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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Arts for India

Pandemonia, on trend as ever, selected an orange dress and a matching collar for Snowy to attend, what promised to be a great night out, at the 'Arts for India' private view in the Saatchi Saatchi Gallery.

Pandemonia and Snowy stepped out of the elevator on 1st floor where they were greeted by Valentina Drouin and Irina Foster.
Pandemonia recognised fellow pooch lover Valentina, whose dog's face can regularly be seen making appearances from her Chanel leather shopping bag! P, realising that Valentina must be missing her little canine pal, relinquished hold of Snowy momentarily and gave Valentina the little pooch to hold Then P retrieved Snowy and strolled off to view 62 works of art, plus a fashion show by designer Bina Modi.

Entering the exhibition area Pandemonia and Snowy met the ever philanthropic duo Mr Satish Kumar Modi and his affectionate wife Abha. This couple of do gooders, as P&S discovered, were here to drum up cash for people less blessed than themselves.

Mrs Abha Modi, was so taken aback by Pandemonia and Snowy that she wasted no time in pulling out her phone to pap her husband with P&S!

Moving into the show space, Pandemonia and Snowy encountered Paul Gladstone Reid & his mate Alex Long. Paul is also an extremely generous individual that uses his profile & creative expertise to highlight others less fortunate plight.

While reaching for the drinks tray P&S clicked glasses with criminal lawyer Elizabeth Jones. Snowy rolled his eyes over Elizabeth's killer dress, while Pandemonia gave her an update on P&S's media coverage.

And P&S spotted Bjorn Stern feasting his eyes on Liz's colourful number too. In his black tie job, an ensemble that was the order of the day for men.

Slopping off into the crowd Pandemonia and Snowy, were engaged by Donna Ross CEO of The Hospital Group. Donna blurted out, 'Im so envious of your figure P and love your look' As P&S were thanking D, one of the artists showing Nadita Chaudhuri approached them and tugged P&S over along to her painting, 'Temptation'.

And as tempting as the Nadita abstract painting was, it hoped to sell tonight for £8500-£9500 Pandemonia and Snowy marvelled at Nadita's expressive moves, that mirrored her work.

Nadita was replaced by a fun loving couple of mates, Georgian Nuti and Edward Crossman. Georgian confessed, 'I'm Ed's guest and I chose to wear my Lanvin dress, one that I bought from H&M' And Snowy agreed it was good choice.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney Sub Editor Gayatri Sahay

Another charming guest who eased his way in to conversation with P&S was Subal Charla Subal , let cat out of the bag,' tonight I'm skipping my home work from MBA at Cass Business School City University'.
Pandemonia and Snowy recommended he have early night & catch up with his studies.

Flaunting a real fur stole, was exhibiting artist Eleanor Lindsay-Flynn. Eleanor enticed Pandemonia and Snowy to see her photo 'Backless Burka'. Then explained 'this piece is in the silent auction, and whomever buys it, I will print it bigger'. P mused this was a great for the buyer and the charity.

Easing her way through the crowd looking resplendent was krystyna Szumelukowa, Edinburgh's former Director of Economic Development. Krystyna was with her chum Independent Councillor Peter De Vink of Midlothian East Ward. Peter said, 'Pandemonia and Snowy looked fantastic' P&S thought Peter looked dapper. But out of this pair, Krystyna pinched the crown, in her Beatrice Von Tresckow coat that she bought at one of Beatrice's trunk shows in Cheltenham.

Snowy and Pandemonia were taking a moment to reflect on what they'd seen. When the charming Tanya Baxter glided up next to them & informed them that the Bina Modi Fashion Show was about to begin in next room".

Making their way to the next room Snowy, Pandemonia met fashion Designer Ozwald Boateng. Ozwald, normally always razor sharp and appropriately attired, missed the mark on this occasion. P reassured Snowy this was a blip and OZ will return to his former elegant style that makes every women swoon.

Another fashion challenge, was by artist Zoobs, Pandemonia & Snowy surmised. Zoobs was playing the Devil's Advocate in his outfit and painting. Dressed in what some guests could identify with a native Indian cycle-rickshaw-driver get up. And his painting 'Kali', this Zoob says 'is a representation of a fashion designer John Galliano'.
P&S hope for Zoob's sake, tonights guest grasp his sense of humour.

Just as Pandemonia and Snowy were about to enter the passageway for Bina show. Arti Fam Del Castillo and Immodesty Blaize stalled them. Long enough for Immodesty to tell P&S, her torn cartilage is on the mend. This P&S hope's she will continue to do her The Venus Tour in 2013.

Pandemonia and Snowy, eventually got out of the exhibition space, only to find the passage had been transformed into backstage. There, P&S got a first hand look at the intricate, fine embroidery and craftsmanship of the garments of Bina's collection.

As Pandemonia and Snowy clambered into a cab, they meditated on the thought, … this is the kinda empathic crowd they want at P forth coming show.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney Sub Editor Gayatri Sahay