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Friday, 30 September 2011

Dance Umbrella 2011 Launch Party

Snowy had trouble containing himself, when he saw Pandemonia putting on her dancing shoes, knowing that P was taking him to the charming Andrew Hochhauser and Barbara Freites launch party, of Dance Umbrella 2011, at Jerwood Space, SE1 OLN

Ms Freites

Stepping into the party, Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by the adorable Ms Freites, who thrust into P's hand, a delicious glass of Fattoria la Vialla organic sparkling white wine. P smile and mused, a good start to the soiree.

P glided passed, 26 year old Mbulelo Ndabeni, the South African dancer and ex DU, who's now with Rambert Dance company. Mdulelo was telling his pal, his favourite dance piece is the "Rainforest" because it is, it so pure.

In the set up bar door way, P encountered ex Wimbledon and Chelsea Collage of Art and then Slade School of Art star, Artist Nick Hornby. Nick confessed, he'd spotted P on Tuesday night at the Macmillan De'Longhi Art Auction and thought P looked amazing then. Then the conversation, got into an artistic cat and mouse game, one that left poor Snowy out on a limb.

Andrew Hochhauser

Mr Hornby and P chat ended, to listen, to Pandemonia, new best friend and Chairman of DU, Andrew, who gave his speech on the countless people who pledged their support and attended the lucrative fundraising events, and his gratitude to them, as a consequence, the Dance Umbrella will continue to survive in this present climate.

Betsy Gregory

Speech's over, Mr Hochhauser came over and introduced P, to Betsy Gregory, Artist Director of Dance Umbrella. Betsey, P learnt, has, for the past 33 years, brought some of the most talented dances to London. Some of whom, were randomly performing amongst the lucky guests, during the cocktail.

Eva Nijhof

While getting a refill at the bar, P and Eva Nijhof Head of Patrons of Covent Garden Development of Royal Opera House, got into heart to heart. Over a drink, Eva gave P a tip, on how a gal can rejig her wardrobe, tonight's example was Eve's hot yellow dress. E's swift method of giving this frock an update, was simple, she just lobbed off few inches and hey presto, a killer get up. This canny idea, sent P mind in whorl.

Only to come back to earth, when over hearing dancers Guila Montalbano and Richard Fredbory excitement, over getting to dance at Rosemary Lee, in public space, in Square Dances, Sat/Sun 8/9 October. Their enthusiasm was in the air and the place was awash with "young sparks" the in house vernacular, for fresh talented dancers.


Two dynamic young sparks Mareno Solainas and Igor Urzelai, from Bloom Dance Coleectives cornered P, and then proceed to tell P in stereophonic, that their friend Kate Forbes, Costume Designer-stylist, was a huge fan of P incredible wardrobe and Kate check's his website regularly.

P concealed her blushes, and switched their conversation back to them, to discovered that they'll be performing 'Alison Take Cover" A cover version of Richard Alstons piece "Wildlife" at 7pm on 19-21 Oct at The Place Studios 1+ 2.

P concluded, wild it'll be, when these 2 unorthodox studs do their rendition, lets hope Snowy doesn't get scared and hide under the seat.

Skips naked Health

The night was drawing to a close, when lumbering hunk, Skip from Skips Naked Health rolled up. Skip flexed his muscles and grabbed Snowy & gave him a firm cuddle. P, retrieved Snowy from Skip's steel grip and whispered in Snow's ear that Skip was really a gentle spiritual guy. Sensing it was all to much for Snowy, Pandemonia, blew a kiss to everyone and whisked her darling pet into a cab for home, in time for their scrumptious late super.

Photo/ Copy: Stephen Mahoney