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Thursday, 14 March 2013

London Fashion week Day 1 AW 2013

The next outing for Pandemonia and Snowy was Day 1 of London Fashion Week for the KTZ show at the Courtyard Space tent in Somerset House.
Striding towards the entrance of the space, P&S got held up by the media.

Pandemonia and Snowy posed for the bunch of reporters who gathered around them to take pix, then made their way to the show.

Inside the tent, Pandemonia and Snowy landed a seat next to Roses Gabor, who P&S ran into last season on the last day of the shows. Roses confided, "Since then, I’ve released a single called "Stars” and I wore KTZ in that video" She also added that there was plenty of graphic - printed tarot card imagery for next video.

The KTZ show followed every fashion house, with the "on - trend monochrome palette" - although Snowy preferred the vivid green - and - yellow combos peeking through, thinking these would brighten up all those dull winter days and nights.

Likewise the girl band Stooshe were rocking up a great look that mirrored the show. ,

Another rock band looking for fashion ideas were James and Holly from Mitsotu band. They liked the show too and were equally exited to meet P&S.

Stepping out into the daylight - onto the courtyard, Pandemonia & Snowy were besieged by TV crews, desperate for a chat with them. P&S obliged and did a few brief interviews with various TV Networks and then returned to the tented space, for the Felder & Felder show.

Seated near them were MTV presenter Lilah Parsons and model Amber Atherton, who were out and about to see what was new in fashion.

VV Brown sat next to Pandmonia and Snowy and told them she's bringing out a new album this year. It was getting like sardines in a can, with no space on the front row, so Snowy graciously gave up his perch, for charming Mollie King. Mollie was delighted and, to show Snowy her appreciation, gave him a gentle hug.

On the runway Snowy was as pleased as punch to see a rubber coat and trousers in red, and a pink latex mac. This will mean the manufactures can provide P with more colour options for next season.

Next off, P&S piled into a cab, for the Nico Didonna fashion show at Baku London.

Pre-show, Pandemonia and Snowy got to talking with music producers Alex Blanco and Ian Hadassi. These guys had pulled together the runway track; their brief was bringing the spirit of jazz up-to-date. They did just that with lead by Beyonce singing "At Last" by Etta James.

Photo Fashion Notes by Cris

As Beyonce’s dulcet tones floated over the crowd, the female models descended the staircase in Nico's signature fluid jersey and silk dresses, and cashmere tops in a rich perfusion of sumptuous colours. Then followed his structured menswear, in rugged sheepskin coats or cashmere, teamed with sturdy drill pants.

Post show, Pandemonia and Snowy caught up with the very glamourous Nancy Dell'olio. "Nico’s show was his best to-date" was Nancy Dell'olio’s response, when Pandemonia enquired.

A similar retort came from the Norris Twins, two of the hottest pinups in town. These guys let it slip to Pandemonia, "This is our first London runway, and now we've got the bug and want to do more". Snowy doubts that they'd have to wait long judging by the response of women and some of the men wanting talk to them.

Pandemonia and Snowy left the lads, to watch their new best friend singer/songwriter Kady Z perform. Kady sang a couple of tracks and Snowy's favourite single "Crashing Down" to kick off the post ND party. Kady then toasted being in London and loving the whole first London Fashion after-show experience.

Remembering that they both had another packed day tomorrow- Pandemonia and Snowy said "au revoir" to Ms Z knowing they'd see her next day, and then legged it home so that, P could finally give the high heels a rest and put S to bed.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney