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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Danger, Jack Du Rose

Pandemonia and Snowy took to the streets, this time, for Jack Du Rose launch of DuRose: "Danger" exhibition, at Sam Taylor-Wood Studio.

Jack Du Rose

On entering the show, P & S had a big surprise. Mr Jack Du Rose, who worked with Damian Hirst on the Iconic diamond skull "For The Love of God" had created was a splendid mini zoo, creeping and crawling with reptiles, spiders, jellyfish and more, in fact, complete with everything Trazan knows and treasures. The stuff that makes a city girl shriek!

Not for that faith hearted damsel, this evening was for the up town city fearless chic, (the ones who could take on Crocodile Dundee).

Andreas DellalAndrea Dellal, Pandmonia and Jack De Rose pose for the press

P, clutched her glass of delicious Ruinart champagne, when perusing Jack Du Rose handy work, and what exquisite work it was, from pair of glowing fluorescent jellyfish rings, yes rings, with luminous diamonds and ruby's that were enough to make any Aristocrat, develop sticky fingers, (the show retained Du Rose taxidermist eerie vibe, by encasing every exhibit in a Portland Oregan-based, glass artist Andy Paiko, individual designed glass bell jars) to the perfect cure for any arachnophobic, a tangled webbed diamond necklace with a redundant black widow gem encrusted spider as a centre piece.

Amy Molyneaux

Pandemonia got nudged, by the adorable Amy Molyneaux, founder of UK fashion label PPQ. Amy went into raptures over the blue ringed Octopus with its golden sapphire and cognac, champagne and white diamond tentacles, with opal eyes. And then proceed to say, "I'm hunting for new studio near to centre of London". So to all you W1 estate agents out there, give Ms M a call. You may strike lucky?

Annie Monroe

Another fine looking gal appeared at P's side, Annie Monroe from the Los Angeles band The Like. Annie chewed the fat on how she's found another way to supplement her income when not gigging; part time acting, and she's already landed a film role. P thought with all Ms Monroe surplus cash, I bet she'll make off with the deadly cyanide Moth with pink and white diamonds. Very Rock & Roll.

Lilly Galvin

Libby Galvin Daily Mail sub editor and her walker Henry Blanchard. The pair entrapped P and then Henry let it slip his fav JDR masterpiece was Dark Frog, why? because he said, "it was least obvious item of precious jewellery, with the frog hidden under a camouflage". A concealment made up of rarest lagoon tourmaline, mandarin garnet and verdant green emerald, that would attract any smart Princess to keep this frog, instead of kissing it and getting a dull Prince.

Andreas Dellal

The next encounter Pandemoina had, was with ex Brazilian model and wife of property tycoon Guy Dellal, the incomparably stylish Andrea, with her equally on trend girlfriend Carolina Overmeer, both of whom mirrored the pages of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. Andrea was sporting a orchid pendent necklace from Mr J Rose, which Mrs A Dellal confessed, was a gift from the designer, before inviting P to meet the man of the moment.

Jack Du Rose

And for all you uninitiated fans of Jack's incredible fine work, your in for real as awaking, as did some of the other guests. Jack has the hallmark of a handsome, hunky, prop forward Rugby player, rather than skinny jeweller. Snowy was a bit apprehensive to meet him, thinking J was eyeing him up as next show piece. But Jack gave him a friendly giant smile and a gentle reassuring cuddle. A sight that lead some of the girls and a few of the guys wish they were Snowy.

Henry Conway

Then Pandemonia notice Snow was shaking with excitement. He had spotted London clubland party promoter Henry Conway, heading their way. But Henry side stepped them, when he saw The Golden Lion exhibit. Only to return and say P & S they're both welcome any time at his club nights. This made Snowy's evening.

Benjamin Spicer

P couldn't leave without say farewell to Benjamin Spicer UK Sales Manager for Calvin Klein and his best mate Scott Mellis from Mission PR. Scott met P at exit and presented Pandemonia with a goodie bag, containing a treat from the Mr JDR, a gift Snowy took an immediate shine to, in the cab, on their way home.

P&S had a splendid night out in the urban jungle better known as London.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney