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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Birth of Pandemonia

Painting by Ella Guru.

Rubber Botticelli 2: The Birth of Pandemonia
watercolour and ink
30 x 42 cm

Pandemonia was flattered last summer when Ella Guru member of the Stuckists painted her portrait.

Ella depicted Pandemonia as a wind sweeped inflatable red head. She imerges form Botticellis shell, clutching her inflatable dog, snowy. Night time revellers surround her.

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Pandemonia is some times mistakenly spelt Pandamonia.


Pandamonia (incorrectly spelt) at Acne Studio London opening.

Look magazine 7th march 2011, Print. Miss Pandemonium, should be spelt as Miss Pandemonia.

Image Purerend

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