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Friday, 29 October 2010

A day in the life of Pandemonia

Film in progress By Joey Skye.

Post-modern Artist regurgitates herself through the media.

Arriving in a London Black Cab Pandemonia is driven through Notting Hill Gate to her appointment.pandemonia
The Hair Dressers.

Today, Pandemonia dropped into Children of Vision, Portobello Road, to have her hair done. John, Hair Dresser, and character in Channel 4's Seven Days does her hair.
John attends to Pandemonia spraying her hair with the finest imported silicone. Pandemonia reads articles about herself from Grazia and ID magazines whilst being filmed by Joey Skye. Joey Skye is in turn being filmed by the C4SevenDays crew. Channel 4 is being photographed by Retox magazine who themselves are unknowingly been photographed by the public.

Onion, the dog, shows off his ‘bat wings’ to Snowy.


Sitting outside Mike’s CafĂ©, Pandemonia has a coffee and talks to John about Art, life and a trip to New York. She tells John about her forth coming Pop Art sculpture show, at the Aubin Gallery, and explains to him how she herself is a construction, made from idealised representations of the female form in the media. “My hair, legs and even dog are symbols of beauty and lifestyle.”
John thinks she will be a hit in the Big Apple.

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Filmed By Joey Skye – Skye Media Productions

Filmed by Channel 4's Seven Days

Photographed and interviewed by Retox Magazine.