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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Zoe Griffin Summer Party

Pandemonia and Snowy, were perplexed, pawing through their wardrobes, O what to wear! What colour to wear to the summer party of the glamorous Zoe Griffin, editor of They settled on canary yellow getup's and took to their wings. Outside The Arch London, a 5 star boutique hotel, 50 Great Cumberland Place.

Image Cozycot

Stepping out of the cab, Snowy got ever so excited, having spotted model/socialite Sophie Anderton. All three, hooked up and inched their way through an army of paparazzi.

At the Hotel's entrance, Grant Powell, the General Manager took command and escorted the trio to their hostess Zoe, then on to the o so elegant library for the soiree.

After all the air kissing and oooooh's and aaaaaaah's & I love your dress too …..Sophie released her grip on Snowy and turned her attention to the hostess.


This allowed Pandemonia and Snowy to ease back and clock La Zoe. She was dressed head to toe in VIP clobber: Linda B vintage1930s earrings; Nina Naustdal, Haute Couture dress; A pair of Gianmarco Lorenzi killer-heels & silver Chanel clutch. The bag, Snowy overheard Zoe whisper to Sophie. Is from hire handbag website, The Borrowers Club, So now, you know!

At the bar, Pandemonia sipped the very tasty Ketel One Vodka cocktail, consisting of Elderflower presse , vodka and fresh lemons and created by head barman Rupert Lovibond, while chatting to Gloria Jones-Knapp.

Gloria was wearing her professional hat. She Encouraged Pandemonia and Snowy, to take a Caribbean vacation. She said she knew the perfect place for them to relax. Of course it was at her boutique hotel, Bacolet Beach Club in Tobago. Snowy was all for it.

Sunshine in their hearts, P&S caught up with fellow artist Eleni Gagoushi. Eleni divulged………, "darling I'm planning two exhibitions later in the year. The shows are going to be a sweetie bag of my work, on different sized canvases. Devised to fit in every space, from Corporate building entrance, to box room". That way I can make a respectable living, out of my art.

For one creative person, to a gaggle. Alice Tapfield, Linda B, Karen Johnson, Criss Polizzi, Simone Muzi and Michelle Horan-Cashmore. All were tucking into the delicious canapes. The handy work of the Arch chef, QuInton Bennett. The sight caused poor Snowy's tummy to rumble.

Pandemonia and Snowy had to move on. They sandwiched Stooshe, a girl band. These 3 comely young ladies, are supporting Nicki Minaj’s upcoming gigs. As a sample of things to come, they treated P&S, to an arcapella of their new song Black Heart. Song done, P&S gave them the thumbs up on their singing and colourful wardrobe.

From three cool females, to one other. UK based Norway, Fashion and Jewellery designer Nina Naustal. Nina slipped her arm under Pandemonia for a quiet Tete a Tete, causing Snowy palpitations, Nina’s diamond cuff. Thinking the sparkler, would look equally quite as good as his evening collar.

Poor Snowy had to dream on, Nina was elbowed out by Pierre Doumit. Pierre is the Creative Director from Leticia Haute Coiffure and professed to Pandemonia "I'm fascinated by your locks". Sadly, before P could give Pierre, a few hair treatment tips they were disrupted by the Jaeger contingent. Iona Holmes and Lilian Buke. This couple of high flyers, descended on Pandemonia and Snowy.Raising the fun factor bar to an extremity. After causing havoc, they raced off, to get a free manicure by Pierre's team.

As Pandemonia and Snowy turned to get another beverage they encountered Jamal Edwards, founder & CEO of SBTV. Jamal produced his best shot, Here's Looking at You-pose. Then high tailed it, to join his mate Nick, with the hostess.

Next, Pandemonia and Snowy were eyeing up the Millies Cookies. Their trail of thought was sent off track by Karolina Kivimaki, from She declared, " I'm a bit of foodie person myself and, if want a good meal. I whiz off to Michael Nadra the chef's, new restaurant, in Primrose Hill". Pandimonia and Snowy, felt this was not the time to spill the beans on their Primrose Hill escapades. Instead, they weaved their way out, thanked Zoe on the way and jumped a cab home.

In the cab, Snowy accidentally tipped over the goodie bag. Pandemonia, retrieved the Adee Phelan Hair colour remover and DGJ Hangover Hair repair. A bottle of Vita Liberata 2 week self tan lotion. Some Malin Goetz body creams and a voucher from The Arch Hotel, giving a free bottle of wine with meal for 4.

All of which it occurred to Pandemonia , may come in handy Should Snowy and me fancy a change of image or go out dinning with pals.

Photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney