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Sunday, 19 September 2010


Who is that girl?

Halfway between a doll and a cartoon: who's that journalist in the front row at all the London Fashion shows?

Seated in the front row of all the main shows at London Fashion week, dressed in latex and wearing a doll mask over her face, a showy mane of blond hair and sometimes in the company of a white stuffed dog: everyone's wondering who this journalist really is.

She calls herself Pandemonia and defines herself as a post-modern artist and fashion blogger, with lots of followers on the internet, as well as journalist for the Daily Mail and The Independent. She attends all of the coolest fashion events - openings, runway shows - and recounts her impressions in short posts. Her tribute to fashion?

Re-interpreting designers' suggestions with her eccentric outfits, put together as if she were dressing a modern-day doll: wrapped in an electric blue dress covered with the British flag, or else a long, champagne-colored dress when the occasion calls for a more chic look. She communicates with her fans through Twitter as well -- for the moment she has "only" 150 followers, but we bet that her numbers are about to increase.

Marta Casadei

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