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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Pandemonia in Amsterdam. day 1

After several hours of umming and arring, Pandemonia and Snowy decided what to take to Amsterdam, then they packed everything ready for their trip.

British Airways were very accommodating, and Pandemonia and Snowy arrived at the capital's hidden gem, Hotel Toon, Utrechtsestraat 18, Old Centre, Amsterdam, 1017 VN.

Hotel co-owner Sal Knuvers personally greeted them and showed them to their spacious suite.

The following morning, Snowy was quick off the mark and had the red collar on at the blink of an eye. Pandemonia smiled at him and slipped on the vibrant pink and lime green dress with tomato red band, matching red handbag, gloves and a pair of high heel peep toe Melissa shoes, and cherry picked some Balenciaga sunglasses. A once over in the mirror they were ready to face the day.

At the Hotel cafe, Pandemonia and Snowy had a cup of tea and a 9am interview with journalist Christel Don. Christel it transpired was an in depth reporter who viewed this assignment seriously and asked pertinent questions, in an attempt to get insight into Pandemonia the artist for NRC Hollands quality broadsheet newspaper.

The hour long interview flew by and came to an end in time for the hand over to Annemarie Van Gerrevink co-owner of Pup Creative Agency. Pup Creative Agency

Annemarie pulled out her laptop and showed Pandemonia and Snowy a break down of the day's schedule. That done, they had time for a brief photo call for all concerned, this pleased Sal, who found himself to be the male centre of attention.

Pandemonia and Snowy were delighted with Annemarie's calm professional approach and explained they couldn't pass the day without popping heads around the door of Museum Bags and Purses, to say hi to the staff, Berenice Beaumont and Jacquline Van Maaren, having made a promise the night before.

Once inside the museum Pandemonia & Snowy were captivated by the vast collection of bags, from spooky skeleton doggie bags on the ground floor to Louis Vuitton trunks and 1930's plastic bags on the second floor.

Plus, a rare full beaded Katerine Baumann "Diet Coke" Minaudiere Evening purse, and in the same cabinet the world famous Judith Leiber cupcake purse the sister to Patricia Field's choice for the pivotal wedding scene in "Sex and The City" movie.

Adrenaline fix over, it was time to leave the museum. Pandemonia and Snowy stepped outside and behold the chauffeur of Uber car's on hand to ferry them to the studio They were driven post haste to Studio Witman Kleipool.

On arrival Pandemonia and Snowy were greeted by the Pup Magazine creative team, all keyed up and ready to shoot Pandemonia and Snowy for Pup Magazines second bumper issue Snowy discovered is to be released 20th of June.

The magazine's Creative Director Thamar Luthart took one look at the Pandemonia test shot in daywear and pulled out a portrait image from June issue mock-up, and after a confab with the photographer Romy Treebusch, they were unanimous. The red gloves next to Pandemonia's face was an ideal fit with the mag layout. All that was required to fit the remit was a change of sunglasses, Diesel sunglasses replaced the Balenciaga, and the team commenced firing on all cylinders.

Photo: Manoah Biesheuvel

The fever pitch shoot captured on film, by Manoah Biesheuvel, the city's top film maker, who was quietly looming in the background.

Red shot over, there was an intermission during which, Pandemonia and Snowy changed into their next ensemble. Pandemonia reached for the canary yellow fitted dress, bag, vintage shoes from Camden and Vans sunglasses, Snowy's donned a coordinating collar. They returned to the scene of the crime and everyone snapped back into work mode.

As a consequence of the teams keen diligence the shoot was running way ahead of schedule. The next stop gap was when Pandemonia had to change into another outfit. This time Pandemonia plumbed for a the cobalt blue, deep V-neck, A-line dress, matching bag and Melissa Estrelicia shoes and Snowy added his collar too.

And before they resumed Anne Mestrom PR guru from Ganbaroo PR showcases halted proceedings to enable journalist Georgette Koning a 30 minute interview. Georgette thanked Pandemonia and Snowy for being punctual and let slip "I'm flying out of the country in a couple of hours to interview someone else". Georgette asked for a quick snap and proceeded to rush out the door.

Pandemonia and Snowy returned to finish the shoot which ended in record time, and the team chorused "we look forward to seeing you tonight at the shoot wrap dinner".

Pandemonia and Snowy reverted to their earlier daywear garb and climbed into the Uber car that transported them to the 5 star Hotel Conservatorium.

There they were met on the Hotel forecourt and given a warm welcome by Nicole Canoy Marketing & Communications Manager and her new assistant Nina Van Spyker, followed by Schilo Van Coevorden the celebrated Executive Chef of Tunes restaurant.

Inside the hotel Pandemonia and Snowy were taken to a secluded area by Nicole and Luara Kemp interviewed Pandemonia for Pup Magazine.

After Luara was satisfied she had enough copy for her article Pandemonia and Snowy took leave and joined Annemarie and Manoah in the Brasserie and Lounge for lobster soup and watched them both devouring the a scrumptious lunch, prepared presumably by Schilo, while Nicole explained to the group "we're fully booked and have a really good return business".

Lunch over Nicole escorted Pandemonia and Snowy through the hotel. P&S were transfixed by the hotels Violin chandelier display.

Outside the hotel's main road entrance, Pandemonia and Snowy found a new ally in the shape of a Dutch motorbike Police officer who kept his eagle eye on the road and zoomed off only when the P&S Uber car pulled up.

Pandemonia and Snowy were now free to be tourists and visit various places logged in the smart phone, accompanied by photographer Peter De Krom. Peter was there to get a reportage picture for a newspaper.

Pandemonia and Snowy's first port of call, Amsterdam's historical 13 Century Dam Square. Here Pandemonia and Snowy were hoping to get insight to the city's alternative culture from street entertainers a common sight in this vicinity.

However No Show. P&S assumed on this glorious sunny day street entertainers had skipped the square, perhaps to lay in the park and soak up the rays. Luckily Peter got his shot there.

The next place on the Pandemonia and Snowy list was Amsterdam Central main line station. However, when they arrived their eye's met with an overwhelming sight, rows upon rows of bicycles thousands of them.

Unfortunately, Pandemonia hadn't packed suitable attire for cycling.

They eventually reached the Central station at 4 minutes to 5pm
A peek time for teenagers, who surrounded Pandemonia and Snowy as they made a mad rush to get home.

Pandemonia and Snowy took their lead and headed back to the hotel to recuperate and dress for dinner.

Fully rejuvenated Pandemonia and Snowy chose very carefully what to wear to Lion Noir restaurant, knowing it ranks as one of the capitals elegant hot spots. Pandemonia went for the eau de nil green with fuschia pink cuffed wrap dress, bag, Vivienne Westwood/Melissa wedge sandals and Just Cavalli sunglasses. Snowy teamed his look with the same daring fuschia collar.

At the Lion Noir, they were met by the dashing owner Serge Rijn, who after he'd seated Pandemonia and Snowy comfortably raced off to fetch the menu.

Pandemonia and Snowy were delighted to meet, Dineke Van Den Heuvel the Fashion Director.
Dineke was the person who spotted Pandemonia and Snowy, when scanning the fashion pages and was instrumental in getting P and S on board for the Pup Magazine shoot.

When the whole crew were seated, Snowy seized the roll reversal opportunity and popped the camera and captured Dineke, Annemarie, Pandemonia, Thamar and Elouise on the razzle.

As midnight approached Pandemonia saw Snowy showing signs of exhaustion after a 15 hour day. So P bid the gang afscheid (which is the Dutch equivalent to au revoir), tucked Snowy under the arm and bundled into a cab back to the hotel.

In the hotel kitchen, staff provided Pandemonia with a bed time hot chocolate drink and wished P&S a good nights rest. In their suite Pandemonia and Snowy too fatigued to talk , curled up in bed & went fast asleep.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney