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Monday, 25 March 2013

London Fashion Week A/W 2013 Day 2

Day 2

  Snowy sat patiently in his comfy basket, while Pandemonia slipped on this season’s new petrol blue dress.

Kady Z sporting red sunglasses by Finest SEVEN

Then P teamed the dress with red belt, scarf, gloves, Melissa Westward shoes and off they set to meet Kady Z at the  "One's To Watch" at Fashion Scout.

This show consisted of 3 completely different design offers.

First up was the Yeashin Kim tale…. young girls hiking through the woods in oversized footwear. To Patrick Li, ran out, short and long elegant dresses, all cut on the bias with asymmetric hem lines.  And Yuila Kondranina, dresses were in solid jet-black, monochrome or rainbow colours.

These tasselled like dresses, made up of long threads, created a femme fatale spiders web garment. One that any unsuspected male would enjoy being entangled with, if the femme resembled the runway models.

  Since the shows were back to back, Pandemonia and Snowy sought refuge in VS media centre. Awarding both Pandemonia and Snowy the chance to put their feet up before Dans Le Vie, the next show. Rested and refreshed, it was back to the main hall for the Dans La Vie collection designed by Rira Sugawara.

Pre show, a delightful girl approached and asked to be photographed with Pandemonia & Snowy. This accomplished, P&S settled down to see this season stamp.

Models marched out, in skin-tight balaclavas, solid block panelled garments with print inserts. The silhouette tailored to create a severe look, softened only by a peplum and a feminine line skirt.

  Back at the FS Media centre for refreshment and then again to the hall for the Carlotta Actis Barone show. Carlotta departed from previous colourful upbeat range.

This season's garments were in either solid black or white, or monochrome combination and plunging necklines, and all in ones with wavy panel button through front and knickerbockers bottoms. In addition black dresses with transparent chiffon inserts that sent Snowy dizzy. OoooLaaLaaaah!

Ms Actis’ best items it was felt were her ivory cape, although the finale dress she wore herself-both won the crowds applause.

  In the Lobby after the show, Pandemonia and Snowy meet an adorable junior fan whose mother stepped up and asked, "can my daughter have pictured with you two". P&S sprang into action, did the pap shot and took their leave, home at last. Calling it a day, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a late one.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney

Thursday, 14 March 2013

London Fashion week Day 1 AW 2013

The next outing for Pandemonia and Snowy was Day 1 of London Fashion Week for the KTZ show at the Courtyard Space tent in Somerset House.
Striding towards the entrance of the space, P&S got held up by the media.

Pandemonia and Snowy posed for the bunch of reporters who gathered around them to take pix, then made their way to the show.

Inside the tent, Pandemonia and Snowy landed a seat next to Roses Gabor, who P&S ran into last season on the last day of the shows. Roses confided, "Since then, I’ve released a single called "Stars” and I wore KTZ in that video" She also added that there was plenty of graphic - printed tarot card imagery for next video.

The KTZ show followed every fashion house, with the "on - trend monochrome palette" - although Snowy preferred the vivid green - and - yellow combos peeking through, thinking these would brighten up all those dull winter days and nights.

Likewise the girl band Stooshe were rocking up a great look that mirrored the show. ,

Another rock band looking for fashion ideas were James and Holly from Mitsotu band. They liked the show too and were equally exited to meet P&S.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Silje Vallevik Private view

This month, Snowy was rushed off his paws, keeping up with Pandemonia's heavy social schedule. Their first gig was a return to the Library at The Arch Hotel London, for artist Silje Vallevik’s private view. 

Entering the library, Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by Danielle Neary, MD -of Jester Ltd. Danielle displayed her masterful skill - that of a boutique drinks brand distributor by thrusting into Pandemonia's hand, a delicious cocktail base: - Sacred Gin. Snowy turned his attention to make-up artist Debbie Korrie , who was downing a Kamm & Sons cocktail. Pandemonia clutched the tipple, and proceeded to scan the 9 varying canvases of Silje's imaginative work.

... that of sun kissed nude beauties basking in the noon day sun to other gals emerging from ocean at midnight.

Snowy spotted Tessa, the most adorable and discreet Bond Street shopper, clutching her Bottega Veneta bag. On encountering P&S,  Tess said: "I'm almost tempted to part with my bag for Snowy" knowing he was house trained. Snowy felt safe at knowing that - leather was not Pandemonia's bag.

Diet Coke 30 Anniversary

Pandemonia and Snowy left the seductive, imagery, world of art and bundled into a cab to Sketch, where they were going - to meet style icon Patricia Field, who's artistry has been recorded on TV, in movies and every day in her store.

Patricia was at Sketch to celebrate her design's involvement with Diet Coke and celebrate it's 30th anniversary. Ms Field showed Snowy & Pandemonia, her DC "Sexy and The City" bottles all of which P&S found truly inspirational.

Pandemonia and Snowy had a quick gander about the rest of the displays and then left with Pat and her chum product designer Michael Anastassiades and his party pals.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney