Street Photography

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nina Naustdal's 2nd year anniversary party

Pandemonia and Snowy were feeling a tingling in their toes as they dressed and put the final touches to their wardrobe. Snowy's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when Pandemonia put on the perfect complement to her outfit—a pair of salmon-pink Linda Farrow sunglasses.  Ready and dressed, they burnt rubber to get to Nina Naustdal's Walton Street store for its second anniversary party.

  On the red carpet, Snowy got extremely excited to see his party pal, the gorgeous Noelle Reno. Noelle introduced P&S to the latest babe on the circuit, Layla Young, the 19-year-old daughter of pop crooner Paul Young.

Noelle's smile said it all—her squeeze Scot Young was back with her out on the town. Scot is now free from Her Majesty's nick and has a buff bod, which, he says, is the result of "the prison diet and exercise" tapping his flat tum.


Stepping into the store, Pandemonia and Snowy struck up a conversation with celebrity fashion stylist Kelvin Barron.  The conversation touched upon the importance of colour coordination, and Snowy noticed that Kelvin was wearing a River Island shirt that matched P's outfit to a tea. How in tune that is!

  Moving on, Pandemonia and Snowy shuffled their way in to find the bar, only to be hindered and go toe to toe with their adorable chum Zoe Griffin and editor of Live Like a VIP.

Zoe was pushing the a la mode boat out tonight in an ultra-short fuchsia fringe dress with matching shoes and the compulsory glass of bubbly.  After downing the last bubbly drop, Snowy was given a gentle squeeze from Zoe before she scarpered off to her next VIP gig.

  The next encounter Pandemonia and Snowy had was with TV presenter and all-round good egg Amal Fashanu.  Amal was wearing a dress Pandemonia and Snowy recognised from Nina Naustdal's ready-to-wear Gold catwalk show that took place in March. Amal said, "I'm still doing my TV stuff, and to earn some more cash, I've signed up to Storm Model agency."  P&S wished her well.

  They continued on with the bar search, only to find the evening's host, Nina Naustdal, taking a breather after her photo call. Nina let it slip, "I can't believe it's been two years since I opened my store." And before she could utter another word, Nina was ushered off for more snapping.

  Eventually, Pandemonia and Snowy reached the tented terrace, where the bar had been set up along the back wall. Armed with a glass of champagne, Pandemonia clinked glasses with Catalina Guirado-Cheadle. Catalina explained to P&S, "Since my dad, artist Juan Antonio Guirado, passed away, I've taken up the mantel of highlighting his artwork by turning his paintings into beautiful textiles, starting off with scarves."  P&S can't wait to see them in the stores.

  Heading back into main throws of the bash, Pandemonia and Snowy got locked in the doorway with Karolina Kivimaki, journalist and contributing editor for Lake Como Lifestyle magazine. Karolina confessed to P&S, "I've had a bit of a day of it—a three-hour lunch at Bulgari Hotel, followed by a private champagne reception with jewellery designer Noa at Thea Jewels Ltd in Library of the Arch Hotel, and now here."  Snowy wished he had KK's stamina and clear head.

  From one busy lady to another, P&S got to meet Clare Beckwith. Clare told Pandemonia and Snowy, "Don't you dare leave without the goodie bag; it's got my Kangen water in it." P&S promised they wouldn't and headed towards the exit, only to be sidetracked by OK anchor Liz Cundy and fashion designer Nico Didonna.

Liz wanted to get Pandemonia and Snowy to have their picture taken outside, but Nico was thirsty, having only just arrived, so all went their separate ways.

As time was ticking, Pandemonia could see Snowy melting, so P continued to make haste towards the exit, only to run into the band Times Red, whom Snowy and Pandemonia had spent many happy hours with at various runway shows during London Fashion Week.
The lads confessed, "We are still on a high spirits after our launch of the new single 'Not Listening' and invited P&S to their gig at the British Grand Pix at Silverstone in June." 

  Pandemonia and Snowy bid them au revoir, tumbled into a cab, and then made an escape for home, only, this time, to be hauled up by Dee Vesali's PR team, who popped a goodie bag into the taxi—always a welcome sight.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney