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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lost in Beauty

Pandemonia and Snowy felt the need to step out & mingle.

So, they hopped in a cab, to Primrose Hill's mecca-of all things healthy and beautiful "Lost In Beauty" 117 Regents Park Road, NW1 8UR.

Lost in Beauty

Where, tonight's celebratory party, was for winning the Telegraph/Mary Portas award, The Best Independent Beauty shop.

On entering this sumptuous emporium, Pandemonia and Snowy discovered why they'd won.

The store resembled a Dr Who manifestation, that of a pretty Victorian Apothecary's den for fashionable females.

Equipped with antique display cabinets, a magnificent chandelier, old wall lights, posters and photographs.

This dream Pandemonia had entered, was extended, when P sipped the 500 year old Czech witches brew-a Babicka Vodka cocktail, doled out, by the founder and owner of LIB, Georgie Hamed.

Georgie Hamed

Georgie reflected a well-groomed 2012 female and wasted no time in explaining, " that apart from regular treatments, our studio also specialise in glamorous bespoke parties, for up to 20 people, for girly Hen nights and birthday party's, to intimate baby showers and the occasional teen celebrations".

A haven, P thought, for her girlfriends, who adore having expert therapist pamper them.

Georgie took a gentle hold of Snowy and steered P&S down stairs, to the cleared area, for dancing.

There she introduced Pandemonia to Daniel Poole, a man of many talents, from fashion, Interior and costume designing.

Daniel Poole

Daniel blurted out, "your incredible art form, I want you to do something at my gallery". P blushed and replied yes.

P&S returned to the ground level, where Pandemoina took a peek into the glass cabinets, housing some of Jade Jagger's jewellery.

Yes, Ms Jagger had a pop up shop-within LIB, from 8-12 December, showcasing her disco inspired gems.

Jade Jagger Cupids Arrows - Use these for certain success on the dance floor.

These were snapped up by the local's, so, JJ has extended the pop up, for another week.


Pandemonia then had a chat with fellow artist Inkie.

This Bristol lad, now resides in London and has garnered a global following, after taking part in worldwide tour with Belvedere and Jade (her again) Jagger.

On the tour, Inkie participated in live events, painting large canvases at star studded bashes in London, Los Angeles and New York.

His work was also featured in the VIP room at the Canes Film Festival.

And tonight Inkie retorted, "I did the artwork for this evenings Lost in Beauty invites and I also painted the 6X8 feet window".

Both of which bear his indelible graffiti trademark.

Irene Yong

P rub shoulders next, with ex Harrods employee Irene Yong.

Irene was as intrigued in Pandemonia, as P was to meet this waxing maestro.

After I run her hands over P, IY let it slip-with gesturers, pointing to her lip and just below her nether regions "I'm on hand 2 days a week, and can remove any hair from a lip for £10, to Brazilian/Hollywood for £45.

Not that either Pandemoina or Snowy felt they needed any of IY services.

But, if ever P&S hair starts materialising in a Julia Roberts kinda way, they'll be back to see her, in a flash.

Pandemonia's eye's drifted, to the latest artist exhibition of paintings decorating the walls, by Jennifer Louise Martin, entitled "Retro Beauty".


RB is Jennifer's creative view, is of some 1960' babes, from Britt Ekland to Jean Shrimpton, to, todays supermodel Kate Moss.

JLM depicts these beautiful women with their mascara and make-up streaking down their feline faces, as if they've just escaped a sauna, after stepping through the wrong door.

Jen confessed, my technique, is to let the paint run, and run it did, down all 9 canvases on show.

"A vision you'll rarely see now-a-days, since every major cosmetic house have waterproof mascara and face powder's", expounded Irene Moore, PR for Bobbi Brown makeup.

Its a sight to see and will run from 14 December to Mid February 2012.

And for those people who prefer to have their eyelashes tinted.

LIB have the authoritative brow threading mistress Rekha Joshi, who at the blink of an eye, can whip an ungainly brow, into shapely masterpiece and dye your lashes to.

If thats not your bag, "Lost in Beauty" have all bases covered, with Paperself, these are spectacular paper eyelashes, that Pandemonia spotted, were all the rage with fashion editors, during London Fashion Week.

Snowy's tummy rumbled at the sight of Ooh Lou Lou cupcakes on a plate.

Ooh Lou Lou

P span around and noticed they were the creations of princess of cupcake land, Lulu.

Lulu, is a star cake maker, for Jonathan Ross show VIP green room guests.

The show has previously commissioned Lulu, to make a cake for Lady Gaga and this week it's Tom Cruise turn.

Pandemonia and Snowy can't wait to see what Lulu will rustle up for them.


Turning away, P spotted the gorgeous looking singer, songwriter, Rachel Stevens with her pal and personal trainer Fern Bayliss.

The girls were being girls, at the make-up counter.

That done Rachel divulged, I'm working on new album and came tonight, to see if another invited guest, Jay Kay would show".

Ms Steven's continued to say "if he did & he was free, I was proposing to ask him to collaborate with me on my new CD".

We, all know JK, has eye for good thing, so if your reading this Jay, Pandemonia recommends you give Rachel a call.

And, fuel our imagination more, with the music you two beauties could make together.


Exiting the gathering, P &S said their final farewell's, to all the Lost in Beauty team, who'd educated Pandemonia & Snowy on the current offers available, in the art of maintaining a neat and elegant appearance.

Back at Pandemonia & Snowy lair. P&S were thrown into a dilemma-with information over load, on deciding which products they could use, to give their skin and hair a more healthy shine, before venturing out the door for your event.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Grazia - Pandemonia rules OK!

(Big Christmass Issue. Issue 350 Page 107 )


In the oh-so civilised setting of Sam Taylor Wood's candlelit East London Loft studio, the last thing we expected to see at the Jack du Rose Danger Collection launch was 7ft woman covered head to toe in latex and clutching an inflatable fox terror. On second glance, we realised it was Pandemonia, the mysterious conceptual artist who manages to cause a stir wherever she pops up. But by far the biggest highlight was her dog Snowy, who was petted by guests including Amy Molyneaux and Andrea Dellal as they chatted to the blonde caricature at the Jewellery launch. What we drank: Ruinart champagne.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Night with Nick

Pandemonia & Snowy had a really challenging decision on what to wear, to Celebrity Style Expert Nick Ede soiree, at Swarovski Crystallized Lounge, W1.

P chose the orange dress she wore during London Fashion Week, to PPQ fashion show and Snowy went for his favourite red dog collar.

Zoe Griffin

P scooped up with Snowy and they raced across town, to the Swarovski shop, there, P&S scaled the stairs leading to the lounge, with the undisputed party Princess, Zoe Griffin, in her rock chic outfit.

Zoe let it slip, "this is ADD the 3d year Swarovski Crystallized have sponsored Nick charity event, and its always a fashion feast".

Nick Ede

At the lounge, Pandemonia was greeted by the host Mr Nick Ede, with a glass of thirst quenching Nicholas Feuillate Champagne.

Nick was togged up in Ted Baker velvet Jacket, over a Christian Dior waistcoat and Uniqlo white t-shirt, Burberry trousers and a pair of Gaspard £300 shoes.

Nick disclosed, "I've been hosting this annual charity event, that was set up 14 years ago, to raise awareness for The Stroke Association, I came on board, after loosing my mum after her stroke".

A truly sad tale, though this event, P had been briefed, are always upbeat and in keeping with Nick's effervescent personality & tonight was no exception.

Ian Carmichael

Pandemonia and Snowy were overjoyed to see the other guests, resembled a runway TV special, with Ian Carmichael HRH The Queen hairdresser, following Mr Ede mode of dress example.

Ian looked really dapper in his ensemble, a look P&S felt, if her Majesty were here tonight, she'd whip out that royal ceremonial sword of her's and give him a knighthood, on the spot.

Denise Welch

Another graceful eyeful, was flagged up by "Loose Women" panellist Denise Welch , in a floor length sliver dress.

Denise was displaying her motherly affections when meeting Pandemonia and Snowy, and declared, "your both amazing" & gave Snowy a extra soft maternal cuddle.

In search of a Champagne top up, P caught glimpse of Mr Henry Conway getting a refill.

Lizzie Cundy

P clinked glasses with the seductive Lizzie Cundy.

Lizzie confessed, she's a glamour gal and tonight she pushed the boat out for her mate Nick. P&S agreed, seeing Ms Cundy in a "Bunmi Koko" black sequin and silk chiffon dress, black suede "Roberto Cavali " high heels teamed with white Swarovski crystal and black enamel ring.

A vision that drew a few men, to form a scrum around her and eased P&S out of the picture.

Brix Smith

A welcome move, that enabled P to grab a quick chat, with TV fashion guru Brix Smith Start. Brix had tipped up in a black designer dress, Acne booties, all from Start-London boutique and a Mulberry bag thrown over the shoulder.

All was going well, until P spied BSS eyeing up Snowy, thinking Mrs Smith Start was going to add S, to her must have accessories shopping list.

Tara Palmer Tompkinson

Pandemonia shifted, and went toe-toe with the delightful Tara Palmer Tompkinson.

Tara stated she's not going out much these days, unless it worth while, obviously, this gig was.

And tonight Tara pulled out all the stops, in her Joseph white tailored dress, teamed with some Burberry accessories and the family bijoux heirlooms.

Before disappearing into the crowd, TPT discreetly whispered an invite to Pandemoina and Snowy, to TP next party. Now that be fun.

Millie Mackintosh

P attention was next drawn to the blond glamorous Millie Mackintosh star "Made in Chelsea" reality show, in a Herve Leger gold tight fitting bandage dress and Kurt Geiger shoes. Trailing behind the "Pru For Food" tray of eats.

Not that Snowy thought she could devour a morsel, in her figure hugging number.

kym mazelle

Looking every part a Soul Diva, Kym Mazelle, sidled up to P&S.

Kym, gave P a news update on her career, apart from appearing on TV in various guises, she's been flexing her vocal cords, when she Headlined Liverpool Pride on August 6, this year.

News over, KM quit them both, to follow Bobby Sabel, Elite male model and Big Brother contestant, lead and head for the bar, for another tipple.

Lisa Snowden

Next, P caught up with Lisa Snowden, Lisa cut a dash in her black cropped vintage cape, over a black halter neck top from her pal and Reiss glitzy leggings.

LS confessed to P&S she's "over the moon", why P asked? "because I've landed another years contract with Marks and Spencer and Capital Radio, and I can't wait for January, when I start to work with Dave Berry my new co-host".

Vanessa Feltz

P moved from one radio star, to another, Radio and TV show host Vanessa Feltz, who'd strolled in, in real white fur coat, thrown over a black Fenn Wright Manson dress, with her handsome partner, in a sharp two tone blue, slim fit suit.

Vanessa told Pandemonia "I'll be plugging this tomorrow, on my 9am-noon Radio London 94.9fm show". Go Girl.

It was then time for performances from James ‘Arg’ Argent from "The Only Way is Essex ", who had his co star of the show Gemma Collins to support him and the next up was the dynamic Dionne Bromfield, God daughter of the late Amy Winehouse, who blew people away with her soulfull vocal range.

To an equally more moving moment, a speech, by a young stroke victim, who, won everyone's heart, with her recovery story.

Then the young lady presented our evenings host Nick, with a "Stroke Association" lifetime achievement award, to the delight of everyone.

NE has knack of keeping the positive rolling.

He grabbed the mike and informed the crowd, to snap up their goodie bags at the exit, and they can continue to party.

At the iconic rock star's, Iron Maiden's, favourite london crash boutique pad, Sanctum Hotel Soho, hosted by eternal rocker Mark Fuller .

Much as Pandemonia knew Snowy loved to carry on, it was a school night, so, they congratulated Nick on a superb shindig and they drifted off to the night, wondering, whatever next?

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Stitch, Art For The Earth

Snowy was eager and ready to roll out the door, when Pandemonia slipped on her killer high heels, to depart for "Art For The Earth" launch party at The Dairy, 7a Wakefield Street, WC1N 1PG

Pandemonia navigated the pot holes and cobbled pathway leading to the exhibition, to be enthusiastically greeted inside by the shows curator Catherine Loewe , who along with Max Gates Fleming from Stitch, were responsible for pulling together tonights silent auction of 50 pieces donated, from emerging to established artists, Darren Almond, Richard Long, Marc Quinn and Richard Wentworth.

Catherine Loewe

Catherine handed P one of Organic Spirits tasty concoctions, then explained the show was about about drumming up moolah, from artists donations, for pressing global issues.

Sara Haq

Pandemonia was then introduced by Catherine, to one of the contributing artist charming Sara Haq. Sara, frog marched P&S to her 2 photographs, one was a splendid colourful image of Jellyfish, that was a R-type print mounted on aluminium, that she hopes will sell for £700-£900, the another was a side head shot of of a crocodile in b&w hand print, mounted on foamed £2,800 - £3,500, that's one eye, stared back at all the guests. Sending a shiver down Snowy's spine.

Fred Mann

From one photographic artist to another Fred Mann, ex Chelsea School of art, globetrotter.

Fred showed a giclee print "Mother", a photo collage taken from an old archive imagery, graphically illustrated using paper cutouts and digital manipulation edition of 1-15, at £400-£600 each.

Fred let slip it wasn't his mother, "but Mother Earth" who he sees, as been raped and pillaged.

Pandemonia covered Snowy's ears, from hearing any more of Fred's verbal graphic metaphors, and turn their attentions, to the dishy actor Ben Nealon.

Ben Nealon

Mr B Nealon, has graced the screens acting in Eastenders, Doctors,The Bill and Bollywood movie "Lagaan" with India's Brad Pit equivalent Aamir Khan.

Ben told P, "I'd taken a last year off acting, to focus on his charity "Pump Aid" to help raise awareness and funds, for clean water plumbing in desolate regions of the world, and "if ever I give up my day job, I'll chance my arm at plumbing".

For all millions of BN fans out there, don't despair, our handsome lad is returning back to the boards, in Ben Kenwright, Westend production of Agatha Christie's "Murder on The Nile" 2012.

Even better news for ugly plumbers, now they can sleep at night knowing desperate housewives choice Ben, is not taking up their profession.

Hugo Salvaterra

The next exhibitor to cross paths with P, was Hugo Salvaterra.

Hugo's 2 snaps, weren't your "ECO cliches" they were about his new found fervor in life, plastic bags and their plight. 59x42 cm at £500-£600

Hugo feels he's captured the soul of plastic bags and feels we should empathise with their welfare.

P&S agreed wholeheartedly, upon seeing his photo image of model's body wrapped in masses of plastic bags, that took on the form of a 1950's A-line women's dress shape.

A mock frock, that if lady Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti were here tonight, would be equally inspired by.

Marc Quinn

Snowy and P, grab a quite moment for a quick shifty Marc Quinn 14x10cm digital file printed as glossy photograph "Unnatural World, that Marc expects to get £800-£1200 for the cause.

P headed for another drink, where her attention was drawn to the right hand side of the bar, and the work of another blond, Lucy Morley .

Lucy Morley

Together, these two, were a real spectacle.

Lucy Morley

Over a drink, Lucy gave P the insight of her art piece, entitled 24,000.

This is a 24,000 ink drawing on recycled paper, that depicted the cellular structure of a twig from a branch, revealing it's hidden veins, that feeds water to the tree. 150x150 £1800-£2200

A labour of love, that turned out to be, a kinda homage to her professors at University Collage Falmouth, that lectured Lucy and her 3 fellow students, on the first MA Arts and Environment degree program.

Having been bitten by nature of the woods, Lucy confessed, "I want to make her own paper out reclaimed pulp". P&S cant wait to see LM end product.

P left the gorgeous blond modern day Alice in Wonderland-Lucy, for a brief chat with another bleached blond bombshell, leather clad artist, David Holland.

David Holland

David was on fine form and told P to take a gander a his work of art, entitled, "Hurt, Agony, Pain Love-it, Pride", acrylic on canvas painting, he hope's to flog for £14000-£16000.

David Holland

Quick as a flash P&S spied Mr Holland realistic butcher shop hanging, of upside down meat and flesh, the sight of which, caused Snowy tummy to rumble, indicting it was way past supper time.

A final lap, with P&S takng a peek at screening room film, followed by gander at Maria Papadimitriou "Plastic Seconds" necklaces, one of tops and pearls & the other a light bulb pendent, that were a sure seller at £10 - £20 a pop.

Maria Papadimitriou

Then P&S said their farewell's and made a dash for home, for a bite to eat and curl up on the sofa & where Pandemonia read Snowy this weeks fav bed time story.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Danger, Jack Du Rose

Pandemonia and Snowy took to the streets, this time, for Jack Du Rose launch of DuRose: "Danger" exhibition, at Sam Taylor-Wood Studio.

Jack Du Rose

On entering the show, P & S had a big surprise. Mr Jack Du Rose, who worked with Damian Hirst on the Iconic diamond skull "For The Love of God" had created was a splendid mini zoo, creeping and crawling with reptiles, spiders, jellyfish and more, in fact, complete with everything Trazan knows and treasures. The stuff that makes a city girl shriek!

Not for that faith hearted damsel, this evening was for the up town city fearless chic, (the ones who could take on Crocodile Dundee).

Andreas DellalAndrea Dellal, Pandmonia and Jack De Rose pose for the press

P, clutched her glass of delicious Ruinart champagne, when perusing Jack Du Rose handy work, and what exquisite work it was, from pair of glowing fluorescent jellyfish rings, yes rings, with luminous diamonds and ruby's that were enough to make any Aristocrat, develop sticky fingers, (the show retained Du Rose taxidermist eerie vibe, by encasing every exhibit in a Portland Oregan-based, glass artist Andy Paiko, individual designed glass bell jars) to the perfect cure for any arachnophobic, a tangled webbed diamond necklace with a redundant black widow gem encrusted spider as a centre piece.

Amy Molyneaux

Pandemonia got nudged, by the adorable Amy Molyneaux, founder of UK fashion label PPQ. Amy went into raptures over the blue ringed Octopus with its golden sapphire and cognac, champagne and white diamond tentacles, with opal eyes. And then proceed to say, "I'm hunting for new studio near to centre of London". So to all you W1 estate agents out there, give Ms M a call. You may strike lucky?

Annie Monroe

Another fine looking gal appeared at P's side, Annie Monroe from the Los Angeles band The Like. Annie chewed the fat on how she's found another way to supplement her income when not gigging; part time acting, and she's already landed a film role. P thought with all Ms Monroe surplus cash, I bet she'll make off with the deadly cyanide Moth with pink and white diamonds. Very Rock & Roll.

Lilly Galvin

Libby Galvin Daily Mail sub editor and her walker Henry Blanchard. The pair entrapped P and then Henry let it slip his fav JDR masterpiece was Dark Frog, why? because he said, "it was least obvious item of precious jewellery, with the frog hidden under a camouflage". A concealment made up of rarest lagoon tourmaline, mandarin garnet and verdant green emerald, that would attract any smart Princess to keep this frog, instead of kissing it and getting a dull Prince.

Andreas Dellal

The next encounter Pandemoina had, was with ex Brazilian model and wife of property tycoon Guy Dellal, the incomparably stylish Andrea, with her equally on trend girlfriend Carolina Overmeer, both of whom mirrored the pages of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. Andrea was sporting a orchid pendent necklace from Mr J Rose, which Mrs A Dellal confessed, was a gift from the designer, before inviting P to meet the man of the moment.

Jack Du Rose

And for all you uninitiated fans of Jack's incredible fine work, your in for real as awaking, as did some of the other guests. Jack has the hallmark of a handsome, hunky, prop forward Rugby player, rather than skinny jeweller. Snowy was a bit apprehensive to meet him, thinking J was eyeing him up as next show piece. But Jack gave him a friendly giant smile and a gentle reassuring cuddle. A sight that lead some of the girls and a few of the guys wish they were Snowy.

Henry Conway

Then Pandemonia notice Snow was shaking with excitement. He had spotted London clubland party promoter Henry Conway, heading their way. But Henry side stepped them, when he saw The Golden Lion exhibit. Only to return and say P & S they're both welcome any time at his club nights. This made Snowy's evening.

Benjamin Spicer

P couldn't leave without say farewell to Benjamin Spicer UK Sales Manager for Calvin Klein and his best mate Scott Mellis from Mission PR. Scott met P at exit and presented Pandemonia with a goodie bag, containing a treat from the Mr JDR, a gift Snowy took an immediate shine to, in the cab, on their way home.

P&S had a splendid night out in the urban jungle better known as London.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rinaldo Bigi "The Sunlight of My Heritage"

After the London 6 o'clock news, Pandemonia listen to the capital's weather forecast, the announcement was, a dry, cool, crisp evening ahead. So P delved into her extensive wardrobe for a appropriate red dress, checked her seams in the mirror, roused Snowy from the comfy sofa, and then they head out, to artist Rinaldo Bigi "The Sunlight of My Heritage" exhibition, at Italian Cultural Institute, 39 Belgrave Square SW1X

Rinaldo Bigi

At the entrance P collided with 40 years in the bis and International artist, Mr R Bigi, who confessed to sneaking outside for quick ciggie break. Bigi gave Pandemonia the low down on tonight's show, this is his latest colourful surreal works, spread over 2 floors, and are a mixture of his paintings & sculptures.  P strode into the first level, only to discover the space was impregnable with heaving fans. So, P was delighted, when one of the most well connected women in Italian Art, Ms Rossana Pittelli, guided her to the upstairs level, where she took refuge at the set up bar.

Simone Muzi

Fortified with her glass of prosecco, P clinked glasses with Simone Muzi the fine jewellery designer of brand "Philosophy of Love" and his chic wife Karen Johnson, the Manager of Fratelli Rossetti, Sloane Street, UK flagship store.  All three, swiftly lapsed into yattering on about 2 of P fav subjects, fine gems and shoes. Karen got P in a spin, when she started talking shop, about the merits of quality towering high heels.  A subject dear to P heart.

Fortunato Celi Zullo

While P, pondered her next high heel purchase, her trail of introspection was shattered by Fortunato Celi Zullo, Director of Italian Trade Commission who revealed he was enchanted to meet P, and as was P, him, knowing as Pandemonia did ITC organisation has been instrumental in sponsoring creative talent ventures.  So could this be a chance for P, to get bank rolled for P future exhibition.

Before P could get another word in edgeways with Mr Zullo, artist Carola Syz eased her way in and said, "I wished I'd met Pandemonia before this evening, I would have invited you to all of my previous 4 shows I've had". 

Cristina Polizzi

P smiled, and then was distracted from Carola, by the irresistible Cristina Polizzi & the adorable Petra Verschuere. This team, stepped up to congratulate P on her composure, having seen P in the firing line of guests for the past hour, and they had earwigged people asking P to attend everything, from a comic magazine show? to art Gallery owner Jane England of England and Co, finale night show, on 1 November.  Jane was like a dog with a bone and went on to promise the evening will be quite a bash, before she lets her new tenant, LA fashion designer Jimmy Perse, son of fashion icon Tommy, take the space over and transform it into his UK flagship retail store.    

Maria Giovanna Brauzzi

Pandemonia, reassured the girls it was all in days work, before being side tracked by 2 hot Italian babes, Maria Giovanna Brauzzi and Sveva Milano. Both these hotties were sporting turquoise necklaces and cheeky grins, working their mock twin look, one that was equally misleading for all hot blooded male guests. Some of the lads, lost their ador, when they spied the gals slopping off, after giving P a friendly goodnight hug.  

Carlo Presenti
While continuing to amble around, P was joined Carlo Presenti, Director of the London Italian Cultural Institute, and his chums Marzia Carissimo Gibbs and her female contingent, for closer view, at the amazing canvas "ll Mistero Della Luna Con Un Tuffo Pieno D'amore". That done, they all surveyed the lay of the land and went their separate ways
Olfat Esfandiari

Pandemonia, to connect with two art lovers and philanthropic angels, Olfat Esfandiari and her husband Richard. Olfat confessed, she's going to take a year sabbatical. Though P couldn't believe the twinkled eyed Olfat, could sit still for a minute, never mind 12 months.  Then, the none verbal communication stepped in, with Ms O running her hands over P outfit and P clocking OE luxurious fur jacket, the one that O refused to check in, and who could blame her, it was a female lottery winners dream come true. 

P attention was drawn to Snowy, who was behaving impeccably, and S had, had, the time of his life with genteel crowd, all of whom treat him like their long lost puppy. 

Then P observed Snowy do a double take, upon spotting Mr R Bigi blond bomb shell marble sculpture "La Lulu si Fatta Bionda" after close inspection of this magnificent objet d'art.  P reflected, she must get her hairdresser to give her the Scarlett Johansson side blond curl look, this spring/summer 2012, as opposed to the previous one side sleek orange one, P sported last summer.

Lady Henrietta Rous  

On the way out, Pandemonia exchanged a few pleasantries with Lady Henrietta Rous, while Henrietta gave Snowy a departing fondle, before P waved goodbye to the dashing Riccardo Bigi, director of  Imago Art Gallery, 4 Clifford St in Mayfair and agreed to attend his artist next show, while commandeering a cab to ferry the dynamic duo to their casa, in time to catch a late night American TV soap fix, before bedtime.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney