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Thursday, 11 April 2013

London Fashion Week Day 3 AW 2013

Pandemonia roused Snowy from his slumbers and chose to don a new mint-green costume for the day. Once dressed, they made haste to Fashion Scout for Kiev fashion designers show. The Ukrainian designers were Anna October, Paskal, Yasya Minochkina, and Anna Kolomoets.

Photos: Cristina Polizzi

These designers gave P&S insight into their vision of what a European woman should be wearing this winter: from sixties-inspired monochrome tale to mid-calf-length dresses and tailored coats— all jazzed up with aid of some silver thread—to panels of iridescent leather.

After the show, Pandemonia and Snowy hopped a cab to Mayfair Hotel to meet Hannah White, publisher of the Fashion Monitor. Hannah and her team had organised a FM pampering suite and showroom.

After being pampered, Pandemonia and Snowy ambled into the adjoining suite. There, they met Italian fashion designer Danilo Gabrielli. Danilo had cut his teeth in USA, working at Tommy Hillfiger, Anne Klein, and Club Monaco. Dan divulged, "The reason I wanted to show here was that I didn't want to be lost in a sea of exhibitors."

Time was marching on, and P&S decided they need to nip home. Upon entering the hotel lift, they found themselves in the company of two gals from First Models. These delicious females with autocratic features snapped into professional action and struck a pose with Pandemonia and Snowy.

Photos: Cristina Polizzi

Later that night, Pandemonia and Snowy arrived at Karen K and Pritch LONDON fashion show at Baku. K&PL show gave the straight guys a hot flush, with fit females striding out in sexy high heels, fine leather jackets, and leather leggings by My Love My Leggings— a sight that left the women lusting after Karen's shoes and Arina's butter-soft leather multi-interchangeable jackets.

This look also brought a smile to Paul McNicoll, one of the deans from London College of Fashion. Paul told Pandemonia & Snowy, "It was a good show," before he vanished to the bar to cool down his ardour.

Snowy proceeded to wriggle—a sign that indicated to Pandemonia that it was time to leave for the Kristian Aadnevik show. On the pavement outside Baku, P and Snowy got a big thank-you hug and a kiss from Arina, designer of Pritch LONDON, for coming. Then, they clambered into cab to Royal Horse Guards Hotel, One Whitehall Place.

In this magnificent setting, Pandemonia & Snowy chatted with Chimere Cisse, a PR from Hearst Publications Group, about the mad schedule of shows over the past four days. Once seated, Kristian kicked off his show with house lights up and kept them up throughout the show, thus enabling his guests to see his intricate designs and masterly use of fine fabrics.

Photos: Cristina Polizzi

Backstage, post show, Pandemonia and Snowy complemented Mr K Aadnevik on his superb show.

Then, Pandemonia & Snowy took a closer gander at Kristian's handiwork on his luscious runway models.

Stepping aside to let others admire the models, Pandemonia and Snowy got to chatting with actress Kari Kleiv.

Purring with self-satisfaction over her vintage mint-green dress, Kari said to P, "Mine matches yours. I'm in love with all things synthetic, especially polyester."

As the KA well-wishers crowded in, Pandemonia retrieved Snowy from Kari. Then, P&S said their goodbyes and made tracks for home to catch their favourite late-night radio show.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney