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Monday, 28 February 2011

Ziad Ghanem

London Fashion Week AW 2011

Ziad Ghanem AW2011/2012 collection "Never End, Never End, Never End"‏

When 21th Febuary 2011

Location 60 Great Queen St, Freemason Hall, Vauxhall Fashion Scout.


Pandemonia - front row.

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Charcoal gray and metallic green dress.
Shoes – Glass mules
Acessories - Black gloves. Matching metallic green ankle and foot bracelets
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet


Boy George, Pandemonia

The Fashion

Ziad Ghanem's collection drew inspiration from the horror video game “Silent Hill”and the works of John-Henry Fuseli. Each look was a haute couture creation, shown on the most eclectic ensemble of models to walk for fashion week. Size's, ages, races and genders were all represented.

PandemoniaPhotos Christopher Dadey

The audience erupted as the first mesmerizing model, Marnie Scarlet, lifted to become a ten foot tall vision of the most beautiful nightmare. From there, they were amazed by the intricacy of each design; from the complex beading to the complicated drapery, from the femininity softness to the bold strength of each model.

Ziad Ghanem Pandemonia admires the couture.
Photo Amy Lockwood

Ziad Ghanem
Photo Christopher Dadey

As the show closed, the applause erupted and everyone left the show in awe of the spectical they had just witnessed.

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