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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kuky Love 2012

Kukylove by Kuky 12 Star Gallery 18 - 27 April 2012


Pandemonia and Snowy were indecisive on what to wear, until Snowy pulled on his pink collar, then P followed suit. Dressed, they were off, to the private view of "Kuky Love" exhibition, at 12 Star Gallery, Europe House, 32 Smith Square, SW1P 3EU, presented by the Italian Cultural Institute.


At the show, Pandemonia and Snowy arrived and got to wet their whistle, then devilishly handsome Italian artists Kuky appeared at their side and gave them a conducted tour of the first part of his show, 33 drawings.

Lisa Vita Enza Tamburri

This was interrupted by two feisty ladies, Marisa Melpignano - owner of San Domenico House in Draycott Place, London. Marisa wrote in Pandemonia's note book, that her pal was Lisa Vita Enza Tamburri and then squeezed Snowy.

Carlo Presento

Snowy's fidgeting, caused Pandemonia concern, until P saw S focus was, a platter of salami and parmesan on bread, from Antonio Montoro, that was being offered to their mates, Carlo Presenti and Petra Verschuere. P&S, joined them both for a delicious nibble.

Josie Demuth

Pandemonia and Snowy subsequently got entrenched in a discussion, with Josie Demuth Arts Editor and Jackson D Ferguson web, the creative assistant at On the merits of the art on display and its execution.

Alas, this wonderfully deep meaningful conversation was terminated. When David Asmutis, a Kingston, Fashion designer student and his writer partner in crime Jay Molyneux, let their enthusiasm, get the better of them, when snapping pictures of P&S.

Still blushing from all the attention, Pandemonia and Snowy took refuge, with jet setter Wendy Leighton, who'd flown in from her home the Caribbean to be here tonight and meet up with her chum Julian Exposito Bader, sales manager of menswear label Omar Kashoura. This couple wasted no time whisking P&S through the second part of the exhibition, 12 paintings.

Jonathan Scheele

That done they left Pandemonia and Snowy with Jonathan Scheele, the UK Head of Representation, for the European Commission. Mr Scheele was on hand to over see the evening. Since this gallery is annex of the EC building. Jonathan told P & S he was pleased with turn out, the show & then scarpered.

Next, was an encounter with a late arrival, the adorable Victoria Capoferri from Milano. Pandemonia kept Snowy at arm's length, when P saw the way Victoria kept her Furla handbag, she'd bought it in Milan, tightly to her. S, imagination was getting the better of him, wondering what was in her bag, that was so precious. A doggie biscuit or maybe a bone?

Punto Comoti

Snowy never found out, when another late arrival, Paolo Caronti owner of Punto Como textile manufacturer in Como Italy, interrupted them. Paolo whelmed P&S with story's about working with Kuky, years ago, at Mantero Como textile giant and how he to had jetted in for the show and was flying back to Como the next day. Pandemonia and Snowy pocketed a few Baruzzo chocolates, said Buona Notte & headed home to get their beauty sleep and dream about their future exhibition.

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney

12 Star Gallery
Europe House
32 Smith Square
London SW1P 3EU