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Monday, 25 October 2010

The Commuter Party premier, McHenry Brothers

In a Red Latex dress Blond Bomb shell Pandemonia attends the, McHenry Brothers, film premier of The Commuter Party with her trusty friend Snowy, the white inflatable dog. Her yellow hair captured the Hollywood glamour of Veronica Lake.

Receiving full red carpet treatment at London's Aqua, Pandemonia was captured by Zimbo's co-founder and CEO Tony Mamone.


Photo Zimbo

She met many celebs including Pam Hogg, Hofit Golan, Brian Friedman, and shook hands and exchanged words with Pamela Anderson. Asked afterwards what she said, Pandemonia was reported to reply. “That's just between me and Pamela........ well.... she said, I want one of those”, pointing at Snowy, “and I want to be you!” Snowy looked bemused.

The Film was about the epic journey of Dev Petal trying to get to work; running from machine gun welding traffic warden Charles Dance, he has many adventures encountering Pamela Anderson and Bell Boy Ed Westwick. Shot in High Def on the new Nokia N8 mobile phone, the film had amazing clarity. Could the future of film making now be held in ones palm?

Nokia N8 Presents - "The Commuter" from Nokia HD on Vimeo.

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