Street Photography

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Pandemonia goes to the hair dressers

Pandemonia goes to the Hairdressers (rough edit)

Dropping in on Channel 4's reality show "Seven Days"., Pandemonia pops into the funky hair salon, "Children of Vision".

Stepping out of a cab in fashionable Portobello road, London, she is greeted outside "Children of Vision" by owner and hair stylist John Lee. John invites her into the hair salon and coiffures her hair.

Shot on the Seven Days set, the video is a film within a film. Pandemonia reads articles about herself published in "iD magazine" whilst being filmed by Joey Skye. Joey Skye is in turn being filmed by the C4 Seven Days crew. Channel 4 is being photographed by Retox magazine who themselves are unknowingly been photographed by the public.

To be continued