Street Photography

Monday, 7 July 2014

Automatic Art. GV Art

Automatic Art: human and machine processes that make art

4-26 July 2014
GV art,
49 Chiltern Street
London W1U 6LY

It had been a sweltering hot day at home for Pandemonia and Snowy, by 7pm the temperature had dropped and they both felt the need to go out. After flicking through their PV invites and they settled for the London Art and Science gallery GV_Art

At the gallery Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by GV owner Robert Devcic.
Robert briefed them on 50 years of Automatic Art: human and machine processes that make art, exhibition.

Then Robert whisked them downstairs, to the back gallery space, where he introduced Pandemonia and Snowy, to British Computer artist William Lathham.

Will was all fired up and engaged P&S with his interactive of Human Mutator2 Reflector in time piece of work. Both P&S were captivated by the work.

Pandemonia and Snowy moved from one playful demonstration with Will, to another by British Constructivism artist Peter Lowe.
Peter explained his transformable construction of 5 groups of 5 stainless steel tube with aluminium, an exhibit Snowy wanted to get his paws on.

But the gallery was filling up with guests and Pandemonia needed a escape the heat and find a thirst quencher, so they shifted to the bar, in the outdoor gallery court yard.

There, they encountered the new guard of Science and Art, in the comely shape of Westminster College student Robbie Anson Duncan, (who Snowy discovered Robbie has become a Westminster fashion department muse), Robbie was so taken by Pandemonia & Snowy, he asked to be snapped.

That done, another guest jumped in and asked "can I do a selfie with you" Pandemonia and Snowy obliged him.

Then Pandemonia and Snowy entered back into the gallery & cast their beady eye's over Ernest Edmonds, Four Shaped Forms, Acrylic and digital print on canvas.

Snowy, recognised fellow conceptual artist Alexander Hidalgo. Pandemonia recalled their last meeting was at Freeze Art fair when they were with their two chums Nick Rhodes and his partner Maria Suvio aka Nefer.

Pandemonia and Snowy then took to the stairs, to see ground floor exhibits.
No sooner had P&S reached the ground floor, there were mobbed by a host of fun loving art enthusiastic children, that stormed the gallery and surrounded P&S, with their mum pleading for a pix.

Being children friendly Pandemonia & Snowy consented and then were free to see artist Harold Cohen colourful "Coming Home"

Malcolm Hughes - Relief Maquette

and Nathan Cohen, "Crossing" black white and grey work.

Having seen the work Pandemonia and Snowy were given a hearty send off by Charles Gollop and Robert, who thanked P&S for coming.

As Pandemonia and Snowy waited for their cab, they were set upon by ex Vidal Sassoon master crimper Billi Currie.

Billi's own salon was next door, and tried to enticed Pandemonia in, forever the hairdresser couldn't resist checking out P hair and its superb gloss, bounce and condition.

Pandemonia politely refused, so Billi called out his team and a one of their client's joined them, to see the marvellous tresses of Pandemonia and it's creative hair style.

"My hair, is, all my own work" Pandemonia said as P&S waved everyone goodbye and piled into a taxi for cool comfort of home.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney