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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pandemonia attends a soiree

Pandemonia arrives at a secrete location in her trade mark yellow inflatable hair green dress & matching clutch bag.

Ushered through the magnificent marble lobby she enters, what must be one of the most grandiose of Londons apartments.

Picasso's and Takashi Murakami sculptures literally littered the walls. In the centre of the room on a marble table, the latest Karen K shoe collection. The girls were all literally dripping with
de Grisogono fine jewellery.

karen K

Pandemonia sips Angel Champagne with Shoe designer, Karen K. “Its simply divine! This must be the best Champagne in the world.” Pandemonia was reported to say.

karen K
“You know it took a year to design the base alone.” Karen explains, as she shows Pandemonia her new limited edition shoe collection.


Spying a red sofa, the girls sit down and rest their feet. Pandemonia chats about her fourthcoming sculpture show and drinks Champagne with Nora Voon and Daria Piasecka. “Could those be Noda Design cushions?” Pandemonia askes?


Pandemonia gets all Hyper Real with a Takashi Murakami sculpture.


A model manages to hang on to her dazzling array of de Grisogono fine jewellery. Later on Pandemonia was heard to have said. “If only my gloves were more nimble. After all, aren't Diamonds a girls best friend?”

Andy O Pandemonia

Snapped at the fountainhead with Andy O. Could this be the one? Pandemonia slips from his clutches and disappears off into the night. Rubber can be oh so slippery.

Photos Stephen Mahoney

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