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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Larger Than Life
An Interview With Pandemonia
April 5th 2011

A permanent fixture on the front row, Pandemonia is top of the list for fashion invitations and high profile industry events. Glamourous and ageless, her unique style, infamous inflated locks, and colourful personality have sky rocketed her to fashion fame, and lead to countless appearances in blogs, television programmes and glossy publications.

I caught up with the 7ft blonde bombshell and post pop, conceptual artist Pandemonia to talk about fame, fashion and what it's like to be full of hot air.

Miss Pandemonia, you have become something of an international "It" girl in the fashion community. What publications have you been interviewed for and featured in?
I've been in all sorts, let me see… iD, Vogue, Vanity fair, The Sunday Times, Grazia, Ponystep and many more, not to mention the blogs. Even when some magazines only print an image and few words, my work still communicates loud and clear. They say an image paints a thousand words and lucky for me I print well.

What's the most fabulous event you've attended or been invited to?
That's a hard question as I've been to so many. My favourite was the Acne fashion show at Kensington Palace last year. It was very grand. Someone posted a brilliant picture of me greeting the press, it totally captured the occasion.

What's the weirdest?
Weirdest... hmm let me see. Momentarily chatting to Pamela Anderson at the film premier of 'The Commuter Party.' It was a bit like looking in the mirror.

I saw you on the front row of many London Fashion Week shows. Which was your favourite collection for Autumn/Winter '11?
You noticed me? I did make it to several of the shows this year. My favourite was Pam Hogg's, Ziad Ghanem was a close second though. I really like Pam’s style and the music carried it well. My favourite show of all time was Charlie Le Mindu's collection from last September.

Which trends will you be embracing?
“Fake Chic” its my cartoon couture trend.

Anna Dello RussoLondon Fashion WeekCharlie Le Mindu

I recently saw an interview with Dolly Parton where she said she wouldn't leave the house, even if she was being rushed to the hospital, without lipstick and a wig. You always look so fabulously put together, do you ever have days when you dress down?
Good for Dolly! I'm what they call a “ready made,” my lips are stuck on and my hair's always buoyant. Image is everything, it's so important to keep up appearances. You should see my wardrobe it's very extensive. I have something for every occasion.

Being as your favourite fabric is latex, do you find it hot in the summer months? Where's your favourite place to go on vacation?
I like the Alps, the air is so fresh. In those hot summer months its cool enough up their to keep your head on straight.

Do you prefer a one piece or two piece?
At the moment I prefer a one piece, its more elegant. I think a two piece can be a bit fussy. It depends on whether you have the figure for it.

Pandemonia's style is so imaginative and innovative, do you ever see fellow admirers copying your look?
I haven't met anyone copying me yet, although I am sure there are some trying. My work is very distinctive and the concept unique. Physically it's hard to reproduce because my patterns are so complex and there aren't many people with my stature. Pandemonia’s larger than life.

You have experimented with several different hair colours in the past. As a fellow blonde I have to ask, since going platinum have you attracted more attention and, of course, had much more fun?
I think there's a direct correlation between the lightness of your hair and the amount of fun you have. I'm sure you have noticed that when you get photographed the blonde’s stand out and the brunettes, well, just fade into the background. All the top Hollywood actress’s were blonde too you know.

Miss Pandemonia is everywhere! Can we expect to see you attending Paris Fashion Week soon, or better yet on the runway?
Pandemonia loves Paris, Sadly I was just too busy to attend the shows this year. As far as strutting down the catwalk myself I say why do the runway, when everyone can see you all the time on the front row?

You've mentioned on your blog that one of your dreams was to have an art studio on the seaside in France. Is that still your dream?
Yes I would like that so much. You know the south of France is real Poodle Country. Maybe I could also go into breeding pedigree dogs too. Snowy needs a friend.

What plans do you have for the future?
I am working on my art exhibition. It’s going to be a blend of modern art, fashion and satire. We are finalising dates of this September. You must come!

Origional article Zeitgeist.
Words by Tracy Kawalik
Images courtesy of Paul Paul Persky and Pandemonia