Street Photography

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Terence Trout .

About Town on a Wednesday night.

Pandemonia goes to the Terence Trout Party in Mayfair.

Held at the Jack Barclay / Bentley Show room, Pandemonia arrives in her classic blue dress and blonde inflatable hair.

A fashion show of the 2011 collection of Terence Trout bespoke suits was put on to the sounds of James Bond. Models showed off both classic and modern suits sharp cuts.

Terence Trout

On arrival Pandemonia is greeted by the host, Stephen Williams.
(Photo msn celebrity news See what they had to say.)

Pandemonia Zoe Griffin

And then bumps into non other than “Party princess” Zoe Griffin

Jo Emma Larvin

The girls, share a glass of the lovely Piper Heidsieck Champagne . Pandemonia poses with actress Jo Emma Larvin and one of the models.

Alex Reid Pandemoia

Spying Alex Reid alone, Pandemonia whispers in his ear. What did they talk about? “Oh nothing..." She said, "that's just between me and him.” Its lucky Katie Price wasn't about.

Photo by Ferrarini

Supper Club put on the after show entertainment with acrobats and the amazing Empress Stah

Stephen Williams

Later Stephen Changed in to another of his Terence Trout suits so they had to pose again for the camera.

Pandemonia Photo by Joe Alvarez

On leaving it was heard that Pandemonia was going to yet another party in Notting hill gate. What a night....

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