Street Photography

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Charlie Le Mindu

When 20th Febuary 2011

16 Mercer s, London ON/OFF


Pandemonia front row

Charlie Le Mindu

Style break down.

Hair - Inflatable platinum blonde with added low lights
Sun Glasses – Black plastic glasses
Clothes – Red Cartoon semi inflatable dress
Shoes – Black peephole stilettos
Acessories - black gloves
Puppy – Matching Inflatable pet

Charlie Le Mindu

The Fashion

The show opened to a scene not out of place from Brian De Palma's film Carie. A naked blood-stained model, with the gritty slogan ‘Violence’ fastened to her head walked down the runway.


Charlie Le Mindu’s AW ’11 catwalk show was macabre, furiously rebellious and a touch frightening as he explored the glamour and grit of a Berlin brothel and the repressed era of the Second World War. A colour palette of ghoulish white, complete with further blood stains, gas masks, lace veils, see-through PVC and military caps ensued.


Concluding with the dove of peace head ensemble.

charlie le mindu
The audience applauded as models trotted out to the piercing sound of pigs squealing.