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Friday, 8 November 2013

Shoe Shopping in São Paulo

Snowy woke up all excited at the prospect of soaking up the sun in Brazil with Pandemonia.

Pandemonia and Snowy flew to Sao Paulo, for Melissa's first ever fashion show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

At Sao Paulo airport they were met by the soul of discretion and capital's most informed SP person, Liuciano Machado de Jesus. Luciano drove Pandemonia and Snowy to Intercontinental Hotel.

The next day they were picked up at the hotel by Liuciano and whisked off to the Gallery Melissa store.

At the entrance Pandemonia and Snowy received a warm welcome by Abraao Ferreira, a Brazilian Creative Consultant.
Abraao said "I've never seen anything like you two, you’re beautiful" 

Followed on by local gal Mauren Motta who pointed out to Pandemonia and Snowy they were in right place.
Snowy was delighted to see Mauren was bang on trend with Pandemonia, decked out in matching colour co-ordinated get up.

Inside the Melissa store the staff gathered around to give Pandmonia and Snowy a hearty Brazilian welcome too.

Pandemonia and Snowy then got down to the business in hand, that of trying on shoes to match P's dresses.
As fate would have it the staff fished out a perfect pair of Blue Estrelicia sandals to go with today’s day dress.

Keeping an eye on Pandemonia and Snowy was Jacimar Silva, Melissa’s company all round man Friday,.
Jacimar encouraged Pandemonia to slip into a pair of Vivienne Westwood heart shoes.
Pretty they were, sadly they weren’t the right size for P.

As P stood to admire Viv's creation, the fashion designer J.Pig and his assistant Grasielle Tomelin muscled in on the action.

J. Pig whispered "I've just signed a deal to design for a big Brazilian brand and I'm taking Grasielle with me.

Pandemonia saw that Grasielle had taken a shine to Snowy, so P cautiously retrieved S and took a pew with Luiza Castro & Adenora Targind.

While trying on the ivory court shoes "Incense" by Karl Lagerfeld the girls chorused "we love you two"

Pandemonia hid a blush, and stepped up to join Nilza Scdaello & her daughter Amdieza Scdaelllo at mirror.
While gazing into the mirror to see how the green Melissa Floret sandals fare,
Amdieza confessed "I've been buying Melissa shoes for 10 years, the shoes are democratic because the price point enables the rich & poor to be able to afford to buy them".
As Amdieza was leaving she slipped her professional card, Hadara Nur, the country's leading Belly Dancer, into P's hand.
So now, you’re all in on Amdieza aka Hadara Nur, little secret.

From two wicked Brazilian customers to two French demoiselles from Lille,  Adeline Barnil & Helo Marquilly. 
Adeline told Pandemonia "I live in Sao Paulo and Helo lives in Budapest . We came here today to shop, and what a fabulous surprise it was to see you both here"

Pandemonia thanked them and continued to slip on the pair of bronze Vivienne Westwood Slave sandals.
Standing up to give them a test run, P encountered the Fox family Edward, Birghit and Amanda.
Edward informed P, "we're on vacation from Gothenburg-Sweden and the girls came into the store to purchase shoes, and we were all blown away by you".

Pandemonia gave them a wry smile and returned to keep Snowy company.

P&S then engaged in conversation with accessories designer Drika Satkunas.
Drika let it slip "I'm a bag designer, and my latest concept bag resembles a fried egg".
The sound of Drika's egg bag got Snowy's tummy rumbling.

Turning back to the job in hand that of trying on shoes. Pandemonia was intercepted from by Nativo Weslley assistant photographer for Vogue Japan.
Nativo, soft genial manner in asking to have his picture taken with P, diverted P, and P stepped up to the mark, graciously.

Shot done, seated, and with the first pair of blue heels on,
Pandemonia and Snowy had a pleasant chat with native Brazilian Rita Kohl.
Rita divulged "since I left The University of Tokyo where I studied Arts and Sciences, I've been earning money as a interpreter for visiting Japanese"
P deduced Rita is canny ex student who spends wisely, hence shopping at Melissa.

Pandemonia was up and running again this time with Shizue Hamano Vogue Japan Fashion Features Writer, they got into a deep conversation.
Shizue is a real charmer, if there ever was one, and let it been known "I've been flown over by Chanel for the inauguration of Karl Largfeld's photographic exhibition, The Little Black Jacket, and today I'm doing a shopping guide, with my team"

Then as if to prove this Shizue swung her team into action with Nativo shooting, JP Vogue’s main photographer Filippo Bamberghi, as he clicked Pandemonia & Snowy.

Shoot done, Filippo asked Pandemonia if could be photographed with P & S, along with P's selection of new shoes.
P agreed and before Snowy knew it Filippo plucked him off his perch and Nativo captured the moment.

Pandemonia’s shopping spree over, P was thrown into a panic, with only two hands, several bags crammed with 16 pairs of shoes, P's handbag & Snowy.
What to do?.

Seizing the moment, the Melissa crew were on it, and scooped up all the bags & sailed out through the doors with P&S, to their car.

While the girls neatly packed the boot to capacity, Pandemonia had a blond moment, and wondered, did I miss any must-haves.
Then Pandemonia looked at the car boot and realised, that the girls couldn't even squeeze Snowy's collar in the boot never mind another pair of shoes.?

Pandemonia and Snowy waved everyone goodbye, piled in the car & headed back off to the hotel for a pick-me-up cocktail.

Later that day

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney