Street Photography

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ellen Von Unwerth, Snow Queen Vodka

Snowy was like a cat on a hot tin roof as Pandemonia reached for the wraparound dress and Snowy's collar. This get-up was to wear to artist photographer Ellen Von Unwerth's private view.

This PV was for the Snow Queen Vodka 2013 calendar, shot by Ellen, at Gallery Different, Percy Street, W1.

Upon entry, Pandemonia and Snowy spied the capital gentleman of fashion, Aizak Buyondo. Aizak was glugging an SQ vodka cocktail and tipped Pandemonia and Snowy not to leave without the goody bag. "It's got the calendar worth £150 in it," he whispered.

Pandemonia and Snowy turned their attention to Ellen's handiwork, which was dominating all the walls, only to encounter milliner Stephen Jones.

Stephen gushed, "I've been following P&S from their conception." He went on, "Let's do the money shot," and promptly asked P to plonk Snowy on his head.

Snowy felt a vertigo attack coming on but, luckily, was rescued and brought closer to earth by a dashing pal of Gulnida Toichieva's son, tonight's host and president and owner of Snow Queen Vodka.

After thanking the Gulnida party posse, Pandemonia and Snowy shifted away, only to get paparazzi treatment from Ms E Von Unwerth.

Ms Unwerth showed Pandemonia and Snowy her pap snap.

And then followed a more formal introduction to Ms E V Unwerth by P&S's pal and international stylist Sasha Lilic. That done, Ms Von Unwerth said, "You two look great," and gave Snowy an affectionate hug. 

Next to give Snowy a squeeze was fashion stylist Sally Dixon.

Snowy continued to be fondled—this time, by dishy film director and ex male model Jean Horan. Jean took a shine to Pandemonia and Snowy and retorted, "You both should be in movies."

Taking inspiration from Ellen's work were Jeff Mehmet and burlesque star Immodesty Blaize. Pandemonia and Snowy know that whatever it will be, it will be provocative. 

From one illustrious couple to another, P&S got to meet Hofit Golan and her new squeeze. This time, Snowy got off lightly and was gently secured in P's hands. Leaving, Hofit said, "I look forward to seeing you both at  London Fashion Week'.

Turning to leave, Pandemonia and Snowy had a final chat with Suki Waterhouse, model at Next Agency. Suki let rip, "2012 was good year for me with Pepe jeans and M&S lingerie campaigns." Yep, not bad, indeed, for 19-year-old girlfriend of Kooks frontman, Luke Pritchard. P&S feel Suki has the makings for a rock star herself, so watch out, Luke! 

Finally, Pandemonia and Snowy clasped their goody bag and got in the cab on the way home, marveling at the calendar and wondering who'd use such a beautiful thing.

Photo:Copy Stephen Mahoney

Friday, 7 December 2012

Grace Belgravia

Its wasn’t the excessive cold weather that made Snowy apprehensive when Pandemonia told him, “Tonight, we’ve been invited by Nina Naustdal and Clare Beckwith bash at Grace Belgravia.” It was because Snowy knew Grace Belgravia was a women’s only members club.

On arrival at 11c West Halkin Street, Pandemonia and Snowy entered the discrete entrance, scaled the staircase, and passed through the double glass doors, and here, Snowy perked up, seeing a smattering of men in suits lingering around.

Photo Leoni - Blue

And the culprits for the men’s behaviour were the statuesque Nina Naustdal and a bevy of female models in Nina’s dresses.

Photo Leoni - Blue

Nina embraced P&S and gave them a shifty of the L-shaped lounge bar of the exclusive women’s club. Taking in this luxurious space too was Katie Simmonds. Katie is a partner at Burlingtons legal firm and introduced herself to Pandemonia and Snowy, admitting, “I’ve never seen anything like you two.” Likewise, P&S hadn’t come across a legal-minded person in a raspberry Herve Leger dress like Kate’s either.

The next chic lady Pandemonia and Snowy encountered was Tali Zakai. Tali was sporting fabulous ensemble, highlighted by diamond earrings, a pendant, and rings.
Pointing to the diamond accessories she was wearing, Tali confessed, “I buy mostly in Israel, where I get top-quality gems at the best possible prices.”

While browsing the static mannequins, Pandemonia and Snowy met Connie. Connie was wearing a black evening dress and said she was so enamored of Snowy that she wanted to take him home with her.

Pandemonia graciously retrieved Snowy from Connie’s grip. Next up were Serap Salih and Miriam Ulhaq.
Serap and Miriam divulged, “We are media students from the University of Creative Arts in Epsom, and we came here tonight to meet and mingle with industry people".

A couple of networking gals and then a property developer lady gave Pandemonia pointers on where P&S should buy, if ever they decided to sell up and move from their current abode.

Moving on, Pandemonia and Snowy got to speak with Clare Beckwith and hear about her current business venture. “This is the Kangen Water SD501 Platinum Enagic Ionization Process machine, a device that improves the water we drink,” she boasted.
And as if to prove her point, she thrust a glass of Kangen water into P’s hand. It tasted excellent, although Snowy will now have to save up all his pocket money to buy one at 3000 euros a pop.

Thus, quenched Pandemonia and Snowy sat themselves on a sofa, where they were joined by a cute model in another one of Nina’s dresses. The model confided, “I’ve just signed up with new model agency GTM Models , and after tonight, I hope to get more work.”

The next people to ear bend Pandemonia and Snowy on the sofa were Victoria Cresswell and Giselle Sommerville.
Giselle’s yarn was about her day as a backstage runner for fashion designer Michiko Koshino. MK rejected her models.
And seeing Giselle’s pert butt, Michiko cajoled Giselle to take to the runway with two strapping guys on roller-skates, culminating in G’s debut being recorded in the nation papers the following day.

The party was coming to an end for P&S, so they gave their fond farewells, and in the cab, Snowy snuggled up to Pandemonia and conjectured what a great dog’s life he has.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Arts for India

Pandemonia, on trend as ever, selected an orange dress and a matching collar for Snowy to attend, what promised to be a great night out, at the 'Arts for India' private view in the Saatchi Saatchi Gallery.

Pandemonia and Snowy stepped out of the elevator on 1st floor where they were greeted by Valentina Drouin and Irina Foster.
Pandemonia recognised fellow pooch lover Valentina, whose dog's face can regularly be seen making appearances from her Chanel leather shopping bag! P, realising that Valentina must be missing her little canine pal, relinquished hold of Snowy momentarily and gave Valentina the little pooch to hold Then P retrieved Snowy and strolled off to view 62 works of art, plus a fashion show by designer Bina Modi.

Entering the exhibition area Pandemonia and Snowy met the ever philanthropic duo Mr Satish Kumar Modi and his affectionate wife Abha. This couple of do gooders, as P&S discovered, were here to drum up cash for people less blessed than themselves.

Mrs Abha Modi, was so taken aback by Pandemonia and Snowy that she wasted no time in pulling out her phone to pap her husband with P&S!

Moving into the show space, Pandemonia and Snowy encountered Paul Gladstone Reid & his mate Alex Long. Paul is also an extremely generous individual that uses his profile & creative expertise to highlight others less fortunate plight.

While reaching for the drinks tray P&S clicked glasses with criminal lawyer Elizabeth Jones. Snowy rolled his eyes over Elizabeth's killer dress, while Pandemonia gave her an update on P&S's media coverage.

And P&S spotted Bjorn Stern feasting his eyes on Liz's colourful number too. In his black tie job, an ensemble that was the order of the day for men.

Slopping off into the crowd Pandemonia and Snowy, were engaged by Donna Ross CEO of The Hospital Group. Donna blurted out, 'Im so envious of your figure P and love your look' As P&S were thanking D, one of the artists showing Nadita Chaudhuri approached them and tugged P&S over along to her painting, 'Temptation'.

And as tempting as the Nadita abstract painting was, it hoped to sell tonight for £8500-£9500 Pandemonia and Snowy marvelled at Nadita's expressive moves, that mirrored her work.

Nadita was replaced by a fun loving couple of mates, Georgian Nuti and Edward Crossman. Georgian confessed, 'I'm Ed's guest and I chose to wear my Lanvin dress, one that I bought from H&M' And Snowy agreed it was good choice.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney Sub Editor Gayatri Sahay

Another charming guest who eased his way in to conversation with P&S was Subal Charla Subal , let cat out of the bag,' tonight I'm skipping my home work from MBA at Cass Business School City University'.
Pandemonia and Snowy recommended he have early night & catch up with his studies.

Flaunting a real fur stole, was exhibiting artist Eleanor Lindsay-Flynn. Eleanor enticed Pandemonia and Snowy to see her photo 'Backless Burka'. Then explained 'this piece is in the silent auction, and whomever buys it, I will print it bigger'. P mused this was a great for the buyer and the charity.

Easing her way through the crowd looking resplendent was krystyna Szumelukowa, Edinburgh's former Director of Economic Development. Krystyna was with her chum Independent Councillor Peter De Vink of Midlothian East Ward. Peter said, 'Pandemonia and Snowy looked fantastic' P&S thought Peter looked dapper. But out of this pair, Krystyna pinched the crown, in her Beatrice Von Tresckow coat that she bought at one of Beatrice's trunk shows in Cheltenham.

Snowy and Pandemonia were taking a moment to reflect on what they'd seen. When the charming Tanya Baxter glided up next to them & informed them that the Bina Modi Fashion Show was about to begin in next room".

Making their way to the next room Snowy, Pandemonia met fashion Designer Ozwald Boateng. Ozwald, normally always razor sharp and appropriately attired, missed the mark on this occasion. P reassured Snowy this was a blip and OZ will return to his former elegant style that makes every women swoon.

Another fashion challenge, was by artist Zoobs, Pandemonia & Snowy surmised. Zoobs was playing the Devil's Advocate in his outfit and painting. Dressed in what some guests could identify with a native Indian cycle-rickshaw-driver get up. And his painting 'Kali', this Zoob says 'is a representation of a fashion designer John Galliano'.
P&S hope for Zoob's sake, tonights guest grasp his sense of humour.

Just as Pandemonia and Snowy were about to enter the passageway for Bina show. Arti Fam Del Castillo and Immodesty Blaize stalled them. Long enough for Immodesty to tell P&S, her torn cartilage is on the mend. This P&S hope's she will continue to do her The Venus Tour in 2013.

Pandemonia and Snowy, eventually got out of the exhibition space, only to find the passage had been transformed into backstage. There, P&S got a first hand look at the intricate, fine embroidery and craftsmanship of the garments of Bina's collection.

As Pandemonia and Snowy clambered into a cab, they meditated on the thought, … this is the kinda empathic crowd they want at P forth coming show.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney Sub Editor Gayatri Sahay

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Launch Cellar 164

Pandemonia and Snowy took a glide down red carpet yet again- This time, for the launch party of Baku Cellar Bar, London's Premier Azerbaijan Restaurant, 164 Sloane Street.

Mid-descent, Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by the bar’s handsome waiters who were topping up Patsey, from Abfab’s, Boligner champagne! A personal fave, we’re told.

With not even a sip of bubbly down P’s lips- and none yet for Snowy either- they were approached by the face of Max factor and Marks and Spencer's Autograph range, turned blogger, Natasha Gilbert. She promptly marched the pair to the ladies bathroom to conduct a must-do impromptu interview, that came to a hault mid way when they realized a girl had managed to lock her self in, ever the reporter Natasha was able to capture this on video and even save the damsel in distress!

Returning to the party, where at the bar was Fashion designer Kristian Aadnevik, Pandemonia recalled the earlier conversation Kristian was spotted to be having with fellow fashion designers Julian MacDonald and Melissa Odabas, all about 2013, and who was or wasn't going to do cruise lines.

After catching the eye of yet another striking barman, Pandemonia and Snowy caught a glimpse of Leyla Aliyeva, the evening’s host and art lover, making an entrance and rocking up in, what Snowy recognised, a Jean Claude Jitrois burgundy, leather dress. P&S took this as their oppertune moment to thank the host, who is also the editor in Chief of Baku Magazine, for the superb front cover shot and were in turn congratulated for their previous issue.

The evening was going swimmingly... that was up until; Pandemonia and Snowy tried to engage Adam Waymouth, of Adam Waymouth Art, in a spec of conversation! However a little less conversation, a little more action seemed to be on Adam’s black, furry dog Jago’s mind when he took a leap at Snowy with his mouth wide open, a vision that had Snowy speculating poor Jago hadn't had his dinner before coming out.

Shifting on to a safe distance, Pandemonia and Snowy met former UK Vogue features editor, Harriette Quick. Harriette, told Pandemonia and Snowy, 'I'm now the Editorial Director of Luxup'. For those few, less in the know- Luxup is an online, invitation-only club for luxury travellers that like shopping. So, if you can't afford to fly to the Bahamas, you can buy your summer ensemble from them, smother yourself in fake tan and pretend you’re rich.

From one person that's selling the dream, to the man that's living it, Farhoud Moaddel. Farhoud, was sporting a real tan,that accompanied his store-bought designer clobber He was extremely curious to find out just what and who Pandemonia is. After chatting with P&S he found himself more the wiser but made sure to take note of last issues Baku Magazine to get up to speed on the art scene.

Art expert, Frederique Beccari and her pal Isabelle Moreau wife of Phillipe, the General Manager of Baku bar restaurant, were next on Pandemonia’s list of gobsmacked celebrities! Beccari has spent the last 18 years working and selling fine art in New York City.

Pandemonia and Snowy gathered up their belongs to leave, but before they were able to do so they were invited for yet another pap-pertunity when another Leyla in a turquoise dress, bustled over pleading to be quickly photographed with P&S! Of course, they obliged. Then thanked the host Ms Aliyeva once again and then raced out the door into the night.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney Sub Editor Gayatri Sahay

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bruce French - 'Still Life'

Pandemonia could sense that Snowy was getting restless and wanting to get out, so P being ever the lovely owner, whisked him up and off they went to the Scream Gallery 27-28 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8DH, for artist Bruce French’s private viewing of his collection entitled,"Still Life".

Still Life, Scream Gallery 26th Oct to 24th Nov 2012
Bruces new body of work depicts figurative forms reminiscent of Gary Hume’s minimalist works from the 1990s. Collaborating with the Royal Ballet and Ballet Basel, Bruce has reduced the human form through drawing and computer software to craft his currant compositions.


On arrival- nothing was still, Bruce French was like a cat on a hot tin roof, trying to greet the hordes of guests.

Bruce paused to say howdy do to Pandemonia and Snowy, before they got separated by swarm of people who were enamored by the work and equally enchanted by the free bar!

Pandemonia and Snowy got swept along in the crowds and found themselves in the company of Percy Parker, one of the design duo behind PPQ clothing brand. Percy was the perfect gentleman and thanked Pandemonia and Snowy for attending their show. Then Percy turned his attentions to comely Swedish model larisa klitsinari.

Taking in a drink at the bar, Pandemonia and Snowy clocked the painting "Failure of Simultaneity" opposite, and on close inspection, P discovered Bruce had chosen similar colour ways to P's Spring Summer 2013 wardrobe.

Taking in the same painting was Storm Models’ Silje Vallevik. Though the beautiful Silje, eventually divulged to Pandemonia and Snowy, "I'm an artist myself'. And proceeded to flash images on her phone, some were self portraits of her when she's not modelling Dior in photo shoots for magazines.

Turning around, Pandemonia and Snowy met two gorgeous wenches- Marcelea Hudakova and Jennifer Hall. Marcelea, P&S found out, is yet another arty gal. She confessed, “I'm an illustrator, I did my BA at London College of Fashion”. She then proceeded to slip them her card.

Blondes, P&S noted, were in abundance tonight, what with Anne Cowie and her camera shy chum Rachel James standing next to them. Anna, who is the creative director for The Pixel Pusher, said 'I'm always on the look out for new imaginative visuals” to Pandemonia and Snowy, 'and you two are incredible' she added.

Conversation over, Pandemonia and Snowy's next chat was with Antonio Vinciguerra, ex model agency manager turned rock star advisor. Antonio was taken aback by P&S and admitted, 'I really think your incredible'.

As did 90's music industry heart throb Migi Drummond, the drummer from 'Curiosity Killed The Cat'. Migi, was using his prepossessing charms on Snowy to find out whether P&S were going to the after party at London’s hotspot Chinawhite. Pandemonia declared it was way past Snowy's bedtime so they'd give it a miss.

Back at the bar, Pandemonia and Snowy struck up a conversation with the adorable Delila Black. Delila let be known, 'I'm singer, releasing new music in time for Christmas, with a mini tour to back up, and I'd love you both to come to one of my gigs”. Snowy, nodded with delight.

Scanning the room Pandemonia and Snowy knew there had to be photographers. And, there they were- Laurence Edney (Laroache Brothers) and Daniel O'meara, to name but few. Both these ex male models turned photographers, took a shine to P and S.

They weren't alone Mark Hiley, TV Chairman and producer, gave Pandemonia and Snowy an eloquent jester of approval. Then Mark disclosed, 'I'm getting to grips with being thrown in the deep end of London’s social world again, having returned from overseeing filming in remote obscure regions of third world countries in past few months'. Obviously, in those parts, vivacious models were in short supply concluded Pandemonia and Snowy.

Pandemonia and Snowy curled up in back of cab on their way home and wondered where meeting all these creative people will lead to?

Photo/Copy: Stephen Mahoney, Sub Editor Gaytri Sahay