun

Wahat Macmillian De'Londhi Art Auction
Who Henry Conway, Nick Hornby and Amy Molyneaux
Food Wraps of Duck with spinach and mango, sultana bread croute with dolcelatte, fresh fig and balsamic caramel
Drink Piper-Hendsieck champagne and De'Longhi espresso martinis