Street Photography

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ponystep 6 launch

Pandemonia and Snowy donned their party gear and headed to the Ponystep 6 issue celebratory bash.

The gig was held at the downstairs bar of Mr. Buckley, 277 Hackney Road.

Richard Mortimer and Pandemonia

Pandemonia & Snowy eased their way down the stairs and were met by the exuberant Editor-in-Chief of Ponystep Richard Mortimer.
Richard gave them a hearty welcome and then dashed off to the bar to fetch P a tipple.

Pandemonia and Eudardo de Mengalhaes

In the interim, Snowy & Pandemonia surveyed the premises, and were set upon by their Brazilian ally Eduardo Jordao de Magalhaes, Head of International Marketing and Communication for Melissa shoes. Eduardo asked them how was Sao Paulo fashion week for them. "We loved it" P replied.

Pandemonia and Felicity Hayward

The next encounter for Pandemonia and Snowy came in the form of plus size curvy model Felicity Hayward. Felicity took an immediate shine to Snowy. Not that S minded Felicity’s gentle touch.

Olivia Hicks and Pandemonia

Pandemonia detected Snowy’s testosterone making him hot under the collar, so P retrieved Snowy from Ms Hayward clutches and headed towards the exit door to cool S down only to be ambushed by two other comely gals, Olivia Hicks and her pal.
Olivia duly gave P her email address and whispered "I work on the door of Ovalspace the Arts/Music club and you both will be on the guest list forever".

Margi Clarke and Pandemonia

Pandemonia, Snowy were flattered and returned to their table, where they rubbed shoulders with actress/TV presenter Margi Clarke. Margi confessed to Pandemonia & Snowy, "the magazine has done me proud love"

As Snowy cuddled up to Margi, in breezed fashion designer Pam Hogg. Pam couldn't resist telling all and sundry "I made a decision to do a fashion show and I've got 4 weeks to pull everything together”.

Pandemonia exhausted by the thought of the mountain of work that awaited Pam, gathered up Snowy, waved goodbye to Daniel Lismore and David Motte grabbed a copy of the magazine and jumped a taxi.

Ponystep Magazine

In the cab Pandemonia leafed through the magazine pages that had articles mostly on blonds; with blond Holly Woodlawn the Andy Warhol superstar, actresses Gillian Anderson in blond wig, bottle blond beauties Margi Clarke and Amanda Lepore, and a black & white picture story of currently blond Kate Moss, Kate didn't need her St Tropez spray tan. All these images caused Pandemonia to recall her own exciting blond moments in life just as the cab pulled up to home.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney