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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lost in Beauty

Pandemonia and Snowy felt the need to step out & mingle.

So, they hopped in a cab, to Primrose Hill's mecca-of all things healthy and beautiful "Lost In Beauty" 117 Regents Park Road, NW1 8UR.

Lost in Beauty

Where, tonight's celebratory party, was for winning the Telegraph/Mary Portas award, The Best Independent Beauty shop.

On entering this sumptuous emporium, Pandemonia and Snowy discovered why they'd won.

The store resembled a Dr Who manifestation, that of a pretty Victorian Apothecary's den for fashionable females.

Equipped with antique display cabinets, a magnificent chandelier, old wall lights, posters and photographs.

This dream Pandemonia had entered, was extended, when P sipped the 500 year old Czech witches brew-a Babicka Vodka cocktail, doled out, by the founder and owner of LIB, Georgie Hamed.

Georgie Hamed

Georgie reflected a well-groomed 2012 female and wasted no time in explaining, " that apart from regular treatments, our studio also specialise in glamorous bespoke parties, for up to 20 people, for girly Hen nights and birthday party's, to intimate baby showers and the occasional teen celebrations".

A haven, P thought, for her girlfriends, who adore having expert therapist pamper them.

Georgie took a gentle hold of Snowy and steered P&S down stairs, to the cleared area, for dancing.

There she introduced Pandemonia to Daniel Poole, a man of many talents, from fashion, Interior and costume designing.

Daniel Poole

Daniel blurted out, "your incredible art form, I want you to do something at my gallery". P blushed and replied yes.

P&S returned to the ground level, where Pandemoina took a peek into the glass cabinets, housing some of Jade Jagger's jewellery.

Yes, Ms Jagger had a pop up shop-within LIB, from 8-12 December, showcasing her disco inspired gems.

Jade Jagger Cupids Arrows - Use these for certain success on the dance floor.

These were snapped up by the local's, so, JJ has extended the pop up, for another week.


Pandemonia then had a chat with fellow artist Inkie.

This Bristol lad, now resides in London and has garnered a global following, after taking part in worldwide tour with Belvedere and Jade (her again) Jagger.

On the tour, Inkie participated in live events, painting large canvases at star studded bashes in London, Los Angeles and New York.

His work was also featured in the VIP room at the Canes Film Festival.

And tonight Inkie retorted, "I did the artwork for this evenings Lost in Beauty invites and I also painted the 6X8 feet window".

Both of which bear his indelible graffiti trademark.

Irene Yong

P rub shoulders next, with ex Harrods employee Irene Yong.

Irene was as intrigued in Pandemonia, as P was to meet this waxing maestro.

After I run her hands over P, IY let it slip-with gesturers, pointing to her lip and just below her nether regions "I'm on hand 2 days a week, and can remove any hair from a lip for £10, to Brazilian/Hollywood for £45.

Not that either Pandemoina or Snowy felt they needed any of IY services.

But, if ever P&S hair starts materialising in a Julia Roberts kinda way, they'll be back to see her, in a flash.

Pandemonia's eye's drifted, to the latest artist exhibition of paintings decorating the walls, by Jennifer Louise Martin, entitled "Retro Beauty".


RB is Jennifer's creative view, is of some 1960' babes, from Britt Ekland to Jean Shrimpton, to, todays supermodel Kate Moss.

JLM depicts these beautiful women with their mascara and make-up streaking down their feline faces, as if they've just escaped a sauna, after stepping through the wrong door.

Jen confessed, my technique, is to let the paint run, and run it did, down all 9 canvases on show.

"A vision you'll rarely see now-a-days, since every major cosmetic house have waterproof mascara and face powder's", expounded Irene Moore, PR for Bobbi Brown makeup.

Its a sight to see and will run from 14 December to Mid February 2012.

And for those people who prefer to have their eyelashes tinted.

LIB have the authoritative brow threading mistress Rekha Joshi, who at the blink of an eye, can whip an ungainly brow, into shapely masterpiece and dye your lashes to.

If thats not your bag, "Lost in Beauty" have all bases covered, with Paperself, these are spectacular paper eyelashes, that Pandemonia spotted, were all the rage with fashion editors, during London Fashion Week.

Snowy's tummy rumbled at the sight of Ooh Lou Lou cupcakes on a plate.

Ooh Lou Lou

P span around and noticed they were the creations of princess of cupcake land, Lulu.

Lulu, is a star cake maker, for Jonathan Ross show VIP green room guests.

The show has previously commissioned Lulu, to make a cake for Lady Gaga and this week it's Tom Cruise turn.

Pandemonia and Snowy can't wait to see what Lulu will rustle up for them.


Turning away, P spotted the gorgeous looking singer, songwriter, Rachel Stevens with her pal and personal trainer Fern Bayliss.

The girls were being girls, at the make-up counter.

That done Rachel divulged, I'm working on new album and came tonight, to see if another invited guest, Jay Kay would show".

Ms Steven's continued to say "if he did & he was free, I was proposing to ask him to collaborate with me on my new CD".

We, all know JK, has eye for good thing, so if your reading this Jay, Pandemonia recommends you give Rachel a call.

And, fuel our imagination more, with the music you two beauties could make together.


Exiting the gathering, P &S said their final farewell's, to all the Lost in Beauty team, who'd educated Pandemonia & Snowy on the current offers available, in the art of maintaining a neat and elegant appearance.

Back at Pandemonia & Snowy lair. P&S were thrown into a dilemma-with information over load, on deciding which products they could use, to give their skin and hair a more healthy shine, before venturing out the door for your event.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney