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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Total Pandemonia!!

Pandemonia interviewed by Jason Lee of Salon Spotter.

A few weeks ago, we ran a story about 80′s pop stars and a celebrity cartoon inspired guest at the Pam Hogg show for London Fashion Week. This above photo was attached to the story featuring the 7 foot tall post modern plastic and latex pop artist known as simply “Pandemonia”. We instantly became fascinated by her. She’s a statement between pop culture/fine art/celebrity/fashion and of course a great sense of humour. Her genius is that unlike the archetypal socialite blonde she emulates, Pandemonia will never age. Additionally, she is the humanized version of the plasticized world of advertising we live in. We thought it would be a great idea to contact Pandemonia and ask her a few questions about life, love and art! Here’s how our conversation went!!

Paloma faithPandemonia with Paloma Faith: PR Photos

SalonSpotter: Most recently your hair color is a stunning shade of platinum blonde with low lights. It’s so beautiful. We’ve seen you sporting a more golden tone in the past as well as fiery red. What made you decide to go all the way platinum?

Pandemonia: Pam Hogg, the fashion designer (Editors Note: Pam Hogg sports bright yellow hair), always said I was a rivalling her hair. When she invited me to her fashion show I thought, I’d give her a break. I changed my hair colour. I went one better I went platinum blonde. You know I think its working for me.

SalonSpotter: Going Platinum blonde can be harsh on the hair…do you have any beauty tricks for those who are thinking of going super light without damaging their hair?

Pandemonia: Yes it is hard on your roots. I’ve got my own secret recipe for giving my hair that lustrous bounce. In a word its…. Helium. It really gives it that lift and bounce you need.

SalonSpotter: Let’s talk about the style of your hair. You seem to love wearing it with a side swept fringe and flipped at the bottom which is super sexy. Would you ever wear a short bob?

Pandemonia: I’m glad you noticed that. The bob is sexy but I think the fringe is more feminine. I always liked that wind swept look. Its so dynamic, its like the wind of opportunity is blowing through it. Body and movement are things I always build into my hair. It’s all about aspiration. Its important to have things for people to look at.

SalonSpotter: In your opinion, what does a woman’s hair say about her?

Pandemonia: Power! Its an extension of yourself. It’s the first thing people see, its all performance. You know Samson had all his strength in his hair. And It can take years off you.

SalonSpotter: What do you think of celebrity today?

Pandemonia: Celebrity is a machine. Its all about selling product – lifestyle etc.

SalonSpotter: What do you think of plastic surgery?

Pandemonia: Everything’s plastic these days. I simply went the full way. Going totally glossy is the next logical step in perfection. It’s the ultimate packaging! I’ve got that shiny, new you, look.

SalonSpotter: Snowy seems like such a happy dog. Does he love fashion?

Pandemonia: Is Snowy Happy? Of course he is… he’s on Gas! He loves everything especially fashion.

SalonSpotter: Who is the ultimate male counterpart for Pandemonia? Does Pandemonia fall in love?

Pandemonia: I’m always asked this. Who is Pandemonia’s other? Pandemonia is like an open sentence. Free and single I say, but Pandemonia falls in love all too easily so you never know.

SalonSpotter: In 2033, what will Pandemonia be doing?

Pandemonia: No doubt retiring in some Tax haven. Let me see, hot or cold? I could be taking in the Mountain Airs living in a Swiss chalet. Or maybe lounging on a Yacht in Monaco, South of France, sipping the Martinis. What do you think?

SalonSpotter: Sounds amazing!!! Let’s talk the Queen of Pop. Do you have an opinion about Madonna? Is she an iconic female archetype or is she just an ageing pop star? Or both?

Pandemonia: Without doubt Madonna is a cultural icon. Throughout her career Madonna has constantly challenged the public’s perception of herself and the representation of other woman. Her public identity defies male control. She asserts herself as a subject, rather than an object. Madonna is the one that calls the shots.

Few woman have had such a wide ranging influence. She has played a significant role in developing the identity of the modern independent woman.

SalonSpotter: Do you have a dark side?

Pandemonia: I did experiment with going brunette. My hair looked lifeless more chocolate than brunette. I felt deflated so I treated myself by going blonde again. Which goes to show blondes do have more fun.

For full article go to SalonSpotter.

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