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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Frieze Art Fair 2013

Pandemonia and Snowy seeing the rain teaming down were at a loss as to what to wear. At last, they both agreed white was right and they high-tailed it to Frieze Art Fair.

  They strode into FAF escaping from the inclement weather outside they received a warm welcome from their chum Bjorn Stern inside. Bjorn was together with art dealer Andrew Mackay and the ever so handsome artist Konstantino Dregos.

Konstantino was quick off the mark and invited Pandemonia and Snowy to his show at Stern Arts event next month before scurrying off into the depths of Frieze exhibition.

Pandemonia and Snowy were about to take in the show when Mareu and Cornelia Tischmacher the senior director from Johnem Galerie in Berlin stopped them for a chat, Cornelia declared "I'm so captivated by Snowy".

P was delighted, but they were on a whistle stop tour so P had to prise away Snowy only to be held up again by Eric Gonon from Louise Beouin Media & his pal Bruce Fergison.
Bruce said "you’re too are good looking to pass up without Eric getting you on film". 
Snowy and Pandemonia naturally obliged.

As Pandemonia and Snowy turned away from the filming and encountered the adorable Eleanor Bonas. 
Snowy was so attracted by this young art lover who holding him gently revealed "I was 6 last week".

Pandemonia & Snowy moved from one cute youngster to one spirited female Angela Hertault, with her Italian pal, Paola Riganonti. Angela admitted "you’re amazing".

Moving on Pandemonia and Snowy joined Sevil Sabonci, Melisa Topan and chaperone Michael.
Sevil enquired "where did you two come from”?.

P & S left them wondering how long they could cope in the sweltering heat and went in search of a cooling drink, They had only taken a few steps when they were cornered and asked to pose for pix by Getty images photographer David Benett.

David did his duty only to be replaced by Hannibal Reitano the international social showbiz columnist from Buenos Aries.
Who after he'd taken his picture's of P&S owned up "I can’t stand the cold weather, so I'm off home for 6 months to bask in the sun".

From one sun seeker to two sun kissed blonde haired babes. 
Bibi Van Der Velden and Michèle Deiters neither of whom could keep their hands off Pandemonia and Snowy.
P&S were panic stricken until Bib informed them "we work together to create sculptures and adore you pair".

Pandemonia's attention was then drawn to an agitated Snowy.
P discovered the reason walking towards them, S’s pals Nefer Suvio and Nick Rhodes.
N&N had come from The Masters section where they'd fallen for an exquisitely carved 1890's marble head. 

   Still on the hunt for a thirst quencher Pandemonia and Snowy headed to the bar to be stopped in their tracks again, and exchanged a few pleasantries with fine artist photographer Wolfgang Tillmans , and his pal whose name escapes Snowy.
Wolfgang looked as pleased as punch with his solo show at the Maureen Paley Gallery from now to 24 of November.

From one happy bunny to another Mrs Jenny Halpern Prince, Sir Ralph Halpern's daughter made the news selling 50.1 percent shares of her company Halpern PR for £3 million. 
Snowy was intrigued by what Jenny intended spending her new found wealth on?

Snowy was swerved from goal by Sara Berman .
Sarah, a new face in the art world having done a stretch as a fashion designer she’s now jumped ship and by her arty mode of dress Pandemonia & Snowy reckon she's left fashion for good.

Walking the aisle Pandemonia and Snowy came upon Uscha Pohl editor of Very Magazine and artist Antonio Riello. 
They chorused "we love you" and Uscha pulled out her camera & snapped away.

Pandemonia & Snowy then entered a bag comparison scenario with Mum and daughter team.
Daughter swung her Hermes job to forefront, Pandemonia's red rubber bag assumed centre stage and mum in at the side with quilted Chanel number.  
It was all fun at the fair and Snowy for once wished he had a bag too.

Mum and her daughter had only just stepped away when Pandemonia and Snowy were besieged by Marina Kaloghirou.
Marina a gentle soul really only wanted to say, you’re "exceptional, beautiful and I’d like you to meet my friend".

  Pandemonia and Snowy were pressed for time and had to decline the offer and headed to the Jeff Koons sculptures.
While gazing at Koon's piece, P&S got into a delicious scrum with Mirka Tsoukaueli, Rani Papoutsani-Kontos and Christina Michaelides.
These Greek gals were lively company.
Then Rani put an end to merriment to pursue her search for art on behalf of her clients. 

Snowy’s attention was drawn to another lady Josefin Elfner with her soul mate and mens fashion designer Juan Acevedo.
Juan invited both Snowy and Pandemonia to his flag ship store opening on Kings Road the following week,

The next group of fun loving creatures were Sarah Golding, Jane Suitor and George Henry Longly.
Jane had been at the James Franco show.
And today Jane was hanging out with George, whose joint PV show Snowy had missed at Andor Gallery in E2. 

With more people crowding into the exhibition the temperature was beginning to soar, Pandemonia and Snowy wished they were at the tea rooms at Sketch.  
As fate would have it, the maverick of the dining and entertaining world Mourad Mazouz owner of Sketch & Momo's appeared.
Mourad thanked P&S for the Italian Vogue TV piece, and said "you two are always welcome Sketch, any time"

Next, Pandemonia whisked Snowy off to the Project 88 Gallery stand for a squint at Mumbai art.
Where the director Sree Goswami let on, "we have lots of great talent in India and you should pay us a visit"  

Pandemonia decided to take Snowy home on their way to the exit, P day dreamed about what it would be like to just up and go to India.
Then they ran into, the most charming married couple in UK.

Usha Mittal & her hubby Lakshmi who were suddenly mobbed by youngsters calling out Auntie to Usha.

In the taxi Pandemonia informed Snowy Auntie is an affectionate indian term for a female you hold with high esteem.
Snowy wished he had an Auntie like Usha too.

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photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney