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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Front Row Pandemonia London Fashion Week Report A/W 2012

Pandemonia and Snowy's London Fashion Week began with them being filmed, for A The a Day in The Life of P&S, by Crane TV.

Their starting point was at the fabulously chic 5 star, Montcalm Hotel, 34-40 Great Cumberland Place, W1, and then a stroll along Oxford Street, to see Selfridges windows.

Crane TV
The next day, Pandemonia and Snowy headed to Vauxhall Fashion Scout at the Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, for Fam Irovoll fashion show.

Fam Irovoll

Fam whimsical nursery tale of google eyed monsters, in pastel coloured baggy knits, leggings, baby doll dresses and printed brothel creeper's.

Early Morning Rebel

Post show Pandemonia & Snowy encountered LA's new rock band "Early Morning Rebel" ranked by Cosmopolitan magazine as the new IT band, these guys railroaded P&S into coming to their gig that night at Roof-gardens. Snowy was delighted to go, knowing there was a huge garden if he got caught short.

P&S then dashed home to change into her vivid yellow outfit and then traveled, to Sumerset House, for PPQ show at British Fashion Council show space.

On route, in the courtyard P&S got hood winked into giving a sound bite to Fashion TV and then breezed inside.

Hilary Alexander

On the front row, Pandemonia was snapped and tweeted by Hilary Alexander from the Telegraph.

Lord Mayor

Followed up, by a quick how-do-you-do with the Lord Mayor of Westminster Susie Burbridge, proceeded by a quick chat with Jameela Jamil.

Jameela Jamil

Jameela divulged to P, I'm not only presenting on TV, I'm also working at BBC on the radio and enjoying that to".


Seated, PPQ show took a grown-up turn, with emphasis on 50's hollywood glamour, with their full length skirts, mid-length draped chiffon dresses that were cinched in at the waist on models with cascading tresses, a vision Pandemonia felt akin to.

Jo Wood

In the scrum to leave P chatted with Joe Wood and party princess Zoe Griffin. Jo let it slip, "I've worn my best a pair of leather trousers", the sight of all that leather, sent Snowy howling.

Joe Wood and party princess Zoe Griffin

Later, Pandemonia & Snowy joined Arieta Mujay and the rest of the River Island team for the launch of a brand new initiative FASH/ON FILM sponsored by River Island staged at foyer of BFC space. P&S hooked up Fiona Mcham and Catherine Hudsan from Junior magazine for a tipple.

Roberta Resta and Catherine Zangranodo

Time was speeding on and it P&S said their goodbye's, to Roberta Resta and her pal Catherine Zangranodo, to rush across to TRG for the rock show.

Outside in the shadows of the BFC ramp walkway, Pandemonia a Snowy literally stepped into a bunch of knee high punk infants. The sight of which gave Snowy cause for concern, until a relative of their's stepped up and asked to take picture of P&S with modern day brat pack.

Stacy Jackson

P&S hopped a cab to the The Roof Gardens for EMR performance. Where in the RG-VIP room Pandemonia caught up with singer/song writer Stacy Jackson to discover Stacey is releasing a new single "Is This Love" after her on whistle stop tour of the USA withThe Soushaker and eSquire remixes of 'Live it Up' ft collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

Gabriella Ellis

From one hot gal to another, Made in Chelsea TV star, Gabriella Ellis. Snowy thought, Gab looked fully recovered from being dumped fellow star Ollie Locke and ready to take up a new challenge, could it be S mused, the new lumbering hunk of Hollyoaks TV series, the ex Neighbour's soap star Dan O'Connor, S says watch this space.

Dan O'Connor


An equally devilishly handsome singer/performer Angelo, used all his charms to coerce Pandemonia and Snowy to agree, to attend his act on Monday night at Freedom Bar, Soho.

Pandemonia and Snowy left Angelo for home, to check their email responses to P art work on "Pushing the Envelope" a charity auction between 12th and 22nd March 2012 to help raise money for the National Literacy Trust. And get some sleep, not wanting to have any bags under their eyes for rest of London Fashion Week shows.

After good nights rest and full of the joys of Spring, Pandemonia and Snowy made tracks for Bernard Chandran show at VFS and was seated opposite Keisha Buchanan a former Sugerbabes.

Bernard ran his models out with elaborate hair do's, in large neck pieces with overlapping Peter Pan collars, wider ankle trousers with 15cm cuffs.

A Silk dress with diagonal zip and harlequin diamond shaped pockets, to simple short or mid calf length shift dresses, over a fine gauge polo neck sweater, with naked silver zip running down the back-a current on trend detail, in silver grey, jet black and Royal blue.

Photo Just Jola

Show over, Tina Barrett the ex S Club 7 babe raced across to expound that Pandemonia is amazing.

Tina Barrett

P was still blushing from TB, as P&S bundled into a cab for Goldsmith Hall, for Ashley Isham show.

While Pandemonia settled Snowy on her lap, Charlene Jumbo, the creative director of Cakes&Tarts, parked herself next to them and produced a C&T colour co-ordinated cup-cake, one that matched Pandemonia's garb. P love it.

Ashley Isham

Ashley's lights went down and he rolled out a collection of garments, in leather, jersey, lace, metallics and floral prints in some subtle gold, teal and grey. Tailored suits that's leather piping gave definition line and floor length draped dresses in silk jersey.

Ashley Isham

On the exit stairway landing, Pandemonia and Snowy came face to face, with some of Mr Isham's luscious models and took this opportunity to congratulated them keeping the elegant vibe rolling, throughout the show. They said "is was easy", gave Snowy a hug and then they skedaddled.

By midday, the following day, Pandemonia and Snowy were in need of sustenance, so they rendezvoused with Cristina Polizzi, Shelley Pick and 55 TV crew at Cafe Bar, 136 Strand, WC2R 1HH.


Nadja Solovieva

While sipping a cup of tea, P&S were pleasantly distracted by luxury fashion designer Nadja Solovieva. Nadja said "I'm delighted to find someone who as tall as me and snuggled up to P.

Fortified, P&S made it to The Italian Cultural Institute, for Vogue Italia's presentation, of up-and-coming young professionals.

The first of this new breed of fashion designers exhibiting, Pandemonia and Snowy encountered, were Antonio Romano and Francesco Alagna from the label "Come for Breakfast". Their collection of separates for guys/girls, was in spiderweb lightweight knitwear, double wool crepe, silk organza and the prints-that were inspired by urban street life and billboards. Surrounded by all of these tactile, soft fabric's, Snowy wanted to immerse himself in them & have a snooze.


Over at the next show space was for Tomaso Anfossi and Francesco Ferrari, the faces behind Co|Te. For P&S, their tale, was of clean cuts, simple shapes, in sky blues, stark whites, vivid orange and dove grey and T&A sleeveless shirt dress with a ballon print, was lovely, but Pandemonia surmised this collection was more suited for Mediterranean cruise, than tramping Camden Town in A/W.

Caterina Gatta

Pandemonia and Snowy were then drawn to the lively stand of Caterina Gatta, the Rome based designer. Caterina spends her days, sourcing vintage colourful designer fabric's from Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, etc and turns these redundant textiles into her fashion statement garments. And what bold ones they were, almost as bold as Ms Gatta, who once she got he mitts on Snowy, she fell under his spell.

Franca Sozzani

So much so, that Pandemonia had to prize Snowy away Ms G and then resume tagging along the trail of Director of Vogue Italia Franca Sozzani. Franca looked equally surprised to find them there, since, at this moment in time, most of London's style figures were racing to the Burberry Prosum show.

Martine Hadida

From one fashion icon, to two of the best, and Pandemonia & Snowy favourite's, Martine Hadida and her daughter, owners of of l'eclaireur, one of the finest fashion/lifestyle store group's in Paris. After giving P&S a squeeze and air kiss, the Hadida's were off, like bats out of hell, to their next appointment.

Hofit Golan

Another of P&S pals taking in the Italian show, was Israeli socialite Hofit Golan. Pandemonia was in deep conversation with Ms Golan and about to quiz her on what fabulous dress she was going to wear to Elton John's Oscar 2012 party.

P was interrupted, when Snowy got harmless bump, by "A-Lab label" model, as she forged her way through the assembled crowd, back to her stand and A-Lab designers Alessandro Biasi and Simona Betterelli.

P&S thread was lost and they headed to see designer Nicholas Julitta. Old Nick, is known for his experiments, in morphing into coats, bomber jackets, clothing and knitwear items, made out of padded Nylon and polyester, wool and cotton, that he fades to black and orange, that Mr Julitta thinks, work like "organic" surface. Snowy pulled away, when NJ eye fixed on his old dog collar, fearing might be commandeered and wind up in his next recycled collection.

As P&S ambled by Salar stand, the designers Francesca Monaco and Salar Bicheranloo, who were captivated by Shelley Pick from the New York Fashion Calendar. Shelley was angling to purchase one of Salar luxury zip handbags, only duty called and Shelly had to give her American Express card a rest and hop it for next show.

Carlo Presenti

Pandemonia & Snowy, found their amico, Carlo Presenti, Director of The Italian Cultural Institute, to thank him for todays invite and kiss T the LA/New York Model, before high tailing it back to VFS for Prose show.

Tallulah Adeyemi

At Prose, Pandemonia exchanged a few words with Tallulah Adeyemi. Tallulah told P, I've been so busy, I even missed Vivienne Westwoods show. Snowy sifted through the VIP goodie bag and drew P attention to the Body Shop array of cosmetic products, in next seasons A/W colours, just before Miriam Lehle, fashion designer of Prose, flagged up her seasons signature.

ProsePhoto carmine

ML wardrobe staples, were shredded-like tops and jackets, laddered knits, in dark navy, beige, yellow and tangerine, P left feeling elated at seeing more colour for winter.

Back again to VFS, for Lako Bukia show.

Lako Bukia
This was homage to mono chrome set, added to which, the models hair was pulled through a 8cm high silver tubular head piece, so the runway resembled a startrek-all female crew. And for the gals evening gown, a breast plate that resembled a shattered-mirror, and a finale that ended with a firework explosion of silver foil squares, this jared poor Snowy's nervous.

Lako Bukia

Maurice Mullen

Luckily for Snowy, Maurice Mullen from Evening Standard and Elaine Mensah from Svelte-Emc were on hand comforted him.

Pandemonia felt it was all a bit to much for Snowy, on school night to, so took S home for early night rest.


Tuesday morning 11.45 Pandemonia and Snowy returned to Sumerset House, where in Court yard, Pandemonia whiled away the morning, signing copies of 55pages 55 Factory TV Magazine.

Signing over,it was time to go home, change and return to SSH for the KTZ show.

Rochelle Wiseman

Pre KTZ, Pandemonia and Snowy were hopping in & out of their seats, to catch up with this seasons partner in crime, Christopher George of 55 Factory TV. Chris and P&S accompanied him, at chewing the fat with Rochelle Wiseman of the Saturdays.

Lizzie Cundy

Pleasantries over, next up, was P&S glamours playmate, the adorable Lizzie Cundy in her low cut, body con red dress, one that had M8 security men wishing they were employed in fashion.

Then back to their perch's, the shows music pumped out in time with the various permutations of tartan, either in black & White, Red or Yellow with black, in frock coats, jackets, shirts, kilts, trousers and shoes. A vision that would make Vivienne Westwood proud with it's modern execution. Then another equally comprehensive narrative using white on black motif's, these snaked their way from cap to footwear. At no point did the show let up, the music & the clothes were in sync. KTZ delivery was reminiscent of a Westwood, Boy London and Patricia Field high energy catwalk shows. One that held Pandemonia and Snowy attention throughout. As P&S vanished into the night, with their feet tapping to the previous shows beat, they snuggled up and minds drifted over their LFW and what a great one it was.

photo/ copy Stephen Mahoney