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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Loud Flash: The Art of Punk on Paper

Pandemonia Loud Flash
Dressed all in black with inflatable yellow hair, Pandemonia attended the Haunch of Venison's Loud Flash private view.

Curated buy artist Toby Mott the show exhibits British Punk posters, fanzines and flyers from the 1970's. The Punk graphics capture and still retain the energy and excitement of the moment.

The show includes graphics by radical feminist Linder Sterling, well known for the Buzzcocks singles cover Orgasm Addict. Her photo montages combine naked women from pornographic magazines being fused with domestic appliances. Televisions replace heads and remote controls, genitalia. Her work talks about identity stereotypes and the treatment of the female Body as commodity.

Guests included Adam Ant, designer Wayne Hemingway and artist Duggie Fields's.

Haunch of Venison

Photos by Dafydd Jones