Street Photography

Friday, 7 December 2012

Grace Belgravia

Its wasn’t the excessive cold weather that made Snowy apprehensive when Pandemonia told him, “Tonight, we’ve been invited by Nina Naustdal and Clare Beckwith bash at Grace Belgravia.” It was because Snowy knew Grace Belgravia was a women’s only members club.

On arrival at 11c West Halkin Street, Pandemonia and Snowy entered the discrete entrance, scaled the staircase, and passed through the double glass doors, and here, Snowy perked up, seeing a smattering of men in suits lingering around.

Photo Leoni - Blue

And the culprits for the men’s behaviour were the statuesque Nina Naustdal and a bevy of female models in Nina’s dresses.

Photo Leoni - Blue

Nina embraced P&S and gave them a shifty of the L-shaped lounge bar of the exclusive women’s club. Taking in this luxurious space too was Katie Simmonds. Katie is a partner at Burlingtons legal firm and introduced herself to Pandemonia and Snowy, admitting, “I’ve never seen anything like you two.” Likewise, P&S hadn’t come across a legal-minded person in a raspberry Herve Leger dress like Kate’s either.

The next chic lady Pandemonia and Snowy encountered was Tali Zakai. Tali was sporting fabulous ensemble, highlighted by diamond earrings, a pendant, and rings.
Pointing to the diamond accessories she was wearing, Tali confessed, “I buy mostly in Israel, where I get top-quality gems at the best possible prices.”

While browsing the static mannequins, Pandemonia and Snowy met Connie. Connie was wearing a black evening dress and said she was so enamored of Snowy that she wanted to take him home with her.

Pandemonia graciously retrieved Snowy from Connie’s grip. Next up were Serap Salih and Miriam Ulhaq.
Serap and Miriam divulged, “We are media students from the University of Creative Arts in Epsom, and we came here tonight to meet and mingle with industry people".

A couple of networking gals and then a property developer lady gave Pandemonia pointers on where P&S should buy, if ever they decided to sell up and move from their current abode.

Moving on, Pandemonia and Snowy got to speak with Clare Beckwith and hear about her current business venture. “This is the Kangen Water SD501 Platinum Enagic Ionization Process machine, a device that improves the water we drink,” she boasted.
And as if to prove her point, she thrust a glass of Kangen water into P’s hand. It tasted excellent, although Snowy will now have to save up all his pocket money to buy one at 3000 euros a pop.

Thus, quenched Pandemonia and Snowy sat themselves on a sofa, where they were joined by a cute model in another one of Nina’s dresses. The model confided, “I’ve just signed up with new model agency GTM Models , and after tonight, I hope to get more work.”

The next people to ear bend Pandemonia and Snowy on the sofa were Victoria Cresswell and Giselle Sommerville.
Giselle’s yarn was about her day as a backstage runner for fashion designer Michiko Koshino. MK rejected her models.
And seeing Giselle’s pert butt, Michiko cajoled Giselle to take to the runway with two strapping guys on roller-skates, culminating in G’s debut being recorded in the nation papers the following day.

The party was coming to an end for P&S, so they gave their fond farewells, and in the cab, Snowy snuggled up to Pandemonia and conjectured what a great dog’s life he has.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney