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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Art for sale. Macmillan De'longhi Art Auction

Macmillan De'longhi Art Auction 2012 Pandemonia and Snowy made a point of looking resplendent, to attend the De'longhi Art Auction in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, at Royal Collage of Art.

P&S weren't alone, the dynamic PR duo Evgeny Minchev Von Bul and Liz Brewer had stepped out in style too, to lend their support, and view the limited edition fine art print Pandemonia donated.

This print is one from a series, that will exhibited at P forthcoming show.

Looking hot and sassy too, was Amy Molyneaux in PPQ, sipping a De'Longhi Coffee Martinis.

From one sharp minded lady to another, Annie Kevans Artist. Anna provided female rebellious charm, to the event by wearing all black.

To someone who got plenty of air time at this event, X factor's contestant Brad Shackleton. Brad, Snowy conjectured, had scrubbed up well and tonight he had no cause to complain, nibbling on delicious Italian canapes.

Another pair, gave a certain gravitas to the event, were family team Jo and Leah Wood, looking more like sisters than mum and daughter. The good news for Jo is Leah has now quit Oz and returned back to the fold permanently, with her hubby. And the canny things have moved in with Jo, until they find a suitable home. And what kid in their right mind wouldn't.

Also taking in the art and lending her support to the event, was glamours fashion designer Nina Naustdal. Pandemonia and Snowy caught up with Nina while she perused the various art works on display.

Popping up the party was James Jessop the artist. James who's work draws influence from early New York Subway Art, was in his element rubbing shoulders with Snowy and Pandemoinia.

Keeping a beady eye on the whole proceedings was Peter Wilson the UK Olympic gold medal for shooting.

Snowy was constantly on edge and was having to be reassured by Paul Garbett sports reporter and Zoe Griffin, that Pete was an animal lover & had left his rifle at home.

Julia Palca Chairman of Macmillan Macmillan Cancer Support, was busy bee, doing sterling work, making sure all the guests were fed and watered, at this 6th De'longhi UK art auction event. Julia looked as pleased as punch upon discovering the event had raised just under £90,000.

Snowy and Panddemonia and thanked Nigel Wainwright, Managing Director of De'longhi UK, for a worthy night out and tried to hot foot it home to catch their favourite late night soap on telly.

Only to be curtailed by Sarah Ditty deputy editor of the Source Intelligence and freelance Fashion Editor. Went dotty over Snowy and his collar, so much so Pandemonia contemplated, manufacturing colourful animals collars, for pet lovers everywhere. Not wanting to be in the dog house, Pandemonia clasped Snowy and hightailed it home, to feed his mutt before settling down with the remote control.

The following afternoon Pandemonia and Snowy called the Macmillan events team to thank them for a splendid night, only to be informed by Macmillan team member, that behind the scenes, there was a frenzied bidding for P's print. It started on the day with a phone in reserve bid, this got gazumped and sold on the night to a higher bider, then that morning, another person called up, wanting to buy the print.

All this good news, confirmed that the world is ready for Pandemonia's show. So Snowy says 'watch this space'.

Photo: Cristina Polizzi. Copy: Stephen Mahoney. Sub Editor: Gayatri Sahay

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day Five, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Another day brought another showcase, and this time it was at Portico Show Space in Somerset House—this time for the Hub.

There, P&S got the inside info on the show from PR director of Blowpr Michael Salac, who said  that "the six Northern Portugal designers showing are part of the Guimaraes European Capital of Culture 2012 programme, one which shows emerging new talent in UK."

Michael and Pandemonia's conversation came to a stop when Gok Wan invaded the Hub with an army of young funky characters.

Two of which were TJ and PJ—this humorous couple spilt from their peers to get up close and personal with Pandemonia and Snowy.

And Snowy got his just-deserts from PJ, whom S recalled meeting at the shows in February.

And then, P&S were back on the pavement, heading for the Somerset House exit.
Pandemonia and Snowy encountered Lisa Wren taking a last-minute breather before turfing
everyone off site.

Lisa cajoled Pandemonia and Snowy to join her, back in the Courtyard Show space, to say hi to one of her young team mates Shandrae Samson, saying "Shandrae is a big fan of both of you."
P&S obeyed, and after a quick air kiss, they braved another attempt to go, only to be prevented and lulled back into the BFC lounge by Angelo A Frederico to meet Eddie Mullon, founder and CEO of Fashion GPS.

After two minutes meeting with Pandemonia and Snowy, Eddie fell under Snowy's spell and invited P&S to join them in New York at their next big fashion event.

At last, Pandemonia and Snowy excited London Fashion Week with their soulmates Pablo
Nichols from Toronto Friendly Stranger, Cristina Polizzi, Shelly Pick from Fashion Calendar in New York and P&S' confidant Stephen Mahoney.

P&S wished them all au revoir mon ami before jumping a cab for home to rest their weary
bodies and make themselves ready for next round of shenanigans.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day Four, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Pandemonia and Snowy headed to Vauxhall Fashion Scout at Freemasons Hall, for Fashion Shenzhen.

Pre-show, P&S left their seats to chinwag with Ms Shen Youngfang, president of Shenzhen Garment Industry Association. Ms Shen looked appropriate i a red suit festooned with diamonds from her butterfly broach to her three-strand necklace.

As Pandemonia and Snowy were exchanging pleasantries with Ms Shen, they were politely
interrupted by a lady in blue jacket with a companionm both of whom P&S had meet last season.

Shorly after, another couple of elegant girls, tipped up alongside of them and asking to be photographed with Pandemonia and Snowy.

This season show highlighted two brands: Aum and Mascot. Aum was loose-flowing, unstructured clothing in lightweight linens; jerseys and silks in muted raspberry, off white and bark wood; and asymmetric hemlines formulated by its creative director Michelle Shimin Yu.
Mascot remained loyal to the Chinese roots, however, embroidering flowers and dragons onto tropical turquoise, coral and canary-yellow silk fabrics.
Nevertheless, the dresses were more fitted and tailored to the body, and they were brought into 21st century with subtle details and open back or deeper bare shoulder, yet keeping a discreet line.

Post show, Pandemonia and Snowy got to meet Louis Hu, another fashion designer from
Shenzhen, who let it be known that he had customised his classic white Chairman Mao suit to fit his
svelte-like frame—a look that met with P&S approved.

Read about how P&S's LFW escapade ends... The last day Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney

Day Three, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Pandemonia and Snowy found themselves in Westbury Hotel for the Luna Sky show. Taking in the show too was Golan Hofit from FashionTV, who gasped, "I've been rushed off my feet this season with so many places and shows to cover."

Post show, P&S met the designer Luna Sky and complemented her on the fabulous colours she'd chosen, before jumping in a cab for the Kristian Aadnevik show at Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall.

At the Athenaeum, Kristian showed that the ideal way to treat buyers, journalists and clients is to give them a large, opulent space indoors and lashings of champagne that flowed like water, thus alleviating the tension of waiting.
On the foot of the stairs, Pandemonia and Snowy met adorable Carol Arida.
Carol is one of the most discreet designer shoppers in London, but tonight she was absolutely captivated by Snowy.

Kristian's show, as always, stuck to what he does best: short, sexy body-con dresses that have just enough leather straps or fastening to give a playful note, to the silk chiffon in stark white, moss green and soft silver grey.

After the show, Pandemonia and Snowy encountered a lumbering Australian hunk, David, who wouldn't release his grip on P and let them go backstage … without a kiss.

Pandemonia obliged with a peck on the cheek and was released, only to be delayed further by P&S' chum Karen K. Karen asked, "Darling, did you see my shoes? I provided them for the show." "And what an exemplary match they were to KA's show!" replied Pandemonia.

Finally getting backstage, Pandemonia and Snowy thanked Kristian for a great show.

Read next...Day four
Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day Two, London Fashion Week SS 2013

The next day, Pandemonia, wearing a gorgeous mint-green wrap dress, and Snowy took up another one of Carlo's invitations, this was for Oh My Corsets!' first UK fashion show.

During the pre-show cocktail party given by director Carlo, Pandemonia rubbed shoulders with Italy's football legend Marco Tedelli. Marco confessed, "I'm here to support my wife Laura Columbo." Later P&S forund out Laura is one of the design team members behind the brand. The brand is already selling to high-end boutiques, such as  L'eclaireur in Paris and Avanti in Ryad, and will be stocked at the new multi-brand store opening on Kings Road in London this October.

As soon as the Oh My Corset! show opened and corset dresses along with corsets began to swing by,
Pandemonia and Snowy could see, on close inspection, that the garments were made using the traditional craftsmanship methods, were brought bang up to date using modern high-techno fabrics, to produce tridimensional luxury clothing—teamed with leggings from My Love My Leggings, of course.

Afterwards, P&S had a chat with former fashion designer and now Cordon Bleu Chef Shelly Sahay, who disclosed, "I've just returned to the UK from Delhi," where her Elma's Bakery in Hauz Khas village is working well and she went on to say," and though I miss fashion, I'm glad to see elegant clothes in a glamorous environment."

From one fine lady to another, Pandemonia found a new best friend in M&P model Suzy, who saw eye to eye with P, that properly fitted clothing shows the body off to good effect.

Snowy's tummy began to rumble upon seeing TV chef extraordinaire Vincenzo Oliveri.
Vincenzo greeted Pandemonia  with a waistline hug before proceeding to invite the two to a
slap-up meal at his restaurant Fratelli La Bufala, located at 40 Shaftesbury Avenue.

Escaping Vincenzo's tender clutches, P&S found sanctuary and calm in the company of Caroline St George.
This stately lady enquired if P was going to the Kristian Aadnevik show, and Snowy, as ever the helpful companion, nodded in affirmation.

As P&S turned to leave, they encountered the adorable Caterina de Medici, who they discovered had flown in from Rome for the ModaitalianaLondon gig.

Caterina stated, "If ever you're planning to come to Rome, let me know; there'll always be a warm welcome at my place, Demicihouse, set in the heart of the capital."

Pandemonia and Snowy arrived at Goldsmiths Hall for the Ashley Isham show.There, they sat next to Inidra Cesarine, editor in chief of Untitled, a bimonthly magazine.

Inidra was pleased as Punch seeing her magazine's littering the front-row seats. As for the show, it was Ashley's best to date. With superb use of blending solid colours, print and silk jersey fabrics, he crafted a modern spin for the gals next spring and summer 2013.

LFW, Day three...
Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day One, PPQ KTZ London Fashion Week SS 2013

Day One, Evening, London Fashion Week 2013. Pandemonia and Snowy made their way to the PPQ show, where they were ushered to their seats and sat next to beautiful BBC TV presenter Jameela Jamil.

The PPQ show was a mixture of psychedelic prints, solid-coloures, floaty chiffon dresses and all-in-ones, in a simple yet striking colour palette of scarlet, black, and vibrant green. Along with some black-and-white nautical stripes—a line, that Lady Penelope would have taken a shine to if Parker deposited it at her door.

After getting a snack for Snowy, P&S were off again. This time, they headed to the KTZ show at Courtyard Show Space, Somerset House.
Seated and snug, Pandemonia cozied up to their pal Chimere Cisse, PR from Hearst Publications, whilst Snowy could be seen in the adoring company of Fiorella Bellagotti.

While caressing Snowy, Fiorella let the cat out of the bag: "I'm no longer working with Book Mode, and I am here searching for stories for a new luxury Italian magazine." She added, "After seeing you both on Italian Vogue TV, I'd like to feature P&S in it."

The KTZ show opened with an antique-inspired lace story that was in virgin white, jet black and—to add some pazazz—florescent metallic green and sliver dresses.

The spectacle was enjoyed thoroughly by both Pandemonia and Snowy.

The next day... Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney

Day One, London Fashion Week SS 2013

Nico Didonna, Christopher Ciccone,  Claudia Ligari, Massimo Casagrande, and Giulio
Mazzarini present…

Day One, London Fashion Week 2013. Snowy woke up excited in anticipation of London
Fashion Week, knowing Pandemonia had made him collars to match her new outfits.

It was P&S' first big event at the Italian Cultural Institute, for ModaitalianaLondon, and Pandemonia has chosen of the latest ensembles, including a turquoise wrap dress with contrasting white sleeves and belt, and fabulous blonde high hair that do with yellow highlights.

There, Carlo Presenti, director of the institute, told us that he had created and organised ModaitalianaLondon to bring together innovative Italian fashion and food.

He added that designer Nico Didonna was selected to launch the event with a fashion show on first floor of the institute.

Pandemonia and Snowy scaled the stairs and managed to snatch a comfortable vantage point to sit, from where they watched Nico's collection sail by on a bevy of females, from M&P models and First Model Management, punctuated every now and then by strapping lads in Nico's menswear. The show was accessorised by Christopher Ciccone's rubber footwear range and Bronzallure rose gold-plated jewellery and watches.

Post show, Pandemonia and Snowy chatted with Christopher Ciccone, who confessed that "Nico's show is my first global runway show."

P&S fluttered through the crowd to Norwegian fashion designer Nina Naustal, who said, "After seeing Nico's show in such a magnificent location, I now want do my own London runway show next season, instead of holding parties in my Walton Street store, and I want you both to be there"
Pandemonia and Snowy, of course, accepted her invitation immediately.

P&S then headed downstairs arm in arm with forensic accountant whizz Julia Wallace-Walker to explore the ground level that housed the work of six Italian creatives for the last three days.

Claudia Ligari and Carlotta Gherzi gave P&S a tour, with fashion designer Claudia explaining her minimalist approach to the women's collection and capsule of menswear.

Carlotta, the ever-talented designer, who, using her own signature prints, created My Love My  Leggings—a brand that includes products made out of the best-quality stretch fabrics and bursting with multiple colour variations. Pandemonia responded: "I love colour!"

P&S were handed over to the men of the hour: Massimo Casagrande and
Antonello Tedde.

Massimo walked them through his collection of crisp, white shirts for guys that consisted of
architecturally constructed shirts with simple graphic detailing outlined in grey or black.

Then, we approached Antonello, who fanned over his collection of luxury, ethical handbags that have been made out of yarns and dyes extracted from indigenous fauna and then manufactured using traditional looms in Sardinia.

Photographer Giulio Mazzarini and fashion designer Eva Cammarata were next to have the pleasure of P&S's company.

Snowy was more than impressed with Giulio's work, some of which has graced the chic pages of magazines such as Marie Claire, Vanity Fair Italia, Elle Italia. Today, however, Giulio's images spanned from fashion over to reportage.

Eva was on fine form as she explained the two-part story behind her upbeat and colourful
collection. One part is knitwear, exhibiting pictorial images, and the other is tailored garments. Both of
these two collections were pulled together using ethical, organic cotton and silk.

In the evening... Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney