Street Photography

Thursday, 3 March 2011


London Fashion Week AW 2011

23th Febuary 2011

Location 24 Endell Street, The Hospital Club, London. Snow PR.



horace Photo Studio jojo

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Gray silver dress with red hem.
Shoes – Matching red and gray mules.
Acessories - Matching red goves
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

Photo Studio jojo

The Fashion.

With both a design studio in Bali as well as in London, Horace embodies the better of two amazing cultures. It has become a creative mix of primitive Balinese hand craft and British unassuming cool.

Photo Studio jojo

Shown in the moody cool light of a television studio, the models circled the perimeter under the glare of video projections.

The mixed sex collection, comprised of slogan t-shirts, soft denims mixed with printed cottons and statement knits.

Photo Studio jojo