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Thursday, 29 May 2014

RCA Fashion 2014

Snowy was over the moon that morning, when Pandemonia flashed him their invite to the Royal College of Art fashion show.
Pandemonia & Snowy scanned the wardrobe and they opted for metallic blue ensemble, agreeing this would be appropriate for todays event.

In the taxi, their excitement grew to a fever pitch, aided and abetted by a traffic jam, one that caused Pandemonia and Snowy to arrive just in the nick of time.
At the entrance, they were informed the show was about to start, so speedily took their pew, and found themselves sat next to Claudia Croft The Sunday Times Newspaper Fashion Editor and Style Magazine's Head of Fashion.

Claudia gave Snowy a lady like squeeze, exchanged a quick how do you do with Pandemonia, did a snap, and then show commenced.

Designers: Nam Jung Choi, Chloe Orange, Ida Gro Christiansen, Jung Sun.

The runway collections were awash with garments that were tailored, sculptural, knitted and in digital prints, some that were bright vibrant colour palette, to others that had a transparent plastic overlays, that gave updated 60s spin to outfit.

After the show, Pandemonia and Snowy were asked to pose for pictures by some of the guests.
Which they duly did, as well as say hello to fellow artist Duggie Fields and the co-author of 1982 "Sloane Ranger Handbook" Peter York- real name Peter Wallis.

As they were easing their way out, Snowy spied two former heads of fashion of St Martins College of Art, Sheila Brown and Bobby Hilson.
Sheila and Bobby, Snowy whispered in Pandemonia ear, are acknowledged by fashion industry veterans, as the two most influential people in fashion colleges for the past 30 years.
When the late (Lee) Alexander Mcqueen showed Bobby his portfolio, applying to do a pattern cutting course, it was Bobby, who put Lee straight and told him, NO, you have to do a degree course, and the rest is history.

Pandemonia moved from two dynamic women, to another, Wendy Dagworthy RCA Head of Programmes and Dean of School.
Wendy has been the driving force of fashion at RCA since1998, and after last years Pandemonia RCA Lecture had invited P&S to come to the fashion show.

So it was only fitting for Pandemonia and Snowy to thank Wendy and after giving the obligatory farewell air kiss, they soldiered on to the exit.

They were halted yet again, this time by the undisputed icon catwalk fashion photographer Christopher Moore.
Snowy recognised Christopher, who'd been the doyen of Fashion Suzy Menkes photographer for more years than Snowy could count, and in Christopher's youth, he'd worked alongside Cecil Beaton.
Christopher has documented the Haute Couture collections, ready to wear and college shows around the globe since the1960's.
Chris got pally with Pandemonia & Snowy and confessed "I still get a kick out of shooting shows".

On that note Pandemonia and Snowy left feeling fully fashioned out, and got a cab straight home, where they curled up on the sofa & had a catch up on their NBF Ferne McCann latest escapades.

photo/copy: Stephen Mahoney