Street Photography

Friday, 8 March 2013

Silje Vallevik Private view

This month, Snowy was rushed off his paws, keeping up with Pandemonia's heavy social schedule. Their first gig was a return to the Library at The Arch Hotel London, for artist Silje Vallevik’s private view. 

Entering the library, Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by Danielle Neary, MD -of Jester Ltd. Danielle displayed her masterful skill - that of a boutique drinks brand distributor by thrusting into Pandemonia's hand, a delicious cocktail base: - Sacred Gin. Snowy turned his attention to make-up artist Debbie Korrie , who was downing a Kamm & Sons cocktail. Pandemonia clutched the tipple, and proceeded to scan the 9 varying canvases of Silje's imaginative work.

... that of sun kissed nude beauties basking in the noon day sun to other gals emerging from ocean at midnight.

Snowy spotted Tessa, the most adorable and discreet Bond Street shopper, clutching her Bottega Veneta bag. On encountering P&S,  Tess said: "I'm almost tempted to part with my bag for Snowy" knowing he was house trained. Snowy felt safe at knowing that - leather was not Pandemonia's bag.

Diet Coke 30 Anniversary

Pandemonia and Snowy left the seductive, imagery, world of art and bundled into a cab to Sketch, where they were going - to meet style icon Patricia Field, who's artistry has been recorded on TV, in movies and every day in her store.

Patricia was at Sketch to celebrate her design's involvement with Diet Coke and celebrate it's 30th anniversary. Ms Field showed Snowy & Pandemonia, her DC "Sexy and The City" bottles all of which P&S found truly inspirational.

Pandemonia and Snowy had a quick gander about the rest of the displays and then left with Pat and her chum product designer Michael Anastassiades and his party pals.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney