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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Pandemonia talks Food & Baloney!


Jamie Cotter Cra​ig Interviews Pandemonia

Photos: Georgiadou Christina.

Name and Occupation

Pandemonia. Fine Artist. You must take a look at my website.

Size Zero or Hearty Eater?
I don't know about all that. I just live on star dust.

Which cookery writer do you admire?

Plato said that rhetoric is the counterpart of cookery in the soul.

Who is your favourite chef?

Berty Bassit. He caters for all sorts.

What do you like to cook for friends and why?
Candy Floss. It's light and airy just like me.

One kitchen gadget you could not live without.
Fridge magnets.

What sweets did you like as a child?
Cadbury Curly Wurlies

What is your earliest food memory?
Eating the icing off a cake

A celebration is not complete without......

A red carpet.

What is your favourite food item?

Another bite of the cherry.

You travel a LOT, which countries food do you look forward to most?

I never got to Hungary, they never give you enough there. I've had some good fry ups in Greece.

A cooking tip you would like to share with everyone?

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Favourite restaurant?
Room service!

Most memorable meal ever?
Jessica rarebit.

Where do you go for your favourite cocktail?
The Pharmacy

Which seasonal ingredient do you look forward to seeing most during the year?
Snow flakes for Snowy, he's my dog.

You have been extremely naughty and you are about to have your last supper, who would you like to join you?
Oh I could invite Hundreds & Thousands. Let me see...

The Michelin man - he always brings a few stars with him
Mr Atkins – you know its important to have a healthy diet
Willy Wonka – for dessert
The mad hatter – for tea
Cruella de Vil – Style
Mr Tickle – He's always good for a laugh.
Mr Kellogg – for breakfast.
Mr Campbells – for the soup
Baron Munchhausen – a sense of adventure
Dogmatix - mustn't forget Snowy

Which chef do you wish would whip up a delicacy for you?

Heston Blumenthal. Maybe he could make me a soufflé and meringue dress with matching bag and hat .

Fine dining or relaxed local?
Fine dining any day. One has to be seen in all the best places.

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