Street Photography

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Launch Cellar 164

Pandemonia and Snowy took a glide down red carpet yet again- This time, for the launch party of Baku Cellar Bar, London's Premier Azerbaijan Restaurant, 164 Sloane Street.

Mid-descent, Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by the bar’s handsome waiters who were topping up Patsey, from Abfab’s, Boligner champagne! A personal fave, we’re told.

With not even a sip of bubbly down P’s lips- and none yet for Snowy either- they were approached by the face of Max factor and Marks and Spencer's Autograph range, turned blogger, Natasha Gilbert. She promptly marched the pair to the ladies bathroom to conduct a must-do impromptu interview, that came to a hault mid way when they realized a girl had managed to lock her self in, ever the reporter Natasha was able to capture this on video and even save the damsel in distress!

Returning to the party, where at the bar was Fashion designer Kristian Aadnevik, Pandemonia recalled the earlier conversation Kristian was spotted to be having with fellow fashion designers Julian MacDonald and Melissa Odabas, all about 2013, and who was or wasn't going to do cruise lines.

After catching the eye of yet another striking barman, Pandemonia and Snowy caught a glimpse of Leyla Aliyeva, the evening’s host and art lover, making an entrance and rocking up in, what Snowy recognised, a Jean Claude Jitrois burgundy, leather dress. P&S took this as their oppertune moment to thank the host, who is also the editor in Chief of Baku Magazine, for the superb front cover shot and were in turn congratulated for their previous issue.

The evening was going swimmingly... that was up until; Pandemonia and Snowy tried to engage Adam Waymouth, of Adam Waymouth Art, in a spec of conversation! However a little less conversation, a little more action seemed to be on Adam’s black, furry dog Jago’s mind when he took a leap at Snowy with his mouth wide open, a vision that had Snowy speculating poor Jago hadn't had his dinner before coming out.

Shifting on to a safe distance, Pandemonia and Snowy met former UK Vogue features editor, Harriette Quick. Harriette, told Pandemonia and Snowy, 'I'm now the Editorial Director of Luxup'. For those few, less in the know- Luxup is an online, invitation-only club for luxury travellers that like shopping. So, if you can't afford to fly to the Bahamas, you can buy your summer ensemble from them, smother yourself in fake tan and pretend you’re rich.

From one person that's selling the dream, to the man that's living it, Farhoud Moaddel. Farhoud, was sporting a real tan,that accompanied his store-bought designer clobber He was extremely curious to find out just what and who Pandemonia is. After chatting with P&S he found himself more the wiser but made sure to take note of last issues Baku Magazine to get up to speed on the art scene.

Art expert, Frederique Beccari and her pal Isabelle Moreau wife of Phillipe, the General Manager of Baku bar restaurant, were next on Pandemonia’s list of gobsmacked celebrities! Beccari has spent the last 18 years working and selling fine art in New York City.

Pandemonia and Snowy gathered up their belongs to leave, but before they were able to do so they were invited for yet another pap-pertunity when another Leyla in a turquoise dress, bustled over pleading to be quickly photographed with P&S! Of course, they obliged. Then thanked the host Ms Aliyeva once again and then raced out the door into the night.

Photo/copy Stephen Mahoney Sub Editor Gayatri Sahay