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Saturday, 20 February 2010

J. Maskrey Autumn "Pleasure" Winter collection

London Fashion Week 20/02/2010 Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square London.

Attending the J Maskrey show Pandemonia was given a front row seat. Going blond again, in her trade mark yellow inflatable hair she was dressed in a chic blue pop art dress and matching mules. Her faith full companion, inflatable lap dog, Snowy accompanied her.

Inspired by the "Mask of Fu Man Chu" the show captured the criminal eastern mystical. The collection included knits, sequins and crochet. All in classic black incorporating highly detailed diamonds and sequins. The range included skirts shawls, hats, attachable glittering yakuza styled tattoos, fan head pieces and chiffon dresses. leggings jewel encrusted like the night sky. All set in a magnificent production and ravishing sound scape of the oriental gong.

Pandemonia said the show was stunning and Snowy gives it the nod of approval too.

One mystery remains unsolved, where did Philip Sallon disappear to with with that big rock he picked up and where will it turn up next?

photos by Wenn

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Earlier that day at the Iris Van Herpen show